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My gaming experience on the HP 2023 Victus 15L Desktop

My thoughts on the HP 2023 Victus 15L Desktop: performance, technical issues, value
Sid Metcalfe

Cartesian Mathematics Foundation


November 23, 2023


I have recently been into upgrading my work-from-home setup and decided to go for HP’s 2023 Victus 15L Desktop. Geared towards light video editing and the occasional gaming, I had high hopes for this pre-built machine (despite the mixed reviews). Below is my experience with it.



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Initial Excitement and Positive Features

Hp 2023 victus 15l gaming desktop 1

When it comes to the HP 2023 Victus 15L Desktop, I hit the ground running with a healthy dose of optimism. For anyone like me, working from home and indulging in casual gaming, the sheer speed and multitasking prowess of this PC seemed quite remarkable, especially considering its price point. It’s not often that you stumble upon an affordable unit that boasts the ability to handle everyday tasks and gaming without breaking a sweat—or the bank.

I won’t lie, the initial setup was a breeze. I appreciated the fact that right out of the gate, it came with enough power for my son’s games and my light video editing. From the Ryzen CPU to its low noise, the PC appeared to tick a lot of boxes for an entry-level gamer or a conventional user exploring beyond the confines of web browsing and document editing.

However, it’s prudent to mention that what shines on the surface might not always indicate irreproachable depth. For instance, the default 8GB of RAM was a bottleneck. I quickly realized that an upgrade was inevitable for smoother performance. The extra slots made it easy to boost the memory, showcasing a level of upgradability that’s always a plus in prebuilt systems. Not to skimp on performance, I also had to adjust the graphics settings for some games, as the default settings left much to be desired.

Speaking of gaming, the PC offers a fair share of satisfaction here. I manage to run titles like Fortnite and Minecraft without any real complaints, though it’s clear that more demanding titles will push this system to its limits. And, as someone who values aesthetics, the design of the PC case was a pleasant surprise – it’s hard to find a good-looking case that doesn’t resemble a futuristic spaceship.

Despite these positive aspects, the pre-installed bloatware left a slightly sour taste. Navigating through unnecessary trial software was a nuisance, though that’s more a rite of passage with new PCs than a unique flaw. Still, it’s an inconvenience that can’t be ignored, especially for users who might not be as tech-savvy.

In the spirit of transparency, I must admit that seeing other users face technical issues within a short period does raise concerns. The longevity and reliability of the HP Victus 15L are things I’ll be keeping a close eye on. Knowing that the guts of the system are composed of a mix of proprietary HP parts also rings alarm bells for future extensive upgrades or repairs.

On a final note regarding this section of the journey, while there may be a few hiccups and potentials for improvement, overall, the Victus delivers solid performance for its price bracket. As with any tech, understanding your needs and expectations is key to a satisfying experience. And for many, this HP desktop could be the ideal balance between budget-conscious and performance-driven computing.

Technical Troubles and Customer Service Woes

Hp 2023 victus 15l gaming desktop 2

Navigating the rocky terrain of technical support and customer service with any tech product can often lead to a mixed bag of experiences, an aspect that certainly holds true with the HP 2023 Victus 15L Desktop. I’ve read through countless forum posts, alongside personal anecdotes from Reddit and Hackernews, and encountered a spectrum of issues ranging from the trivial to the grave. It’s clear that the system hits a sweet spot for budget-conscious users who want a machine that doesn’t compromise too much on performance. However, no product is without its flaws, and HP’s desktop is no stranger to setbacks.

From scenarios where the PC wouldn’t power on, to ones where systems crashed or became unresponsive, it’s evident that there can be a steep curve when it comes to out-of-the-box readiness. It’s disappointing, especially when you’ve geared yourself up for that new PC experience. And while hardware failures can occur with any brand, what matters more is how these issues are addressed by the manufacturer.

For me, the customer service experience is a significant facet of the product lifecycle, akin to an extension of the product itself. With the Victus, there seem to be polarizing opinions on HP’s responsiveness and efficiency. I’ve seen reports of swift returns and refunds, which is reassuring, but also instances of frustrating hours spent haggling over warranty coverage, which can leave a sour taste.

While I haven’t experienced a catastrophic failure myself, I know the importance of proactive support. Simple updates to the GPU drivers and BIOS can go a long way in system stability, but they can also be a double-edged sword if not implemented correctly. I appreciate the ease of finding updates via HP’s support site, but I am cautious about installation given the experiences of others.

Another critical element I’ve paid attention to is the upgradability of the system. Initially, I was pleased with the potential for memory expansion, as upgrading from the default 8GB of RAM to 16GB or higher seems almost necessary for optimal gaming and multitasking. However, running into proprietary motherboard designs that limit further customization or case swaps can be a deal-breaker for tinkerers and upgraders. It’s a compromise you have to be willing to make with pre-built systems.

I’m a practical user, swayed more by function than form, so the small form factor and ease of setup were pluses for me. However, the occasional hiccup in GPU performance and the initial trouble some had with Windows 11 underline the need for patience and maybe a bit of tech savviness. I’d recommend keeping an eye on tech forums or the HP Support Community for fixes and optimisation tips, as user-generated content can sometimes provide more tailored solutions than official support channels.

However, I can’t deny that the Victus 15L’s price-to-performance ratio makes it enticing. For users who are after a mid-range gaming experience, willing to navigate possible technical pitfalls, and armed with some patience for customer service interactions, the Victus might just hit the sweet spot. It’s not without risk, but for the price, it’s a contender in the pre-built market.

Final Thoughts and Recommendations for Potential Buyers

Hp 2023 victus 15l gaming desktop 3

From my personal experience and taking a deep dive into user feedback, I’ve found the HP 2023 Victus 15L Desktop to be a mixed bag of sorts. Balancing budget with performance isn’t easy, and HP has made an effort that should be acknowledged. For casual gaming and work from home tasks, the Victus performs admirably—its CPU can tackle everyday multitasking with ease, and for the price, I wouldn’t scoff at the capabilities on offer.

I appreciate that the Victus is geared towards entry-level gamers or those looking for a home office PC that can do a bit more. The starting RAM, however, at 8GB, is a bottleneck that became immediately apparent. Upgrading to 16GB or even higher is almost a necessity, not an option, if you’re looking to push this machine’s gaming potential or deal with more demanding applications.

The chassis design, while not universally praised, avoids the garish pitfalls often seen in gaming rigs. It’s compact and, in many ways, unobtrusive, which is a benefit for those who prefer a subdued aesthetic. That said, the proprietary nature of some components limits upgradeability. This might not be a huge concern for the average user, but it’s something to be aware of, especially as this could mean more cost and effort down the line.

The out-of-the-box experience varies widely. On one hand, there’s praise for its swift setup and ease of use, making it a hit for less tech-savvy users or those looking for a plug-and-play solution. On the flip side, there are reports of units arriving DOA or kicking the bucket prematurely, which is always a possibility with mass-produced electronics, but it seems more common here than I’d like.

Tech support experiences are similarly inconsistent. Some users report resolutions and model replacements, while others get lost in a sea of automated responses and frustrating dead ends. It’s here where HP could really improve the experience by offering more reliable and responsive support options.

Looking at the long-term, the Victus is something of a starter home—great for entering the market, but not without the need for renovations and a touch of DIY. It’s certainly capable of running less demanding games smoothly, a fact that new PC gamers or parents buying for their children will be pleased about. If you’re hoping to use it for the latest AAA titles, be prepared to tweak some settings, or better yet, consider a higher-spec model or building your own system.

In terms of extensions, consider leveraging cloud storage or an external hard drive if you have a growing game library or need more space for work files. This might also be a cheaper option compared to installing internal storage, given the current market prices.

Overall, the Victus 15L might be met with varying degrees of enthusiasm, but it’s hard to argue against its value proposition. With careful consideration of the model you choose, this could serve as a respectable desktop for everyday use and casual gaming. Just remember, this isn’t a powerhouse—it’s a baseline or a starting point. Whether it becomes a costly endeavor depends on how far and wide you’re aiming to push its performance.

For potential buyers, weigh the pros and cons and consider what you’re intending to achieve with this desktop. What it offers out of the box could be plenty, or it might simply be step one on your road to a more custom, powerful setup.