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Using the Thermaltake Toughpower GX2 600W 80+ Gold Non Modular PSU (2024)

My thoughts on using Thermaltake Toughpower GX2 600W: efficiency, design, features, and reliability.
Marquee Thatcher

Cartesian Mathematics Foundation


February 13, 2024


I recently purchased a Thermaltake Toughpower GX2 600W power supply unit for a PC upgrade due to its efficiency and stability. The power supply unit has proven to be a dependable component in my setup. With its 80 Plus Gold certification, it ensures cost savings on energy consumption and enhances overall system performance.


Property Value Property Value
Model Name GX2 80+ Gold 600W Power Brand Thermaltake
Compatible Devices Personal Computer Connector Type ATX
Output Wattage 100 Form Factor ATX
Cooling Method Air Item Dimensions LxWxH 9.3 x 7.7 x 4.6 inches
Item Weight 4.4 Pounds Power Supply Design Non-Modular


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Thermaltake toughpower gx2 600w psu in box Thermaltake toughpower gx2 600w psu back Thermaltake toughpower gx2 600w psu back Thermaltake toughpower gx2 600w psu box


Performance and Efficiency

A close-up of the power supply units 80 plus gold certification sticker

In the realm of power supply units (PSUs), efficiency and performance are critical. The Thermaltake Toughpower GX2 600W ticks a lot of the right boxes for me when it comes to these aspects. Its 80 Plus Gold certification implies that it operates at 90% efficiency or higher under typical loads. From a personal standpoint, this efficiency is valuable as it translates to lower electricity bills and less heat generation within the system.

Here’s a quick rundown of the key performance and efficiency points I’ve noted:

  • 80 Plus Gold Certification: Ensures high energy efficiency.

  • 600W Output: Adequate power for most mid-range builds.

  • Active PFC + LLC Resonant Converter: For improved efficiency and lower ripple.

While using this PSU, I’ve noticed that the ripple noise is indeed minimal, which is critical for the longevity of sensitive components like the GPU and motherboard. The steady power delivery also means there’s less chance of system instability or unexpected shutdowns, something that can occur with less reliable PSUs.

The single +12V rail design has provided enough juice for my components, which includes a mid-range graphics card and processor. These days, having a reliable 12V rail is crucial for system stability, especially with the ever-increasing power demands of modern GPUs and CPUs.

One of the few drawbacks of the GX2, however, is the non-modular design. Having a non-modular PSU means that you can’t remove unnecessary cables, which can lead to a messier build and hinder optimal airflow within the case. As someone who values neatness and maximal airflow, this is a bit of a downside.

Despite that, the inclusion of flat cables has somewhat mitigated this issue, as they are easier to manage compared to round cables and can be tucked away more neatly. Additionally, the 120mm cooling fan has been impressively quiet, even under load. The temperature control mechanism ensures that the fan speed adjusts according to system needs, keeping things as noise-free as possible.

I can’t express how vital a quiet operation is for my work environment; the GX2 delivers in that respect. And on idle, it’s practically inaudible, integrating seamlessly into the background.

Performance-wise, the GX2 has been robust, powering up my rig without a hitch so far. The solid representation of connectors gives me options to add more hardware without the worry of lacking the necessary power cables.

While I haven’t needed to think about the warranty yet, knowing that there’s a 5-year assurance from Thermaltake gives me peace of mind about the product’s reliability.

Overall, my experience with the Toughpower GX2 600W PSU has been positive. The trade-off between non-modularity and performance/efficiency seems well-balanced, especially considering the budget-friendly price point. It’s a unit I’d recommend with caveats about the potential cable clutter.

Build and Design Quality

Thermaltake toughpower gx2 600w psu in box

In assessing the build and design quality of the Thermaltake Toughpower GX2 600W power supply unit, my personal experience leads me to conclude it strikes a reasonable balance between cost and construction quality. Upon first handling the unit, the all-black finish and robust casing gave me the impression of a product that could withstand regular use without showing signs of wear.

  • Key aspects of the build and design:

  • Solid, robust casing with a matte black finish.

  • 120mm cooling fan, appears adequately sized for thermal management.

  • The non-modular cable design could be a pro or a con depending on perspective.

One thing that stood out immediately was the 120mm cooling fan, which is sizable enough to offer efficient airflow without the noise level becoming obtrusive. This is particularly important for me, as I value a quiet working environment. It’s clear that thoughtful design considerations were made to balance cooling efficiency with noise reduction.

The unit’s non-modular cable design, while a potential downside in terms of cable management, also means reduced manufacturing complexity. This possibly contributes to the lower price. While I enjoy the cleanliness of a fully modular design, I found that the inclusion of zip ties aided in organizing the cables in my system. Plus, for budget-minded builders or those unbothered by a few extra cables, this design choice won’t be a significant deterrent.

On the downside, I did find the fixed cables to be a bit of a drawback. While this isn’t a deal-breaker, it does mean that I had to spend extra time managing cables in my build to ensure a clean look. Also, those with smaller cases might struggle with finding ample space to tuck away unused connectors.

Another factor to mention is the PSU’s dimensions. Its relatively compact size allowed for an easy fit in my mid-tower case, which could make it attractive to those dealing with space constraints. This is particularly helpful if you’re working with compact build environments or simply prefer a power supply unit that doesn’t demand too much internal real estate.

Overall, while the Thermaltake Toughpower GX2 600W may not feature the modular design of higher-end models, its solid build, efficient cooling, and straightforward aesthetic make it a viable and reliable option for powering a system. The 5-year warranty also adds an extra layer of reassurance in the investment, which I appreciate. While it may not check every box for enthusiasts seeking the pinnacle of customization and cable management, its price-to-performance ratio is commendable.

Connectivity and Features

Thermaltake toughpower gx2 600w psu back

In the realm of power supply units (PSUs), connectivity and the variety of features are critical to compatibility with various PC components, and the Thermaltake Toughpower GX2 600W has a versatile offering:

  • Main Power (24 pin) x 1

  • ATX 12V (4+4 pin) x 1

  • SATA (5 pin) x 6

  • PCI-E (6+2 pin) x 2

  • Peripheral (4 pin) x 3

  • FDD x 1

Having multiple SATA and PCI-E connectors is essential for building a multi-drive setup or for ensuring that your GPU is adequately powered. The main connector, being 24 pin, fits well with most motherboards, thus easing the assembly process and saving time. The inclusion of peripheral and FDD connectors, even if not commonly used, is a thoughtful addition for legacy devices.

However, the non-modular design could be a double-edged sword. For me, the braided harness is a game-changer, mitigating some of the challenges associated with the management of extra cables. Yet, I cannot overlook that enthusiasts who prioritize a clean, minimalist build might find the excess wiring cumbersome. The lack of modularity means that you can’t remove unused cables, which could impede airflow or simply add clutter.

On a positive note, the fact that the PSU doesn’t include an RGB fan can be a plus for users like me who prefer function over flamboyance; it maintains a professional look while focusing on performance. Moreover, with a PSU like this, where silent operation and temperature control are promised through an ultra-quiet 120mm fan, the lack of noise is appreciable — my workspace remains tranquil.

I do contend with the description of ‘near-silent operation.’ While relatively quiet, there’s a perceivable hum when the system is under heavy load, though it’s nothing disruptive. The fan’s performance is acceptable, and my unit keeps temperatures under a comfortable threshold.

Regarding drawbacks, another concern arises from the single PCIe cable with a pigtail design. If your GPU requires multiple power connectors and harnesses a notable amount of wattage, the GX2 might fall short. It’s not a deal-breaker, but it’s an aspect to consider if you’re running a more power-hungry GPU setup.

In sum, the Thermaltake Toughpower GX2 600W stands out for its versatility and solid basic feature set, aligning with the needs of a budget-focused yet quality-conscious builder. While I concede that the non-modular nature and potential GPU power limitations present challenges, the overall reliability and efficient energy delivery make it a compelling candidate amidst the more budget-friendly PSUs on the market.

Durability and Stability

Thermaltake toughpower gx2 600w psu back

In my time with the Thermaltake Toughpower GX2 600W Power Supply Unit, its durability and stability have stood out as key aspects. Here’s how my experience breaks down:


  • Robust Build: Over the past two years, it has not shown any signs of wear or failure.

  • Consistent Performance: Delivers power reliably, without any unexpected shutdowns or power issues.


  • Efficient Energy Delivery: Power delivery has been both stable and efficient, with no fluctuations that might harm sensitive computer components.

  • Low Ripple Noise: The low ripple noise contributes to its stable performance, ensuring longevity for my PC’s hardware.

However, it’s not without its drawbacks. The non-modular design, while not a deal-breaker, does mean that cable management can be a bit of a hassle, especially in smaller cases where space is at a premium. The abundance of cables can crowd the case if not managed properly – a trade-off for the budget-friendliness of the unit.

But overall, I find the Toughpower GX2 600W leans more towards the positive side of the spectrum. Its ability to provide continuous power output without interruption is noteworthy. I’ve tested it under heavy loads, and it’s clear that Thermaltake has designed it with a focus on long-term performance. Practically speaking, it’s a piece of mind knowing that I have a PSU that can handle my computer’s demands consistently over time. The 80 PLUS Gold efficiency is a nice touch, which helps save on energy bills without sacrificing power.

If I were to suggest improvements, the inclusion of a modular interface would be at the top of my list. Although not critical, it could enhance the user experience through improved cable management and customization.

To sum up, the Toughpower GX2 600W has served as a rock-solid foundation for my PC. It’s a reliable workhorse that combines efficiency with a firm focus on durability and stable output, attributes that hold significant weight when building or upgrading a PC. It reflects a balance between cost and performance that is often hard to come by, making it a choice worth considering for users seeking quality on a budget.