About me

Hi there! I’m doing all things data as Chief Data Scientist at the Cartesian Mathematics Foundation. When I’m not deep-diving into data or working with my awesome team, I’m probably out hiking or experimenting with my amateur astronomy skills.

I’ve spent more than 10 years turning numbers into narratives and insights into actions. At the Cartesian Mathematics Foundation, I currently lead a team of brilliant minds, where we develop innovative data solutions that we hope will change the game in our field of applied mathematics - particularly organizational behavior and how it can be improved through agent-based modeling. I’m all about making data approachable, actionable, and, believe it or not, fun!

At the Cartesian Mathematics Foundation my fascination with numbers meets my love for technology. With over ten years of experience, I’ve dedicated myself to transforming intricate data into engaging narratives and actionable insights.

Technology is not just a tool for me but a passion. Particularly when it comes to the latest in server technologies, parallel computing and laptops (and gaming…). I thrive on exploring the latest advancements, understanding how they can enhance our work in applied mathematics, and integrating them into our problem-solving arsenal. This enthusiasm extends to my team as well, where we combine our expertise in Python, R, SQL, and NoSQL databases with cutting-edge technology to push the boundaries of organizational behavior and agent-based modeling.

Away from the algorithms and hardware, my personal time is spent hiking, stargazing, or playing with my rescue dog, Astro. This website is more than just a professional portfolio; it’s a window into my world where applied mathematics, advanced technology, and data science converge. Join me in this journey of discovery and innovation, where every byte of data tells a story and every piece of technology opens new possibilities!


I hold a Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics. For my thesis I dived deep into the world of number crunching, data science and predictive analytics. Before I did a Master of Science in Computer Science / Economics at the London School of Economics.

Skills and Interests:

  • Expert in Python, R, SQL, and NoSQL databases.
  • A knack for explaining complex data concepts in simple terms.
  • Passionate about AI ethics and sustainable data practices.

When I’m off the clock, I’m usually hiking, stargazing, or playing with my rescue dog, Astro.