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My review of the SAMSUNG Odyssey CRG9 49’ Curved Monitor (2024)

My thoughts on the SAMSUNG Odyssey CRG9: immersive design, top-tier gaming performance, multitasking features, and vivid HDR quality.
Brad Cheston

Cartesian Mathematics Foundation


November 29, 2023


I recently got my hands on the Samsung Odyssey CRG9, a 49-inch super ultra-wide monitor that’s gotten quite some good reviews in the gaming and multitasking community. It is quite big and and has an eye-catching curvature but it’s not without its quirks - more on this below.


Property Value Property Value
Screen Size 49 Inches Display Resolution Maximum 5120X1440 Pixels
Brand SAMSUNG Special Feature Flicker-Free, Curved, High Dynamic Range, Ultrawide Screen, Adaptive Sync, Blue Light Filter, Swivel…
Refresh Rate 120 Hz


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Samsung odyssey crg9 49 curved monitor 10 Samsung odyssey crg9 49 curved monitor 16 Samsung odyssey crg9 49 curved monitor 3 Samsung odyssey crg9 49 curved monitor 27 Samsung odyssey crg9 49 curved monitor 22


Immersion and Design: The Super Ultra-Wide Experience

Samsung odyssey crg9 49 curved monitor 1

Stepping into the world of super ultra-wide monitors is undeniably a ride—a journey I had my doubts about. But let me lay it out straight: the immersion factor of the Samsung Odyssey CRG9 is staggering. You’ve probably got the stats memorized—an insane 32:9 aspect ratio and the wrap-around curve that seems to cocoon you into your gaming universe. It’s quite the sensory overload at first gaze, yet it manages to not be too much. Here’s my rundown:


  • The field of view is phenomenal. Think panoramic views in gaming that give you the edge—you literally see more of the game world.

  • Sleek and modern aesthetic that earns its spot on your desk as the centerpiece.

  • The curvature is bang on—it seems a bit much at first, but it naturally meshes with your peripheral vision, avoiding that dreaded fisheye effect lower-end curved monitors can have.


  • It’s a beast size-wise. You’ll need considerable desk real estate, and the sheer width could be intimidating if you’re tight on space.

  • Also, the heftiness makes it a two-person job to safely maneuver and set up.

Despite its broad shoulders, it doesn’t force you to play head-tennis—I’ve found the sweet spot where a simple glance suffices to take in all the action. However, the drawback of such a vast expanse is the desk space it devours. While its stand is sturdy, the footprint is something you’ll need to accommodate—think twice if you’re on a smaller desk.

Now, design-wise, it’s a piece of futuristic kit. The seamless look makes it feel like you’ve got a sci-fi command center. The backend has a subtle RGB light—a nod to gamers without being obnoxious, but honestly, it’s more of a nice-to-have than a game-changer.

Of course, it’s not perfect. The immensity does come with a slight wobble if you’re the type that enthusiastically types like Thor in a thunderstorm. I’d also like to say the curvature sets it apart. The 1800R curve engulfs you in the action, creating not just a visual but an emotional attraction to your content. While some might find the curve a mild distortion in productivity apps, for gaming and immersive video content, it’s an absolute win.

In the final tally, the Samsung Odyssey CRG9 strikes a precarious balance between overwhelming size and unmatched immersion. Sure, it asks for sacrifices—space and a hearty setup process—but the trade-off is a monitor that doesn’t just display your content, it transforms it. For what it brings to the table, I’d call that a win.

Performance and Gaming: High Refresh Rates and Adaptive Sync

Samsung odyssey crg9 49 curved monitor 2

When you’re neck-deep in the heat of a virtual battle or speeding down a digital track, the last thing you want is for the fight or the race to become a blurry mess. This is where the Samsung Odyssey CRG9’s high refresh rate and adaptive sync tech really shine. Let’s break this down so you can see why I’m pretty stoked about these features:

  • 120Hz Refresh Rate: This is a game-changer. Literally. Games are buttery smooth, and the action is crystal clear. No ghosting or motion blur to ruin immersion.

  • AMD Radeon FreeSync 2: Say goodbye to annoying screen tearing and stutter. This tech syncs the monitor’s refresh rate with your GPU’s frame rate seamlessly. It’s a small thing that makes a huge difference in gaming sessions.

  • Low Input Lag: Crucial for competitive gaming. Every millisecond counts when reacting to an enemy, and this monitor doesn’t slouch there.

Now, I’ve used my fair share of monitors, and the difference a high refresh rate makes is insane. The smoothness is not just noticeable; it’s impactful, especially if you’re coming from a standard 60Hz display.

The adaptive sync is another major plus. FreeSync 2 is solid. I’ve noticed it most with FPS titles, where the responsiveness is everything. The CRG9 is built to cater to this, with less screen tearing and more smooth sailing through graphics-heavy moments.

But, of course, no tech is without its flaws. High refresh rates like 120Hz demand a lot from your hardware. Your GPU needs to be pretty beefy to keep up, particularly at this monitor’s hefty 5120x1440 resolution. And not all games will support this ultra-wide aspect ratio natively, which might lead to some black bars—or worse, a stretched image—if you’re not prepared to tweak settings or use third-party software.

The adaptive sync has its moments too. Some games might flicker unless you dive into the monitor settings and adjust the Variable Refresh Rate (VRR). Not a deal-breaker, but something to keep in mind.

Despite these drawbacks, I’m inclined to see the glass as more than half-full with the CRG9. The gaming experience is elevated with these features, and I can honestly say I’ve had some of my best gaming moments on this beast. Sure, you’ve got to have the hardware to back it up, and yes, there might be some settings-tweaking involved, but the payoff in-game is worth it.

Multitasking Mastery: From Gaming to Productivity

Samsung odyssey crg9 49 curved monitor 3

The SAMSUNG Odyssey CRG9 49’ Curved Monitor is something of a multitasking beast. When you’re juggling work tasks alongside your gaming hobbies, this display can be a game-changer—literally and figuratively.

Why? Here’s a quick rundown:

  • It’s like having two 27-inch screens without the pesky bezel down the middle.

  • The Picture-by-Picture mode is worth its weight in gold, allowing me to run a full-size spreadsheet on one side and binge YouTube on the other—no quality loss detected.

  • High refresh rate and slick response times mean high-octane gaming doesn’t get bogged down by ghosting or lag.

  • Swapping between profiles for work and play is as easy as a couple of clicks—handy when you need to quickly jump into another Zoom call.

However, the CRG9 is not without its foibles, and I’d be amiss not to mention those. For starters, not every game loves the 32:9 aspect ratio, and some tinkering or third-party software might be needed to get everything looking just right. I had to invest some time to set things up perfectly for both work and entertainment; it wasn’t a plug-and-play experience.

The massive size and curve also called for a bit of a desk reshuffle. It demands your desk’s prime real estate with that sizable stand—but trust me, it’s worth it. I had to ditch my monitor arms and make sure the beast was positioned just right to avoid any potential neck strain.

One unexpected hiccup is with the HDR performance. Unless you’re working with high APL scenes, the benefit here diminishes as the contrast ratio takes a hit with HDR enabled. Not a deal-breaker for me, but something to be aware of if you’re a visual professional or HDR addict.

And while we’re on surprises, the weight and size of this monitor require some careful handling. It’s definitely not something you want to be moving around too often, and the initial setup is a two-person job—unless you’re looking to give your chiropractor a visit.

In the realm of productivity and multitasking, though, these are minor gripes for a monitor that’s elevated my setup. Whether I’m deep-diving into data analysis or trying not to crash in my latest racing sim, the CRG9 keeps up without a blink. Would I go back to a multi-monitor setup? Not on your life.

In essence, the CRG9 is the bridge between work and play, bringing both to life in super-ultra-wide glory. It’s got its quirks, but they’re easily overshadowed by the sheer awesomeness of what this monitor offers.

Visuals and HDR: Color Fidelity and Brightness

Samsung odyssey crg9 49 curved monitor 4

The Samsung Odyssey CRG9’s visuals are a mixed bag, but they lean more towards impressing than disappointing. Here’s a rundown:

  • Color Fidelity: With its QLED technology, colors pop more vibrantly than on many other monitors. The DCI-P3 95% rating is no joke; whether you’re in the heat of a battle in-game or tweaking gradients on a design project, the range and accuracy are impressive. However, this isn’t exactly a professional-grade monitor for color work, but it’s more than sufficient for gaming and general use.

  • Brightness: The 1,000 nits peak brightness is nothing short of stunning. No worries about glare or struggling to see in a well-lit room. But, let’s be real - you’ll probably not be cranking it up to max very often unless you want to risk searing your retinas.

  • HDR: The HDR1000 support means that you get to enjoy deep blacks and bright whites, but this is where we stumble a bit. When HDR shines, it’s fantastic, with noticeable depth and detail in high APL scenes. But with only 10 dimming zones, darker scenes can look washed out, and it falls short compared to the jaw-dropping performance of an OLED.

Despite the few HDR shortcomings, the CRG9’s visual performance is still leagues ahead of the standard fare. It’s the way the screen effortlessly balances the high brightness and respectable color range that makes these issues feel like minor gripes in the grand scheme.

When I’m gaming, the pure scale and immersion of the curved screen amplify every visual plus point. Less positive is that some games don’t natively support the monitor’s wide resolution which can result in having to tinker with settings or third-party software to get everything looking just right. As someone who values plug-and-play simplicity, this is a touch inconvenient.

The monitor does double duty as a serious multitasker for work - the broad canvas this display provides has, quite literally, expanded my desktop horizons, allowing for seamless side-by-side application use.

So, as a conclusion to our deep dive, the SAMSUNG Odyssey CRG9 49’ Curved Monitor is a powerhouse of a display that’s a pleasure to use despite a few niggles. Here’s the verdict:


  • Vibrant and accurate colors with a wide color gamut

  • Peak brightness that outshines the competition

  • Engaging immersive experience thanks to its wide curve


  • HDR performance is inconsistent, particularly in low APL scenes

  • Requires some fiddling for full resolution support in some games

  • A noticeable gap in quality when compared to OLED displays

Overall, this monitor has found a permanent spot on my desk. It may not be the singular best choice for every user, but for gamers and multitaskers who want to immerse themselves in a sea of pixels, the CRG9 is a dream come true. Just remember to fine-tune those HDR settings, and you’ll be set for a stellar visual experience.