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Curved beauty: The MSI Pro MP341CQ 34’ 100Hz Monitor z(2024)

My thoughts on the MSI Pro MP341CQ 34’ Monitor: design, display quality, ergonomics, and overall value.
Marquee Thatcher

Cartesian Mathematics Foundation


January 6, 2024


I recently picked up the MSI Pro MP341CQ, a 34” curved monitor, and I’ve been using it for everything from work to gaming. The large, ultra-wide screen with its high resolution quite changed the way I look at my desktop - it’s spacious and makes everything look sharper.


Property Value Property Value
Screen Size 34 Inches Display Resolution Maximum 3440 x 1440
Brand MSI Refresh Rate 100 Hz
Connectivity Technology HDMI


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Msi mp341cq 34 monitor black front view Msi mp341cq 34 monitor black back panel Msi mp341cq 34 monitor black back view Msi mp341cq 34 monitor black connections Msi mp341cq 34 monitor black front view 2


Initial Impressions & Design

Msi mp341cq 34 monitor black front view

Unpacking the MSI Pro MP341CQ, I couldn’t help but be impressed by the solid build and sleek design of this 34” monitor. Sporting a 3440 x 1440 UWQHD resolution, the promise of enhanced workspace and vibrant visuals caught my immediate attention. I’ve always been one to appreciate more screen real estate, as it dramatically improves multitasking and overall desktop experience.

A key aspect I noticed was the TÜV certification for eyesight protection, hinting at a display designed with long hours and eye health in mind. This is a significant detail, as I often find myself glued to the screen for extended periods. The 100Hz refresh rate is a sweet spot for smoother visuals, and while my heart initially sank seeing the 4ms response time advertised, the monitor’s performance is sufficiently snappy for my needs, though the 1ms response time often associated with competitive gaming would have been a nicer touch.

Initial Observations:

  • Built Quality: The heavy metal stand and overall construction feels premium, something you’d expect at a higher price point.

  • Eye Comfort: Features like TÜV certification, Less Blue Light Mode, and a uniform focal distance help reduce eye strain.

  • Display: The UWQHD resolution ensnares my attention with crisp and spacious views, making everything from editing documents to immersive gaming an absolute treat.

The 100Hz refresh rate is particularly handy, as it gives that extra fluidity without the extreme demands of higher refresh rates, balancing performance and hardware requirements nicely.

The monitor’s design is also quite versatile, with an option to mount the Mini PC Cubi Series directly on the back, which could be handy for a clutter-free setup. And, I do appreciate the multiple input options allowing me to toggle between devices; it streamlines my workflow considerably.

However, it’s not without its drawbacks. While the speakers’ volume isn’t as robust as I’d like, I’m not too bothered, as I prefer external sound solutions for a richer audio experience. And although I’ve been exceptionally pleased with this monitor, it’s disheartening to read about service issues like the mix-up with receiving a different product. That said, my personal experience with this MSI monitor is overwhelmingly positive thus far.

As with any tech purchase, there’s always a bit of a gamble, especially with a product lacking a wealth of reviews. But in my case, I feel that taking the plunge with the MSI Pro MP341CQ was worthwhile. The vivid display and eye-comfort features make it an excellent choice for both work and play. Sure, it’s not perfect—no tech product is—but it’s a firm reminder that sometimes the lack of notoriety doesn’t equate to a lack of quality.

Display Quality & Performance

Msi mp341cq 34 monitor black back panel

When I first set up my MSI Pro MP341CQ 34” Monitor, the 3440 x 1440 (UWQHD) resolution immediately caught my attention. The wide screen comfortably expanded my desktop space, making multitasking seamless and less cluttered. Working on documents side by side and getting a more inclusive view in games without the need to constantly pan around was a game-changer. The colors popped, and the 3D effects had a noticeable depth that brought my on-screen content to life.

Here’s a breakdown of my experiences with its display features:


  • The UWQHD resolution offered me a vast canvas for productivity and entertainment.

  • With a 100 Hz refresh rate, motion blur was significantly reduced, making my gameplay smoother.

  • The TÜV certification meant the display had reduced blue light and flicker, leading to less eye strain during long work sessions.

  • A uniform focal distance across the curve of the screen ensured a comfortable viewing experience with minimal need for head turning.

  • The VA panel displayed deep blacks and high contrast ratios, ideal for watching movies and editing photos.


  • Despite being advertised with a 1ms response time, the reality seemed closer to its 4ms specification, noticeable in fast-paced games but not a deal-breaker.

  • The built-in speakers lacked the quality I expected, leaving much to be desired in terms of audio performance.

I appreciated the thought MSI put into eye comfort. The Less Blue Light Mode effectively filtered out blue light, which is known to cause eye fatigue, and I definitely felt the difference after switching it on during long sessions.

Connectivity was a breeze with the HDMI and DisplayPort options allowing me to plug in multiple devices. I didn’t need to switch cables around, which was convenient, considering I often alternate between my PC and console.

The 100Hz refresh rate might seem lower than what some newer gaming monitors offer, but it struck a nice balance between price and performance. Games looked visually smooth, and I didn’t notice any input lag.

However, the monitor’s sound left me reaching for my external speakers – it’s clear that MSI’s focus was on the visual experience, not the audio.

As a personal touch, I was able to mount my mini PC on the back of the monitor using the MSI VESA Arm MT81, tidying up my workspace and keeping my desk clutter-free.

The sturdy metal stand supported the hefty screen well, and its premium feel implied it’s a product designed to last. Although I faced an issue with delivery where a wrong item was shipped, it seems more an exception rather than the norm based on my research and subsequent replacement process.

In summary, the MSI Pro MP341CQ has met most of my expectations in terms of display quality and performance. It’s proven to be an excellent centerpiece for both gaming and productivity, offering visual clarity and comfort that can’t be overstated. While the onboard audio might not impress, the strengths of this monitor lie elsewhere – in its beautiful, expansive display that has quickly become an essential part of my digital life.

Ergonomics & User Experience

Msi mp341cq 34 monitor black back view

When it comes to the ergonomics and user experience of the MSI Pro MP341CQ, I’ve found several aspects worth mentioning. As someone who spends countless hours in front of a screen, comfort and functionality are paramount. Here’s a quick rundown:

  • Viewing Angles: With the 34-inch curved design, I’ve enjoyed a more natural viewing experience. My eyes can take in the whole screen without constant adjustments.

  • Stand Adjustability: The solid metal stand offers a tilt function, but I did notice a lack of height or swivel options, which means it’s essential to have the monitor at the right desk height.

  • Eye Strain Features: The TÜV certification and anti-blue light features significantly reduce eye fatigue. This is a big plus for extended work or gaming sessions.

  • VESA Mount Compatibility: It’s great that I can attach a Mini PC to the back and clear up desk space if needed.

I notably appreciate the comprehensive viewing angle provided by the curvature of the monitor. It creates a more uniform focal distance, making viewing comfortable, lessening the need to refocus my eyes when looking at different parts of the screen.

The TÜV certification and the monitor’s ability to mitigate blue light are commendable. Using the Less Blue Light Mode, along with the stable output current, helps to prevent dry eyes and cut down on overall strain, which is essential for someone like me who spends long periods of time in front of a screen.

Another highlight is its dual input feature, meaning I can efficiently switch between my console and PC without the hassle of constantly plugging and unplugging cables. However, a drawback I’ve encountered is the built-in speakers. If sound quality is a concern, as in my case, you’ll likely need to invest in an external audio solution since the onboard speakers leave much to be desired.

A point of contention is the 1ms response time advertised; however, the product description states a 4ms response time. This discrepancy could be a deciding factor for competitive gamers who rely on lightning-fast response times.

Lastly, when shipping concerns arose with wrong items received, navigating customer support proved to be quite frustrating. Even though I received the correct monitor, seeing reports of these kinds of issues is something to bear in mind.

In summary, the MSI Pro MP341CQ makes a strong case with its expansive, high-resolution display and features tailored to reduce eye strain. However, the sound quality and customer service experiences could be better. It’s crucial for potential buyers to weigh these factors against their specific needs.

Value & Final Thoughts

Msi mp341cq 34 monitor black connections

In the sea of high-resolution displays, the MSI Pro MP341CQ stands out for its expansive 34-inch screen with a 3440x1440 (UWQHD) resolution. My use has shown it increases my work area significantly, which is essential for multitasking and enjoying highly detailed visuals in games and movies. The 100 Hz refresh rate is notably smoother than standard 60 Hz screens, particularly when I’m scrolling through web pages or diving into high-paced gaming sessions. But, the 4ms response time doesn’t quite match the advertised 1ms, which might be a slight hiccup for competitive gamers.

TÜV certification is another merit, reassuring me that the display is designed with eye comfort in mind. Pairing this with the Less Blue Light Mode, I’ve noticed reduced eye strain during those long nights of work or gaming sessions.

Yet, there are some drawbacks. While built-in speakers are a convenient feature, the quality is underwhelming, barely audible over my PC’s fans. It’s a minor letdown that’s easily remedied with a separate audio solution, so it’s hardly a deal-breaker for me.

Moreover, I appreciate the thoughtfulness in design. The option to mount a Mini PC on the monitor’s back or the multiple input options underline its versatility, catering to a variety of setups.

Here’s a quick summary:


  • Large, high-resolution screen enhances productivity and entertainment experiences.

  • High refresh rate for smooth visuals.

  • TÜV certification promotes eye comfort.

  • Less Blue Light Mode reduces eye strain.

  • VESA compatibility for alternative mounting solutions.

  • Multiple input options for versatile connectivity.


  • The response time is weaker than advertised.

  • Built-in speakers don’t match the overall quality.

Portability isn’t a strong suit with its size and the sturdy yet heavy stand, but that’s expected—and even appreciated—for a monitor of its caliber. It’s a stationary beacon of visual clarity on any desk.

The MSI brand is one I’ve trusted for years, and this monitor does nothing to diminish that trust. Overall, the MSI Pro MP341CQ is a solid performer that sits in a comfortable middle ground between top-of-the-line and budget displays. Its image quality, eye-saving features, and build quality are impressive for the price point.

Ending on a sour note, however, the experience of receiving the wrong item, as reported by some, would be frustrating. Luckily, that wasn’t a part of my experience. The customer service aspect is crucial, and issues such as these need addressing.

Is the MSI Pro MP341CQ worth it? From my experience, if you’re seeking a balance between price, performance, and screen real estate, this monitor is a compelling choice—just make sure to have an external sound setup ready.