First Impressions: Space Black vs Silver New Macbook M3 Pros

My thoughts on the new space black and silver color choice in the new Macbook M3 laptops.
Sid Metcalfe

Cartesian Mathematics Foundation


November 10, 2023

Macbook Pro M3 Space Black versus Macbook Pro M1 Silver

I just received the new Space Black M3 Macbook Pro (M1 Max) that Apple released this week. In the corresponding photo it is pictured next to my 16 inch Macbook Pro in silver from 2021. I’m not sure yet which color I like more: the time-honored silver or the new dark Space Black?

There’s always something about a new MacBook release that gets my gears turning. As a self-proclaimed Apple enthusiast, these decisions feel more profound than just picking a color. It’s like choosing between two distinct personalities.

The classic charm of silver: Silver – this color is more than just a shade for Apple; it’s an icon, a statement of elegance and simplicity. It’s the color that’s been with us through thick and thin, from the early days of Apple’s revolution in personal computing to the sleek, modern designs of today.

Personal experience: I still vividly recall unboxing my first MacBook. The silver finish gleamed under my room’s light, and it felt like I was holding a piece of modern art. Over the years, that MacBook went through a lot - coffee shop sessions, late-night work marathons, and countless trips in my backpack. Yet, it aged gracefully. The scratches and nicks it acquired added character, a testament to its resilience and enduring design.

Why silver resonates: There’s a reason why silver has been a constant in Apple’s design palette. It’s reflective of their philosophy - clean, efficient, and unobtrusively beautiful. Silver doesn’t scream for attention, yet it doesn’t go unnoticed. It strikes a perfect balance between being flashy and understated.

Community thoughts: I’ve been scouring through forums and Reddit threads: it’s clear that I’m not alone in my admiration for silver. Many Apple users share a deep-seated loyalty to this color. It’s often described as “classic” and “timeless,” akin to a little black dress or a vintage Rolex. The consensus seems to be that while trends come and go, silver remains perpetually in vogue.

Durability and practicality: An aspect that often comes up in community discussions is the practicality of silver. It’s forgiving with fingerprints and minor blemishes, making it a pragmatic choice for those who use their MacBook extensively.

‘Emotional’ connection: Beyond practicality, there’s an emotional aspect to color choice. For many, silver MacBooks are reminiscent of their first foray into the Apple ecosystem - a symbol of innovation and inspiration. This emotional connection is hard to quantify, but it’s a powerful factor in the color decision process.

Space Black: The new kid on the block

Alright, let’s talk about Space Black. This isn’t just another color – it’s like Apple decided to go off-script and give us something completely different. It’s bold, it’s edgy, and man, does it make a statement.

First impression: Space black is not just any black – it’s this deep, dark shade that kinda sucks in the light around it. Makes the MacBook look like something out of a spy movie, you know?

Macbook Pro M3 Space Black

Why space black is great: What really gets me about Space Black is how it changes with the lighting. One minute it’s this intense black, and the next, it’s got these greyish undertones. It’s like having multiple MacBooks depending on where you are. Pretty neat, right?

Practicality worries: There’s a bit of chatter about how Space Black might be a fingerprint and scratch magnet. Unlike silver, every little smudge seems to show up. It’s a concern, especially if you’re all about keeping your gear looking pristine.

Personal choice: Here’s where I’m at: I love the nostalgia and reliability of silver, but Space Black’s got this allure of something new and unknown. It’s a tough call - I will keep the black for now and make my final decision within the return window.