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My experience with the Sceptre 24’ Curved Gaming Monitor (2024)

My thoughts on the Sceptre 24’ Curved Gaming Monitor: design, performance, connectivity, and overall value.
Sid Metcalfe

Cartesian Mathematics Foundation


October 25, 2023


I recently got my hands on the Sceptre 24” Curved Gaming Monitor and thought to share my take on it. As an avid gamer and remote worker, I’m always looking for tech that won’t bust my wallet but delivers where it counts. So, I put this monitor through its paces, curious to see if it lives up to the promise of being a budget-friendly option for both gaming and everyday use.


Property Value Property Value
Screen Size 24 Inches Display Resolution Maximum 1920 x 1080 Pixels
Brand Sceptre Special Feature Adaptive Sync, Curved
Refresh Rate 75 Hz


First Impressions and Design Aesthetics

A sleek curved monitor displaying vibrant colors and a high-definition video game landscape

Upon unboxing the Sceptre 24” Curved Gaming Monitor, the first thing that grabs me is the sleek, contemporary design. There’s a certain flair to the sleek metal finish that gives off a premium vibe without the premium price tag.

Here’s what hits me first:

  • Curved Screen: The 1800R curvature is subtle yet adds depth to the viewing experience. It’s not as pronounced as higher-end monitors, but it does offer a touch of immersion.

  • Build Quality: The stand may have a bit of a wobble to it, which is noticeable if I’m a heavy typer or when I unintentionally nudge my desk. The plastic stand in the newer models isn’t as reassuring as the metal one from its predecessor.

  • Visual Appeal: The thin bezel design is modern, though the actual display doesn’t extend all the way out, which some might consider a lost opportunity for a truly edge-to-edge experience.

  • Setup: Assembly is straightforward – no tech guru skills needed here. However, for some, the stand screws might come across as a bit short, making the setup slightly more laborious than it should be.

Despite the monitor’s mostly positive first impressions, the stand’s flimsiness can be a minor gripe. It’s a reminder that this is indeed a budget-friendly option. The absence of height adjustability as part of the design is another point of contention. Ideally, for ergonomic comfort, a bit of flexibility with the stand would have been great.

The pleasant surprise, though, is the inclusion of multiple ports that offer versatility for connectivity – a definite plus. And while the built-in speakers fall short on sound quality, which can be described as “tinny,” this is somewhat expected in monitors at this price range. Most of us would likely opt for external speakers or a headset for a better audio experience anyway.

In essence, the Sceptre 24” has a design that looks more expensive than it is, with a few corners cut to keep the cost down. The metallic finish adds a touch of class, but the stand could stand (pun intended) some reinforcement, and the audio isn’t going to blow anyone away.

All in all, the design and build of the Sceptre 24” Curved Gaming Monitor checks most of the boxes for those looking for affordability without severely compromising on aesthetics. It’s no high-end showstopper, but it doesn’t pretend to be one either – and that honesty in design is rather refreshing.

Performance and Gaming Experience

A close-up of a monitor screen showing a fast-paced action game to depict the refresh rate and response time

When it comes to performance and gaming experience on the Sceptre 24” Gaming Monitor (C248W-1920RN), there’s a lot to unpack. On paper, the specs are promising and, in practice, they offer an intriguing balance of pros and cons.


  • The 1800R curvature of the screen offers an immersive experience that’s hard to beat at this price point.

  • The 75Hz refresh rate is a step up from the standard 60Hz found in many budget monitors, providing smoother gameplay for casual gaming.

  • Full HD resolution (1920x1080) delivers clear and detailed images, which is a must-have for any modern gaming setup.


  • While the curved screen adds immersion, it’s not as pronounced as on higher-end curved monitors, making the effect somewhat subtle.

  • The built-in speakers are a bit of a letdown. Their sound quality is pretty tinny, which means you’ll likely want an external audio solution for a better gaming experience.

  • The stand isn’t the sturdiest and lacking adjustability could be a turn-off for some.

Gaming on this monitor presents an interesting experience. Titles with lush, vibrant worlds like Witcher 3 or Breath of the Wild come to life, with the monitor’s color reproduction doing justice to the art design. However, highly competitive or fast-paced games like Fortnite or Apex Legends would benefit from a higher refresh rate and better response time to avoid screen tearing or input lag.

The monitor is also equipped with Adaptive Sync — a notable feature that helps smooth out any potential stuttering between the monitor’s refresh rate and the GPU’s frame delivery. On games that are less demanding or more cinematic, you might not be tapping into the high frame rates needed to truly test this feature, but it’s nice to know the support is there.

But let’s talk about ergonomics. The lack of height adjustment means you’re at the mercy of your desk setup. If your desk and chair aren’t matched perfectly to the monitor’s fixed height, you could be in for some neck strain during long play sessions.

Lastly, the monitor’s VESA compatibility is a lifesaver. Knowing that I can mount this on a stand or arm for a more tailored setup — and offsetting the so-so stand that comes in the box — is great.

Overall, the Sceptre 24” Curved Gaming Monitor strikes a chord for gamers on a budget, delivering a decent entry-level curved experience for an attractive price. While the built-in audio leaves much to be desired and the ergonomics could be better, you get a reliable and visually pleasing monitor that’s quite a deal. However, hardcore gamers might want to invest in a higher-end display that can keep up with the demands of the latest, fastest-paced titles.

Functionality and Connectivity Options

A rear view of a monitor showing all the input ports including hdmi and vga with cables plugged in

As someone who’s always on the lookout for a good balance between quality and affordability, I’m pretty satisfied with the Sceptre 24” Gaming Monitor’s functionality and connectivity options. Here’s the rundown:

  • Two HDMI Ports: These are a blessing for multi-platform users like me. I can have my console and PC hooked up simultaneously without fumbling with cables.

  • VGA Port: It’s a bit old-school, but it’s handy for compatibility with older devices.

  • 75Hz Refresh Rate: Not top-of-the-line by any means, but it’s a noticeable step up from the standard 60Hz for smoother visuals.

  • VESA Wall Mount Compatibility: This adds flexibility to my setup, allowing me to free up desk space and position the monitor just how I like it.

In terms of connectivity, having multiple ports is crucial for me. I often switch between gaming and work, so the ability to connect my work laptop and my gaming rig without needing to constantly swap cables is a godsend. Plus, the additional VGA port is a fallback option for legacy hardware – you never know when you might need it.

The refresh rate is another point where the Sceptre scores well. The 75Hz means less blur and more clarity during fast-paced scenes, which is an advantage not just for gaming but also when I’m watching high-speed content like sports or action movies.

Let’s not forget the curved design, which doesn’t just add to the immersive experience; it’s also quite the conversation starter when people see my setup. However, the curvature doesn’t feel as pronounced as some other high-end curved monitors – it’s subtle but there.

The VESA mount option is great if you’re short on desk space or aiming for a minimalistic setup. I went ahead and mounted mine, which gave my home office a sleek, modern look.

Now for a bit of reality check. While the inclusion of built-in speakers is appreciated, their quality is underwhelming. You’re better off with a dedicated sound system for anything beyond basic beeps and boops. Also, the monitor stand doesn’t offer height or swivel adjustments which can be a bummer if you’re used to customizing your viewing angle.

In conclusion, while the Sceptre 24” Gaming Monitor may have a few shortcomings, it’s a reliable workhorse for both gaming and productivity tasks. It hits that sweet spot for users like me who need a monitor that won’t break the bank but still offers a solid feature set.

Value for Money and Final Verdict

A comparison chart graphic of monitor specifications and price points against other monitors in the same category

After spending considerable time with the Sceptre 24” Curved Gaming Monitor, I’m ready to share my final verdict. With its wallet-friendly price, this monitor presents a strong argument for gamers and remote professionals searching for a solid balance between cost and performance.

Here’s the breakdown of what stood out:

  • Price point: The monitor is competitively priced, scoring big points for affordability.

  • Display: The 1080p resolution delivers crisp and vibrant images, making it a feast for the eyes.

  • Design: The curve adds a touch of modernity and purported immersion, though its effect can be subtle.

  • Additions: Handy features like multiple HDMI ports make connecting various devices a breeze.

  • Mounting options: The VESA compatibility provides flexibility for setup configurations.

However, it’s not without its downsides. The built-in speakers are lackluster, suitable for only the most basic of audio needs, and the stand is non-adjustable, which can pose ergonomic challenges. Additionally, the preset color calibration isn’t perfect and may require some manual tweaking to dial in those deep blacks and crisp whites, especially if you’re a stickler for color accuracy.

But let’s be real—no monitor is perfect, and the Sceptre certainly exceeds expectations for something in its price bracket. It’s a testament to the fact that you don’t have to shell out big bucks for a screen that gets the job done well. Sure, there are trade-offs, like with those flimsy speakers, but that’s not a dealbreaker for me—I usually have a headset on or an external sound system hooked up anyway.

I use my Sceptre for everything from daily work tasks to late-night gaming sessions. It has remained reliable and visually appealing throughout. The curvature of the screen turned out to be more than just a cosmetic flair, providing an engaging experience without any of the strain on my eyes that comes from longer periods of use.

In conclusion, the value proposition of this Sceptre monitor is undeniable. It presents the right features at a great price, earning its keep on my desk. Would I recommend it? Absolutely, especially if you’re after an entry-level gaming monitor or a budget-friendly option for your home office setup. But for those who expect perfect audio and top-tier gaming performance, you might want to keep looking or be prepared to make some additional investments. All in all, it’s been a solid addition to my tech lineup.