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My review of the AOC 27B2DA 27’ IPS Monitor (Full HD, HDMI, Speakers) (2024)

My thoughts on the AOC 27B2DA monitor: good resolution, stylish design - great value for money.
Jim Grendler

Cartesian Mathematics Foundation


January 6, 2024


I recently got my hands on the AOC 27B2DA monitor, and I’ve been using it for everything from work to gaming. It’s a 27-inch Full HD monitor that has a lot going for it in terms of performance and overall value. It’s not perfect, but given its price point, it’s been a solid addition to my setup.


Property Value Property Value
Screen Size 68.6 Centimeters Display Resolution Maximum 1080p Full HD Pixels
Brand AOC Special Feature Built-In Speakers
Refresh Rate 144


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Design & Aesthetics of the AOC 27B2DA Monitor

Aoc 27b2da 27 ips monitor 1

When it comes to monitors, the design and aesthetics can be just as crucial as the functionality, especially for users like me who appreciate a clean and modern workspace. The AOC 27B2DA hits the mark with its 27-inch Full HD IPS panel, which not only delivers vibrant colors but also comes with a 3-sided borderless design. This is a big plus for me because it makes for a more immersive experience, particularly when multi-monitor setups are involved.

The monitor’s wide viewing angles, up to 178 degrees, ensure that colors stay consistent, no matter where I’m sitting, which is essential for both work and play. The versatility of VGA, DVI, and HDMI connections offers that flexibility I need to hook up various devices without any hassle.


  • Vibrant Full HD IPS panel

  • 3-sided borderless design

  • Wide viewing angles

  • Various connection options

  • VESA mount support

  • LowBlue and FlickerFree technologies


  • Not height adjustable

However, I can’t gloss over the fact that it lacks height adjustability. For somebody who spends hours in front of the screen, this could lead to some discomfort if the default height doesn’t align with ergonomic needs. Sure, this can be mitigated somewhat with a monitor stand or riser, but it’s an additional cost and something to consider if adjustability is a priority for you.

The built-in speakers are a special feature I don’t always see in monitors at this price point. While I don’t expect audiophile quality from monitor speakers, it’s definitely convenient for casual use or when I don’t want to wear headphones.

Using this monitor daily, I’ve found that it provides good value for its price point. The picture quality, especially for Full HD resolution, is crisp, and I’ve experienced no issues connecting it to my devices. It’s fair to say that you’re getting an elegant product that’s got a lot going for it in terms of design and user-friendly features. Plus, with less eye strain thanks to the LowBlue and FlickerFree technologies, longer work sessions have become more manageable.

Despite its shortcomings in terms of ergonomic adjustability, the AOC 27B2DA manages to maintain a balance of style, functionality, and affordability. If you’re looking for a reliable monitor that looks good and performs well for general use, you could do far worse than this sleek addition to AOC’s lineup.

Performance & Display Quality

Aoc 27b2da 27 ips monitor 2

When I first set up the AOC 27B2DA monitor, I was immediately struck by the crispness of the 1080p Full HD display. The colors were vibrant, and it was a pleasure to see my work and games pop with such clarity. I’ve found that the IPS panel holds true to its promise of wide viewing angles; even when I’m not seated directly in front of the monitor, the colors remain consistent—a big win for those impromptu collaborative sessions with colleagues or friends casually watching videos from the side.

Here’s a quick rundown of what I found about the display attributes:

  • Clarity: Full HD resolution means text and images are sharp. Good for daily work and casual gaming.

  • Color Accuracy: Colors appear true-to-life. A boon for photo editing and design work.

  • Viewing Angles: At 178 degrees, pretty much on par with higher-end monitors. No color shift—excellent!

  • Refresh Rate: The 144Hz refresh rate is a bonus, especially for gaming. It’s smooth and responsive.

  • Drawback: Not being height adjustable can be a turn-off. It’s a tad inconvenient having to prop it up for that perfect ergonomic height.

Even with the Full HD resolution, I noticed that some graphics and text may not be as sharp as what you’d find on a 4K display—something that’s becoming more common. But let’s be real, for most tasks (and considering the price point), 1080p is more than sufficient, especially on a 27” screen where pixels are not as noticeable.

The built-in speakers were a pleasant surprise. Granted, they aren’t going to replace your dedicated sound system, but they’re a decent fallback when you just want to watch a quick video without fussing with extra cables or devices.

I did note that without height adjustability, some may find it difficult to find the perfect ergonomic setup. This isn’t a deal-breaker for me, given that VESA mount compatibility offers a workaround, but it’s something to consider if you’re not planning on using a separate mount.

Overall, while this monitor isn’t setting any new industry standards, its performance and quality are quite impressive for its price bracket. Every so often, I find myself slightly distracted by the gap in screen quality when switching from my Mac’s Retina display, but for everyday use, the AOC 27B2DA stands up tall. If you’re in the market for a reliable, affordable monitor with solid image quality and performance—and can live with a fixed height stand—then this monitor certainly deserves your attention.

Connectivity & Compatibility Features

Aoc 27b2da 27 ips monitor 3

In my quest to find a versatile and reliable monitor, the AOC 27B2DA struck me with its array of connectivity options and features, something I value highly as a multi-device user. From my experience, this monitor caters to a variety of different inputs with its VGA, DVI, and HDMI ports. This means I was able to connect it not only to my PC but also to my gaming console and set-top box without any hassle.

Here’s a quick rundown of what I believe are the key connectivity features:

  • VGA and DVI inputs for older devices

  • HDMI port compatible with most recent gaming consoles and GPUs

  • HDMI supports HDCP for protected content

  • The HDMI version on this monitor offers up to 144Hz at 1080p for fast-paced gaming

Although my Mac has a high-resolution display, the 1080p resolution over a 27-inch screen sometimes makes text and images appear less sharp when web browsing, a drawback for those coming from higher resolution displays. However, for video consumption and most general tasks, the resolution is certainly adequate and color reproduction remains solid even when viewed from different angles, thanks to the wide viewing angle feature.

The 27B2DA’s design is also worth noting, with its 3-side borderless look that enhances the appeal of multi-monitor arrays. It was a breeze setting up a dual-monitor workspace, and I didn’t find myself losing the cursor in bezels or dealing with distracting gaps.

One feature that genuinely impressed me is the inclusion of LowBlue and FlickerFree technologies, which I found to significantly reduce eye strain during long work sessions—something my old monitor lacked.

Unfortunately, the monitor isn’t height adjustable, which is a bit of a letdown for those who are particular about their viewing angles and ergonomic setup. It seemed like a slight oversight in an otherwise flexible display.

It arrived with all the necessary cables, which meant I had a genuine Plug & Play installation experience. For its price, coming in at a sweet deal of €120 in October 2023, I find the 27B2DA really punches above its weight class. The built-in speakers are an added bonus, although they won’t replace a dedicated sound system.

To sum it up, the AOC 27B2DA is a practical choice if you’re looking for a monitor that balances price with connectivity and user-friendly features. It’s got the flexibility for various setups and user scenarios while also accommodating the need for a modern, sleek look in your space.

Price to Quality Ratio & Final Verdict

Aoc 27b2da 27 ips monitor 4

After extensively using the AOC 27B2DA monitor, I’ve gathered some key points that really stand out in terms of its price to quality ratio:

  • Wide Viewing Angles: With up to 178 degrees, there’s no bad seat in the house.

  • Seamless Multi-Monitor Setups: Thanks to the frameless design, my workspace looks modern, and it’s easy to work across different screens.

  • Connectivity: HDMI support is robust, accommodating most of my devices without issues.

  • LowBlue and FlickerFree: Definitely easier on the eyes during those long workdays or late-night gaming sessions.

Although I wished for height adjustability, the lack thereof isn’t a dealbreaker considering the monitor’s affordability. The built-in speakers are a nice touch, although they’re not exactly audiophile quality — but they get the job done for casual use.

In terms of refresh rate, the 27B2DA brings a solid performance with a 144 Hz refresh rate. This might not win over hardcore gamers, but it’s more than enough for my daily multitasking and occasional gaming.

The 27” Full HD IPS display with its 1080p resolution means I’m not getting cutting-edge pixel density, but it still delivers sharp images for my photo editing and general use. And honestly, for the price I paid — let’s just say it feels like I struck a deal.

Sure, I’ve noticed a slight pixelation with my Mac for internet use, but it’s something I can overlook given the monitor’s overall value. I can honestly say this monitor hits a sweet spot when it comes to cost-effectiveness.

From a productivity standpoint, the AOC 27B2DA checks enough boxes to make it a viable option for those looking for an affordable yet capable monitor. It’s not just about the price; it’s about what you’re getting for it — a reliable, visually appealing screen that can accommodate a variety of tasks.

To sum it up, if you’re looking for a monitor that offers a strong balance between cost and functionality, the AOC 27B2DA is a contender. Its design and display are great for everyday tasks and the occasional entertainment. While it might not have all the bells and whistles of higher-end models, it doesn’t skimp on the essentials. Despite a few drawbacks, such as no height adjustment, it’s a solid choice for anyone seeking a budget-friendly monitor without sacrificing too much quality.