Our commitment to privacy, handling of personal info, cookies, affiliate links, and rights regarding personal data used on our site.

Welcome to my personal corner of the web! I’m thrilled you’ve decided to drop by and check out my site. Now, I know privacy on the internet is a big deal (and rightly so!), so I want to give you the lowdown on how your information is treated around here.

Personal info

First things first, I totally get that your personal info is yours and yours alone. It’s like your secret recipe for the world’s best chocolate chip cookies – not something you’d just hand out to anyone, right? So here’s my promise to you: I’ll guard your details like they’re my own secret recipes.

When you mosey on through my site, you might decide to reach out via a contact form. If you do, you might share your name, email address, or maybe even a fun fact about your pet iguana. This info will be used just to reply to your messages or send you the newsletter. I won’t be selling your details to the highest bidder or anything shady like that.


Cookies – and I’m not talking about the chocolate chip kind – are used here to make sure everything runs smoothly and to give you a better experience. They’re like tiny digital helpers that remember your preferences so you don’t have to retype your life story every time you visit.

Now, I’m all about transparency, so let me be clear: my website might have links to other places on the internet. Once you click on one of those links and zip off to another site, their privacy policy kicks in, and I’ve got no control over that. So, make sure to give their policy a read, too.

Deleting your information

If you ever want to know what info I’ve got on you, just shoot me an email. I’ll be more than happy to help you out. After all, this is your data we’re talking about!

Updates to this statement

In the ever-changing digital world, I might need to update this privacy statement from time to time. But don’t worry, I’ll make sure to let you know when I do. Keep an eye out for any changes, and we’ll stay on the same page.

Thanks for taking the time to read this. I’m stoked to have you here, and I’m committed to keeping your privacy safe and sound.