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New power supply: the Corsair RM850x 850W 80PLUS Gold Modular (in white) (2024)

My thoughts on the Corsair RM850x White PSU: performance, operation, reliability.
Tim Hall

Cartesian Mathematics Foundation


January 14, 2024


I recently had the opportunity to set up a gaming rig with the Corsair RM850x White PSU. This power supply has a sleek white design and promises high-efficiency operation. Corsair has quite a strong reputation for quality. Overall it’s quite a good PSU - I had only a few issues, more on this below.


Property Value Property Value
Model Name rm850x, rmx, white series Brand Corsair
Compatible Devices Personal Computer Connector Type ATX
Output Wattage 850 Watts Form Factor ATX
Wattage 850 watts Cooling Method Air
Item Dimensions LxWxH 7.09 x 3.39 x 5.91 inches Item Weight 2 Kilograms


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Corsair rm850x white 850w psu box Corsair rm850x white 850w psu on table manuals Corsair rm850x white 850w psu cables Corsair rm850x white 850w psu in desktop Corsair rm850x white 850w psu back of box Corsair rm850x white 850w psu front


Initial Impressions

Corsair rm850x white 850w psu front

Unpacking the Corsair RM850x White PSU, I was immediately struck by some of its key features. It has an 850 watt power capacity, which is more than adequate for most high-end gaming setups. The Gold certification is reassuring since it speaks to the unit’s high efficiency and the promise of lower operating costs and less excess heat.

One detail that really stands out is that this PSU boasts 100% Japanese 105°C capacitors, pointing towards its durability and stability. I also appreciated the Zero RPM Fan Mode, which is designed to keep the operation silent when the load is low to medium, something I’ve always found valuable for a distraction-free environment.

The design doesn’t disappoint either; a clean white exterior with fully modular, individually sleeved white cables give it a sleek, uniform look. It’s clear that Corsair aimed for a cohesive aesthetic, which is often overlooked in power supplies.

However, initial thoughts aren’t without their concerns. There have been instances where expectations weren’t met. For example, cable quality can be a sore point; the promise of individually sleeved cables was undone for some users who received standard cables instead. That’s a letdown if you’re aiming for a specific build theme.

Here’s a succinct breakdown of my initial reactions:


  • High wattage for most users

  • Gold certified for efficiency

  • Attractive, uniform design

  • Silent operation with Zero RPM mode

  • Fully modular for easy installation


  • Potential cable quality issues

  • Mishaps with color consistency (yellowing cables)

  • Customer service loop when dealing with issues

Despite these concerns, hearing that Corsair provides replacements (albeit not always in the desired color) somewhat mitigates the worry about being left in the lurch.

While I night not get into the nitty-gritty of long-term reliability or aesthetics there, these preliminary impressions suggest the Corsair RM850x could be a sound choice for most builds. It’s clear that the power supply hits many high notes in terms of design, features, and potential performance.

It’s worth noting that some users have reported receiving mismatched colors or facing fan issues, which raises some red flags about quality control, but these seem relatively isolated incidents. The major downside might be if you’re counting on that pristine white finish and getting a mismatched product, or dealing with customer service hassles — something to keep in mind if you decide to go with this PSU.

Overall, the Corsair RM850x with its high capacity and notable features like whisper-quiet operation, certainly seems built to impress, albeit with a few caveats worth considering.

Efficiency & Operation

Corsair rm850x white 850w psu box

When assessing the efficiency and operation of the Corsair RM850x White PSU, a few key aspects stand out:

  • 850 Watt Power Capacity provides ample power for most high-performance PCs.

  • The 80 PLUS Gold certification reflects its capability to maintain high efficiency and reduce operating costs and heat.

  • The Zero RPM Fan Mode ensures that the fan remains silent during low and medium loads, which is great for a quiet work environment.

What impressed me is that Corsair doesn’t skimp on components; the use of 100% Japanese 105°C capacitors is a testament to the PSU’s quality and durability. During operation, I found that the PSU holds up its promise of tight voltage control. It’s quite noticeable that the device runs cooler and more efficiently compared to others I’ve used in the past, which is exactly what you’d want to prevent any strain on your system.

However, it’s essential to consider the full context. While the device is sought-after in the PC building community for its performance and clean white design, not everything is perfect. There have been mentions of issues encountered by others, such as the sleeved cables not being as advertised or the occasional faulty unit being received. In my case, I haven’t encountered these issues, but it’s something to be aware of.

One shortcoming, although minor, is the contrasting black plug ends on the otherwise white cables. It’s a small detail that could have been executed better to maintain the all-white aesthetic. Another minor inconvenience is the lack of a 4-pin connector which I’ve noticed when looking for it during the build.

Despite these points, the overall feel and operation are top-notch. The PSU looks striking inside a clean PC build and functions with the finesse you’d expect from Corsair. The company seems to have balanced performance with design quite well.

The drawbacks are few and, for me, they don’t overshadow the benefits. The RM850x has earned its place in my setup thanks to its reliable performance and crisp appearance, not to mention the power efficiency that keeps the energy bills in check. Whether it’s overkill for my current configuration or not, having headroom for future upgrades without needing a new PSU is an added bonus.

Overall, the Corsair RM850x White PSU stands out as a capable and reliable power supply. It embodies what I look for in terms of efficiency, silent operation, and clean aesthetics, with a few areas that could have enhanced the user experience even further.

Aesthetic Considerations

Corsair rm850x white 850w psu on table manuals

When it comes to building a PC, aesthetics can be just as important as performance, especially if you’re going for a themed build. The Corsair RM850x White PSU adds a special touch with its clean white exterior and fully modular, individually sleeved cables. It’s quite a sight, especially if you’re trying to maintain a color-coordinated look inside your case.

Here’s a quick outline of the aesthetic pros and cons that stood out to me:


  • Fresh, white finish that stands out in a sea of standard black PSUs

  • Fully modular design provides a clean build without unnecessary cable clutter

  • White-sleeved cables included, enhancing the overall theme


  • The conspicuous plug end being black slightly detracts from the all-white theme

  • Cables may discolor over time, yellowing could be an issue

  • Replacement units may not always match the original’s white aesthetic

The gold-certified efficiency is a perk that you feel rather than see, but the Corsair RM850x scores high marks on both form and function. The branding is subtle, which I appreciate; it doesn’t scream for attention but rather complements the components around it with its chic, minimalist design.

An issue I faced was the cables turning yellow after a while. While this is not a huge deal-breaker, it’s something to consider if you’re aiming for a pristine build over time. Moreover, receiving a black replacement unit for a white PSU I purchased didn’t sit well with me, considering I was drawn to this model specifically for its color scheme.

Despite these drawbacks, the RM850x still stands out in the sea of standard black power supplies. The white cables were a touch I didn’t know I wanted until I saw them in place. They really pop in a clear case or against a dark motherboard.

One minor issue was that I noticed the plug ends of the cables are black. It’s a small point, but when you’re paying attention to detail, these things matter. For first-time builders, I also found that the cable labels could be clearer, and more detailed instructions would have been helpful during the assembly process.

In the grand scheme of building a high-performance PC, these are small gripes. Overall, I feel that Corsair has done a fantastic job with the RM850x White Series—the power supply is not only efficient and reliable but also a stylish addition to any build. I look forward to incorporating it into my setup and enjoying both its visual and functional benefits.

Long-Term Reliability

Corsair rm850x white 850w psu cables

In the quest for a reliable power supply unit (PSU), I have been running the Corsair RM850x White PSU in my setup. Over time, I’ve come to value dependability and longevity as much as initial performance, and the RM850x has been mostly up to the task. Here’s a snapshot of my experience:


  • Remarkably stable power delivery with tight voltage control.

  • The build quality is solid, thanks to the Japanese 105°C capacitors.

  • Gold certification for efficiency means savings on the electricity bill.

  • Virtually silent with its Zero RPM Fan Mode under low to medium loads.


  • I’ve heard about some units potentially being prone to issues over time, which raises some concerns about long-term reliability.

  • The all-white aesthetic can be a point of contention if discoloration occurs.

  • While customer service resolved issues, the replacement process can be inconvenient, especially if there’s a mismatch in the product aesthetics.

Overall, I find that the build quality and component selection are reassuring. High-quality capacitors are a critical component for PSU longevity, and the Japanese capacitors used here are known for their durability and resilience under stress. Even after months of use, the PSU’s performance remains consistent, with no discernible degradation.

The Gold certification isn’t just a badge—it translates into quieter and more efficient operation. This PSU doesn’t contribute to my room heating up, and that’s a testament to its efficiency. Additionally, the Zero RPM mode means my rig’s ambient noise is lower, which is a boon during intense work or gaming sessions.

However, I did encounter concerns from others facing potential longevity issues, but my experience differs. Reassuringly, Corsair’s customer service stepped in to correct issues, despite some minor frustrations regarding color mismatch. It’s important to note that excellent customer service can be pivotal in the overall user experience, especially when reliability is in question.

Furthermore, while the RM850x’s capacity is overkill for my current setup, the extra headroom is comforting. It adds an element of future-proofing, should I upgrade to components with higher power requirements.

In conclusion, the Corsair RM850x White PSU is a strong performer with features that promise long-term reliability. While the reports of issues cannot be overlooked, my personal experience has been positive. The added benefits of efficient power usage and effective cooling make it a worthy purchase, despite some potential risks on the horizon. It’s a decision that should be weighted for its pros and balanced against the cons, but for me, the RM850x remains a steadfast component in my PC build.