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Using the UPERFECT 2023 Portable Monitor FHD USB-C: my review (2024)

My review of the UPERFECT 2023 portable monitor: screen quality, connectivity, real-world use, and overall value.
Sid Metcalfe

Cartesian Mathematics Foundation


November 21, 2023


I recently picked up the UPERFECT Portable Monitor to use for my everyday tasks, from work to gaming. I am often on the move and was looking for a portable monitor to complement my setup.


Property Value Property Value
Screen Size 15.6 Inches Display Resolution Maximum 1920 x 1080 Pixels
Brand UPERFECT Special Feature Portable, Standard HDMI Port, Blue Light Filter, Ultrawide Screen, Wall Mountable, Frameless, …
Refresh Rate 60 Hz


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Design and Display Quality of the UPERFECT Portable Monitor

Uperfect 2023 portable monitor fhd usb c 1

imageWhen I first got my hands on the UPERFECT Portable Monitor, the 1920 x 1080 Full HD resolution combined with the IPS panel immediately grabbed my attention. The colors are punchy and the sharpness is on point, making it a solid choice for those who appreciate a good display while on the move. Here’s what caught my eye: “uperfect-2023-portable-monitor-fhd-usb-c-1”

Vivid Display: The HDR support ensures that the colors pop, and the images you see are vibrant. Content creators or those who consume a lot of media will definitely appreciate this feature. Eye Care Tech: The flicker-free technology and blue light filter are godsends for long sessions. It’s a relief to know that the likelihood of eye strain is reduced during those intensive work or gaming sessions. 178° Viewing Angle: In practice, this allows for some flexibility in how I position the monitor, and the view remains consistent without any color shift, which is neat for sharing content with someone seated beside you.

However, it’s not all roses. The lack of an ambient light sensor means that you have to adjust the brightness manually depending on your environment, which can be a bit of a drag. And while the speakers are a nice inclusion, they’re just not powerful enough to compete with any reasonable ambient noise, so it’s probably best to keep a pair of headphones handy.

In terms of build quality, it’s pretty solid. I like the minimalist approach they’ve taken – there’s no garish branding on the front, which keeps things professional. The Smart Cover, while practical as a stand and protective cover, can be a little clumsy; it doesn’t always stay in the position I want it to and doesn’t feel as sturdy as I’d like. Still, it’s functional enough not to be a dealbreaker.

The VESA mount compatibility is a nice touch, hinting that this monitor can find a semi-permanent home on a wall or stand if needed, giving it some versatility in how it can be used. That said, if portability is your primary concern, it adds a welcome level of adaptability to the setup.

All things considered, the UPERFECT Portable Monitor is a compelling choice for those looking for a mobile screen that doesn’t compromise much on display quality. It’s clear that the positives outweigh the negatives, and while it’s not without its drawbacks, for my needs, it delivers where it counts.

Connectivity Options and Versatility

Uperfect 2023 portable monitor fhd usb c 2

The connectivity options on the UPERFECT portable monitor are quite plentiful, giving it a lot of versatility, which is a big plus for someone like me who needs to connect a variety of devices. Here’s my breakdown:

  • Full-sized HDMI: A major win for easy connection to traditional laptops, gaming consoles, or any other devices with a standard HDMI output.

  • Dual Type-C Ports: Fantastic for newer devices that use USB-C for charging and video output, plus it means you can power the monitor and send a display signal with just one cable, which really cuts down on clutter.

  • OTG Port: Handy for connecting peripherals like a keyboard or mouse directly to the monitor, especially if you’re using it as a larger display for your phone.

The single cable solution for both power and signal is pure gold, particularly when I’m out and can’t afford to carry a tangled mess of cables. However, I should note that if your device doesn’t supply enough power through USB-C, you’ll need to use the included power brick or a power bank. This was a slight drawback as it added extra gear to my setup, but it wasn’t a dealbreaker.

One thing I experienced is the monitor’s smart response to different power sources – it adjusts brightness and audio to conserve energy when running off a phone, which is clever, although I’ll admit it took some trial and error to figure that out. While I love the eye-care tech and appreciate my eyes not feeling like they’ve run a marathon after long sessions, the speakers could use a little boost in volume. It’s fine in a quiet space, but for outdoor use or in areas with background noise, I would recommend external speakers or headphones.

The smart cover is nifty and protects the monitor well, doubling as a stand. However, it can be a bit finicky to get into the right position and does take up extra desk space, which can be annoying if you are working in a tight spot.

Also, while the monitor does support VESA mounting, be prepared to buy a separate mount if that’s your plan – the monitor doesn’t come with one, which is standard but still something to consider.

Overall, the UPERFECT portable monitor delivers what it promises in terms of flexible connectivity, with a few edges that might not be perfect for everyone. The pros definitely outweigh the cons for me, making it an often-used tool in my tech arsenal.

Portable Monitor in Action - Gaming and Productivity Use Cases

Uperfect 2023 portable monitor fhd usb c 3

My experiences with the UPERFECT portable monitor have mostly revolved around gaming and productivity, and I’ve found it to be an invaluable tool in my tech arsenal. Here’s a rundown of how I’ve put this monitor through its paces:

  • Gaming: Hooking up my PS4 to the monitor was a breeze with the full-sized HDMI port. The IPS display meant I got vibrant colors and the 60Hz refresh rate kept up with fast-paced action without any noticeable lag.

  • Productivity: Having the ability to extend my laptop’s display on the road has been a game-changer for multitasking and keeping organized, especially with the seamless connection via USB-C.

But let’s be real, no tech is perfect, and the UPERFECT monitor does have a couple of drawbacks:

For one, the speakers aren’t going to blow you away. They’re pretty quiet, so don’t count on them for an immersive audio experience. That’s not an issue for me since I usually wear headphones when gaming or working, but it’s worth noting.

Also, the stand, which doubles as a protective case, can be a bit awkward. It’s not the sturdiest and can take up more desk space than I’d like, particularly when space is at a premium, say, working from a coffee shop table. But considering the portability it offers, it’s a small compromise.

From a personal standpoint, the fact that this monitor has VESA mount compatibility is a giant plus. It means when I’m home, I can easily attach it to an arm mount, saving valuable desk real estate and keeping my setup flexible.

Overall, the benefits of the UPERFECT portable monitor far outweigh its shortcomings. While the audio might not be top-notch and the stand could be improved, the display quality and ease of connectivity make it a strong contender for anyone needing a mobile display solution.

This monitor has fit seamlessly into my workflow and gaming life. As someone who repairs computers and needs a reliable display option for troubleshooting, its versatility is a clear win. It keeps up with my various uses, and even though it’s not perfect, the company’s responsiveness to customer needs goes a long way in amping up this monitor’s value.

If you’re on the fence about getting a portable monitor, weigh the pros and cons, but in my book, the UPERFECT is a solid choice.

Assessing the Value for Money and Customer Support Experience

Uperfect 2023 portable monitor fhd usb c 4

When assessing whether the UPERFECT portable monitor gives you bang for your buck and whether customer service is up to par, I’ve had a mostly positive experience with a few nuances worth noting.

Let’s start with the perks:

  • The image quality is crisp; for the price, you’re getting stellar visuals.

  • The full-sized HDMI and Type-C ports are seriously handy for varied connections.

  • VESA mount support is a nice touch, not something you see on many portable monitors.

  • The build quality is robust; it doesn’t feel flimsy or fragile.

  • Customer support from UPERFECT has been nothing short of impressive. They seem genuinely committed to resolving issues and ensuring customer satisfaction.

Now, for a few gripes:

  • The protective cover/stand feels a little less stable than I’d like. It’s serviceable but can be finicky.

  • The side button controls can be clunky. This isn’t a deal-breaker, but there’s a learning curve.

  • Audio quality from the built-in speakers lacks the volume and depth you might want for immersive experiences.

Given these points, the UPERFECT monitor stands out as a solid choice. The cons are minor compared to the overall quality and features it packs. And for customer service: knowing a company has your back adds that extra layer of confidence in a purchase.

My interactions with UPERFECT’s customer support have been mostly through email, and they’ve been timely and helpful, even sending out adapters I needed at no extra cost. This proactive approach to customer satisfaction is refreshing and reassuring.

The monitor’s value shines through in everyday use. Whether it’s juggling multiple work tasks or enjoying high-resolution gaming, it has consistently performed without hiccups. Add the peace of mind from good customer service, and it feels like money well spent.

In summary, the UPERFECT 2023 Portable Monitor floats to the top when considering value and support. The product delivers on its promises with commendable performance and quality. Coupled with responsive and accommodating customer service, any potential drawbacks seem trivial. It’s a purchase I’m satisfied with, and I’m comfortable recommending it to others looking for a similar solution.

For those seeking an affordable, high-quality portable monitor with reliable support, UPERFECT seems to be ticking the right boxes, making it a worthwhile addition to your tech arsenal.