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Using the SAMSUNG S33A Series 22-Inch FHD Monitor (2024)

My thoughts on the SAMSUNG S33A Series 22-Inch FHD Monitor: display quality, gaming features, connectivity, overall value.
Tim Hall

Cartesian Mathematics Foundation


January 1, 2024


I recently picked up the Samsung S33A Series 22-Inch FHD Monitor. This monitor caught my eye for its price and the promise of a vivid display with impressive viewing angles. Below is my experience with this monitor, from display quality to its built-in features, connectivity options, and overall longevity.


Property Value Property Value
Screen Size 22 Inches Display Resolution Maximum 1, 920 x 1, 080 Pixels
Brand SAMSUNG Special Feature Blue Light Filter, Tilt Adjustment, Flicker-Free
Refresh Rate 60 Hz


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Samsung s33a 22 inch monitor, black 16 Samsung s33a 22 inch monitor, black 28 Samsung s33a 22 inch monitor, black 49 Samsung s33a 22 inch monitor, black 2 Samsung s33a 22 inch monitor, black 3 Samsung s33a 22 inch monitor, black 36 Samsung s33a 22 inch monitor, black 22


Vivid Display and Impressive Viewing Angles

Samsung s33a 22 inch monitor, black 1

When it comes to choosing a monitor, the display quality is always my top priority, especially in terms of vividness and viewing angles. The Samsung S33A doesn’t disappoint on these fronts. Here’s how my experience breaks down:

  • Vivid Display: The colors pop, thanks to the 3000:1 contrast ratio. You get deep blacks and bright whites, which is great not only for gaming but also for enjoying movies or editing photos where detail is critical.

  • Wide Viewing Angles: No matter where I sit or stand, the 178° viewing angle ensures the picture looks consistent, which is a huge plus when I’m sharing my screen with friends or colleagues.

Having a display that maintains its quality from various angles offers a versatile viewing experience that few monitors in this price range provide. Whether I’m reclined or moving around while multitasking, everything on the screen remains crystal clear. It’s a game-changer for situations like group presentations or when I kick back to watch a movie from the couch.

On the downside, while the Samsung S33A shines in display and viewing angles, it’s not without faults. The 22-inch size is compact—perfect for small spaces, but it may feel limiting if you’re used to larger screens. Also, while the 60 Hz refresh rate is decent for general use and even casual gaming, avid gamers might seek out faster displays for a smoother experience.

The absence of a height adjustment is a small gripe; it’s something I’ve come to expect from modern monitors. It means you might need to prop it up with a stand or books if the default height isn’t comfortable for you.

Personally, I find this monitor to hit the sweet spot between affordability and performance. It’s not the top of the line, and it’s not pretending to be, but it offers a solid viewing experience for everyday use and light gaming. It’s the kind of monitor that doesn’t make waves but rather, reliably does its job, which is exactly what many of us are looking for.

For those seeking a budget-friendly option that provides a bright, sharp display and wide viewing angles, the Samsung S33A is a model to consider. Reminder to anyone eyeing this monitor, be sure to check the warranty information and consider the one-year parts and labor coverage that Samsung provides if longevity and support are important to you.

Built-in Features for Enhanced Gaming and Eye Comfort

Samsung s33a 22 inch monitor, black 2

In my quest for a monitor that balances gaming performance with day-to-day eye comfort, the Samsung S33A has definitely caught my attention. I’m all about the built-in features that ensure I don’t strain my eyes during those long hours of use, especially when diving into gaming marathons.

One thing that stands out is the Game Mode. It’s a game-changer—literally. When activated, this feature optimizes the screen contrast, picking out the subtlest details in dark scenes. As a gamer, spotting enemies faster or just getting an overall better visual experience can make a noticeable difference. And it’s not just for gaming; I find this contrast boost enhances movies and, surprisingly, graphic work where detail is key.

While the picture quality and crispness are on point, what really has been a game-saver is the Eye Saver Mode, alongside Flicker-Free Technology. These features are designed to reduce eye strain, and they do that job well. The Flicker-Free technology keeps the screen from that annoying and tiring flicker, while Eye Saver Mode reduces harmful blue light emissions. As someone who spends hours in front of the screen, this means fewer headaches and less tired eyes, which, trust me, makes you more productive.

What I appreciate are the smart ergonomics on offer:

  • Eye Saver Mode: reduces blue light.

  • Flicker-Free Technology: minimizes screen flicker.

  • Game Mode: for more detailed visuals in dark areas.

The 3000:1 contrast ratio is ideal for providing vivid, deep colors, and this feature paired with the eye care technologies means I can enjoy both worlds—great visuals with decreased chance of eye discomfort.

On the flip side, there are a couple of drawbacks to note. The lack of an adjustable stand for height or tilt was a downer. It’s something so simple but significantly affects comfort, especially if your desk setup isn’t standard. And while it’s great that the monitor comes with both HDMI and D-Sub ports, it’s disappointing to learn from some users that they’ve had issues with the HDMI connectivity after a while.

Overall, though, the Samsung S33A comes across as a solid choice for both gaming enthusiasts and the everyday user who values eye comfort and visual quality. It sits in that sweet spot where technical capabilities meet thought-out features for wellbeing—something I’m always on the lookout for as it’s easy to get caught up in specs and forget about long-term usability.

Connectivity and Compatibility

Samsung s33a 22 inch monitor, black 3

When it comes to the Samsung S33A FHD monitor, the aspect of connectivity and compatibility really stands out. Out of the box, the array of input options like HDMI and D-Sub ports makes this a versatile pick for various setups. You can practically hook up any modern device, and that’s a big plus if you’re like me, juggling between a gaming console, a PC, and sometimes, even hooking up a laptop for a dual-screen workstation.

Here’s a quick rundown of the pros and cons I’ve noticed:


  • The HDMI connectivity means I can connect my laptop or gaming console with no fuss.

  • The D-Sub port is a nice legacy touch for older hardware.

  • With the inclusion of an HDMI cable, it’s ready to go right out of the box.

  • The setup supports both extended and mirrored displays, which is super handy.


  • Lack of audio capabilities might be a drawback if you’re looking to streamline your audio-visual setup.

  • The monitor seems to lose power if you move it around too much, which is not ideal for those who frequently adjust their workspace.

Now, while the absence of built-in speakers may not affect everyone (since I prefer an external audio system for that rich sound quality), it’s worth noting if you’re expecting an all-in-one solution. Still, for most of my activities like gaming or streaming videos, the visuals are so engaging that the need for integrated sound isn’t a deal-breaker.

Additionally, while the monitor mostly stays put on my desk, the occasional wobble and power loss after moving the monitor is a bit disappointing. It’s not a huge problem, but it’s something to keep in mind if you plan to frequently adjust or move your monitor.

One more thing that struck me is the warranty information. It’s not as transparent as I would like, especially when purchasing through platforms like Amazon. However, a quick visit to the Samsung website clarified that it’s backed by a One Year Parts and Labor warranty, which is pretty standard.

To round things off, this Samsung monitor is a dependable companion for everyday use—be it work or play. Considering the price point, I find the balance between quality and cost quite reasonable. It’s clear that some compromises have been made to keep it budget-friendly, such as the stand adjustments, but the overall functionality and clear graphics make up for it.

So, if you’re in the market for a good budget monitor that delivers on picture quality and has satisfactory input options, the Samsung S33A should be on your radar. Just remember to factor in the occasional quirks like the power stability if your setup demands more mobility.

Longevity and Customer Satisfaction

Samsung s33a 22 inch monitor, black 4

In evaluating the Samsung S33A Series 22-Inch FHD Monitor, the longevity and customer satisfaction play pivotal roles. Based on my experience and the shared thoughts of others who’ve purchased this monitor, I’ve observed a pattern that suggests the Samsung S33A is a solid investment for both work and play, with a few caveats.

Customer Feedback:

  • Many users, including myself, appreciate the easy setup and the crisp display that shines for both gaming and office use.

  • The price point is a hit for budget-conscious buyers seeking quality without breaking the bank.

  • However, some have encountered issues with the durability and reliability of the product, such as HDMI ports failing or the monitor refusing to power on. This is concerning when you think about the long-term viability of the monitor.

Despite the potential for hardware issues, most users report a positive experience with the monitor’s performance, particularly those looking for an affordable secondary screen for a home office. The Game Mode feature is a highlight, offering enhanced visuals for gaming enthusiasts like myself.

While the lack of adjustable stand may pose an ergonomics issue for some, the monitor’s overall quality seems unaffected. Still, it’s essential to read the specs carefully if stand adjustability is a priority for you.

When it comes to customer service, the warranty information could be more transparent. It’s worth noting that you may need to carry or ship the monitor to a service center, which suggests some inconvenience if a problem arises post-purchase.

To summarize: Pros:

  • Excellent price-to-performance ratio

  • Vibrant and clear display with good contrast

  • Game Mode enhances the gaming experience

  • Flicker-Free and Eye Saver make extended use more comfortable Cons:

  • Potential issues with HDMI connectivity

  • Some users report power failures

  • Limited adjustability of the stand

  • Warranty service may require extra effort

Ultimately, for anyone seeking a budget-friendly monitor that doesn’t skimp on quality for everyday tasks, the Samsung S33A seems to fit the bill quite nicely. However, keep in mind that a small risk of encountering technical issues exists. Overall, I’m satisfied with the performance, but I’d recommend considering the potential for additional costs or inconvenience should any issues arise within the warranty period. My personal take is that this monitor is a great value for the price, especially when it’s on sale, and with proper expectations, it’s likely to meet the needs of most users looking for a reliable, no-frills display.