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Trying out the ARZOPA 15.6’ Portable Monitor FHD (2024)

I’ve been trying out the ARZOPA 15.6’ portable monitor: efficiency, screen quality, connectivity, and portability.
Sid Metcalfe

Cartesian Mathematics Foundation


November 2, 2023


I recently added the ARZOPA 15.6” Portable Monitor to my tech toolkit, and it’s been a game-changer for my workflow. With a focus on productivity, portability, and a seamless setup, this second screen helps me stay efficient whether I’m at home or on the go. I wanted to share my insights on how this monitor has performed in the real world, the nuances of its design, and whether it delivers on the promise of a more productive workspace.


Property Value Property Value
Screen Size 15.6 Inches Display Resolution Maximum 1920 x 1080 Pixels
Brand ARZOPA Special Feature Portable
Refresh Rate 60 Hz



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Elevating Efficiency with a Second Screen

Arzopa 15.6 portable monitor fhd 1

As someone constantly juggling multiple projects, the idea of enhancing my workspace with a second screen always seemed appealing. When I stumbled upon the ARZOPA 15.6” Portable Monitor, I figured it was a chance to test run a dual-display setup without committing to a bulky, stationary monitor. The results? Pretty impressive, but let’s get into both the sunshine and the mild clouds that hovered over my experience.

Here’s the quick breakdown:

  • Enhanced Multitasking: Flipping between windows on one screen was a thing of the past. Having spreadsheets open on one screen while drafting emails on the other? Game-changer.

  • Effortless Setup: Literally plug-and-play with the USB-C connection. No driver installations or tech headaches. Though, keep in mind, it’s crucial not to misplace the included cable.

  • Portability: Light and slim – it slips right into my laptop bag. On business trips or café workdays, it ensured I never missed my home setup.

  • Surprising Durability: Considering the price point, the build quality was solid. But don’t just take my word for it, user reviews across numerous forums echo this sentiment.

It wasn’t all sunshine, however. There were moments when the monitor felt like it couldn’t quite keep up with brightly lit environments, and the speakers left much to be desired. These were minor gripes, though, and easily worked around (hello, external speakers and strategic seating!).

Drawbacks were there, sure. Brightness could be an issue, particularly in sun-drenched rooms or offices swamped with fluorescent lighting. This annoyance, while bearable, is a spot where ARZOPA could perhaps improve in future iterations. The sound wasn’t mind-blowing either, but let’s be honest – if quality audio is a clincher, you’ve likely got a favorite pair of headphones or a Bluetooth speaker anyway.

Would this monitor suffice for high-octane gaming or 4K video editing? Probably not. But for the relentless grind of spreadsheets, documents, and the occasional video stream, it fits the bill without breaking the bank. And yes, even though I leaned toward daring Samsung DeX experiments, it would always seamlessly revert to being a steadfast extension of my work laptop when needed.

Debating about a portable monitor? If your priorities align with mobile convenience and multitasking potential without dishing out hundreds, this ARZOPA model deserves a spot on your shortlist. It’s proven its worth in the month I’ve tossed it into my workflow – and hey, it’s survived the everyday hustle that claimed my previous laptop’s hinge. Enough said.

Visual Performance and Screen Quality Review

Arzopa 15.6 portable monitor fhd 2

The ARZOPA 15.6” Portable Monitor has been a significant player in my daily workflow, especially when I’m on the move. As someone who values productivity, having that extra screen real estate is a game-changer, but it isn’t just about having more space – it’s about the quality of that space. In this Visual Performance and Screen Quality Review, I’d like to share my experiences with the display aspects of this monitor.

Key highlights:

image- **Full HD Resolution: “arzopa-156-portable-monitor-fhd-2”

  • Anti-Glare Coating: A lifesaver in bright environments; it helps reduce reflections, making the screen usable in various lighting conditions.

  • 60Hz Refresh Rate: While sufficient for productivity tasks and casual gaming, it’s not cutting-edge if you’re expecting an ultra-smooth experience.

However, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows. While the colors are vibrant and the details crisp, the brightness could be a notch higher. It’s good enough for indoor use, but if you’re planning to work in a sunny park, it might struggle against the glare, despite the anti-glare feature.

The monitor’s lightweight and slim profile are standout features – it’s so easy to slide it into my bag right next to my laptop. This ease of portability doesn’t come at the cost of screen stability; the included smart cover is functional, although if you’re in it for the long haul, investing in a more stable stand could be beneficial.

Against the backdrop of the ARZOPA monitor’s vivid display, the onboard speakers are, frankly, underwhelming. They get the job done in a quiet room, but for anything that requires clear sound, you’ll want to keep a pair of headphones or external speakers handy.

One of the things I appreciate is that the monitor doesn’t look or feel cheap. It’s solid and well-built, which is impressive given its price point – you definitely get good bang for your buck

From a personal perspective, and keeping in mind the balance between pros and cons, the ARZOPA 15.6” Portable Monitor hits a sweet spot for visual performance and screen quality. It’s not the brightest star in the galaxy of monitors, but for its purpose – as a supplemental display that’s on the move as much as I am – it gets a solid thumbs-up.

Navigating documents, managing multiple applications, and even the occasional streaming are all enhanced by the screen’s visuals, ensuring my productivity doesn’t skip a beat, even when away from my primary workstation. While the search for perfection is endless, when it comes to portable monitors that streamline my workflow without breaking the bank, the ARZOPA certainly steps up to the plate.

Compatibility and Connectivity Options

Arzopa 15.6 portable monitor fhd 3

When considering a portable monitor like the ARZOPA 15.6”, one of the biggest factors that affect my decision is its compatibility and connectivity options. Here’s a rundown of my thoughts:

  • USB-C Ports: A major plus is the dual USB-C ports. It’s as simple as plug-and-play with my Mac, and with many modern laptops sporting USB-C, it’s super convenient.

  • Mini HDMI Port: The mini HDMI is great when I want to connect to a device that doesn’t support USB-C input, like certain gaming consoles.

  • Phone Compatibility: Being able to connect my Samsung phone directly and use Dex mode is a game-changer for productivity. It’s like having a desktop experience anywhere.

  • Gaming: For my Xbox and Switch, the monitor’s a solid choice. It doesn’t replace a high-end gaming setup, but for portable play, it’s more than adequate.

But, it’s not all rainbows. I’ve noticed a few drawbacks—nothing that’s a deal-breaker, but worth mentioning:

  • The monitor draws power from the connected device unless you plug into an external power source. If I’m not near an outlet, it can drain my laptop or tablet quicker than I’d like.

  • While the included cables are a plus, the fact that the screen relies on a specific USB-C cable for simultaneous power and display can be a bit limiting. If that cable’s lost or damaged, finding a replacement isn’t as straightforward.

  • I’ve seen some mention of needing third-party USB cables like an Anker 240w for better power delivery which isn’t a major issue, but an added cost if the included cable doesn’t meet your needs.

As far as sound goes, I wouldn’t rely on the built-in speakers for serious audio needs. They’re serviceable for system sounds or a quick video, but for anything more, I’d use headphones or external speakers.

One thing’s for sure, though—this monitor is a boon for anyone who needs a second screen on the go. Whether for work or leisure, I can’t deny the enhanced productivity and convenience it brings to my setup. The ARZOPA doesn’t just boast compatibility, it brings the kind of versatile connectivity that’s come to define modern mobile workspaces—a familiar plus at a price that doesn’t hit the wallet too hard.

My takeaway? While you might hit a bump here and there with peripherals and power draw, the ARZOPA 15.6” Portable Monitor stands out as a robust, versatile choice for expanding your digital workspace on the move. It’s made my life a lot easier, and it might just do the same for you.

Durability and Design for the Mobile Professional

Arzopa 15.6 portable monitor fhd 4

In rounding out this review, let’s talk about how the ARZOPA 15.6’ Portable Monitor holds up in terms of durability and design—key aspects for professionals who are constantly on the move. As someone who travels frequently for work, the sturdiness and build of my gear are crucial, and this monitor doesn’t disappoint.

First off, the monitor is super lightweight and slender. I mean, at just 1.7 pounds and 0.3 inches thick, it’s hardly noticeable in my bag next to my laptop. For a road warrior, that’s a big win. Here’s the lowdown:


  • Super lightweight and portable

  • Sturdy build quality

  • Protective case that doubles as a stand

  • Sleek design that matches any setup


  • Included stand can be a bit flimsy

  • Lacks an internal battery, depending on a power source

The build quality feels solid; it doesn’t seem fragile like some other portable monitors I’ve come across. The protective case it comes with is a nice touch, serving as a stand while also keeping the monitor safe from scratches and light bumps.

Now, the stand is something I’m on the fence about. While it’s a clever use of the case, I find it’s not as stable as I’d like, especially when I’m really hammering away on the keyboard. A heavier-duty stand might be a good investment if you’re planning to set up shop in busier environments or if you’re a little heavy-handed with your typing.

One thing I have to mention is the lack of an internal battery. This means the monitor draws power from your device, which can be a bit of a downer if you’re nowhere near an outlet. For my setup, packing an extra power bank or ensuring I have a USB-C cable handy to connect to a power source becomes essential to keep everything running.

In summary, the ARZOPA Portable Monitor aligns well with the mobile professional’s lifestyle. It’s durable enough to handle the rigors of travel and boasts a design that feels both high-end and functional. Sure, there are some trade-offs—like the less-than-sturdy stand and the reliance on an external power source, which are points to consider based on how and where you plan to use it. But given its affordability and the freedom it provides in setting up a mobile workspace, these drawbacks are, in my opinion, a small price to pay for the added productivity on the move.