Power supplies

My reflections on the best, and newest, power supplies in 2024.

January 12, 2024

On this page I reflect on the best, and newest, power supplies in 2024.


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PC Hardware and the Power Supply Unit

When it comes to building a PC, we often get focus on the latest CPUs or GPUs, but we shouldn’t overlook the trusty power supply unit (PSU). Why? Here’s a straightforward rundown:

Imagine running a marathon on a diet of fast food; you could probably make it a few miles, but you wouldn’t be setting any records. Similarly, a PC without a reliable power supply will run into all sorts of hiccups. Whether you’re gaming, streaming, or just have a ton of tabs open, your system needs clean power to avoid performance drops or, worse, hardware damage.

Now, PSUs come in various wattages to handle different loads, and trust me, size does matter here. Too small, and like trying to fill a pool with a teaspoon, you’ll find your rig thirsting for more power. Too large, and you’re wasting efficiency, like using a fire hose to water a houseplant. It’s all about finding that sweet spot.

Features like modular cables are not just for show. They can clean up the insides of your PC, allowing for better airflow and less clutter—which your motherboard will thank you for during those intense gaming sessions.

Overall, the power supply can be easily overlooked, but its role is crucial. We can talk all day about the bells and whistles of other PC parts, but if you want that sustainable performance, don’t skimp on your PSU. After all, you wouldn’t buy a sports car and then skimp on quality fuel, right? Treat your PC with the same respect. Choose a power supply that’s up to the challenge, and your computer will hum along happily, no matter the task at hand.