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Great affordable gaming laptop: the HP Victus with an i5-13420H and RTX 3050 (2024)

My thoughts on the HP Victus Gaming Laptop with i5-13420H, RTX 3050, and upgraded specs for gaming and work.
Sid Metcalfe

Cartesian Mathematics Foundation


January 7, 2024


The past weeks I have been gaming and working on the HP Victus (15.6 branded as gaming laptop). I’m quite impressed by its performance: with a powerful processor and ample RAM, it’s been handling everything I throw at it with ease.


Property Value Property Value
Brand HP Model Name HP Victus
Screen Size 15.6 Inches Color 16GB RAM
CPU Model Core i5 Ram Memory Installed Size 16 GB
Operating System Windows 11 Home Special Feature Backlit Keyboard
Graphics Card Description Dedicated Graphics Coprocessor NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3050


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Upgraded Hardware Configuration and Performance

Hp victus 15.6 gaming laptop 1

When I first upgraded my laptop to the HP Victus with the 13th Gen Intel Core i5-13420H processor and a beefy 16GB of RAM, I knew I was in for quite the performance boost. It’s not every day you see a laptop that seamlessly marries power and functionality without breaking the bank. Here are some quick thoughts on the upgraded hardware configuration and performance:


  • Seriously fast boot-up and load times thanks to the 1TB PCIe SSD.

  • Multitasking is a breeze; the 16GB RAM allows for multiple tabs and applications to run without a hitch.

  • The GeForce RTX 3050 graphics card handles most games well on medium to high settings.


  • Despite the large SSD, storage can fill up quickly with modern games.

  • Higher-spec games can challenge the RTX 3050, possibly requiring a future upgrade for more demanding titles.

The dual nature of the storage and RAM really opens the floor for discussion. I appreciate having plenty of RAM because it makes everything run smoother. And with a full terabyte of SSD space, the days of staring at loading screens are practically over. Yet, I’m cognizant of how quickly SSD space can disappear with current game sizes, so I keep an eye out for that storage creep, potentially needing an external drive down the line.

Gaming on the Victus has been a revelation – the dedicated GeForce RTX 3050 GPU is a game-changer, especially compared to integrated solutions. But be warned, enthusiasts and pro gamers; while it’ll chew through most current titles, it might not keep up with AAA games set to ultra settings in the future. Expect to dial down the detail for those photo-realistic textures and physics.

The CPU performance with P-cores and E-cores is smart, striking a balance between power for the heavy lifting and efficiency for less demanding tasks. That kind of flexible performance is something I’ve come to value highly – it’s like having a sprinter and a marathon runner in one. And sure, that 4.6 GHz boost speed is not the pinnacle of current processor tech, but it’s more than sufficient for my needs.

In terms of drawbacks, it’s not perfect – no system is. I know the RTX 3050 will eventually meet its match as game requirements march continuously upward. Plus, I’ve had to remind myself that while the SSD is vast, it’s not endless.

Overall, the HP Victus strikes a compelling balance between performance and value, making it a solid choice for casual gamers and power users alike. It delivers in the areas that count for its bracket without pretending to be something it’s not – a high-end gaming juggernaut. Sure, there are compromises, but isn’t that the case with all tech? You weigh the pros against the cons and find the sweet spot for your needs and your wallet.

Design and Build Quality of the HP Victus

Hp victus 15.6 gaming laptop 2

From first glance, the HP Victus immediately gives off a sturdy and refined vibe. With a sleek blue case, it definitely stands out from the plethora of black and silver laptops typically crowding the market. Let me walk you through some of the design and build quality aspects that caught my attention:

  • Sturdy Chassis: The laptop feels solid in my hands; there’s no noticeable flex in the keyboard area or the lid, which is a common issue with some budget-friendly laptops.

  • Weight and Dimensions: At just over 5 pounds and measuring 14.09x10.4x0.93 inches, it’s portable enough for a gaming laptop, but it’s no ultrabook. You’ll feel it in your backpack, but it’s manageable.

  • Aesthetic Appeal: The blue color is distinctive, giving the Victus a bit of personality without being overly flashy. This could be a plus if you’re tired of the standard laptop colors and want something different.

Now, I have to point out that while the build feels durable, it’s not the slimmest or lightest option available. When I am on the move, I do notice the weight, but that’s a trade-off for a laptop equipped with such powerful hardware. Also, despite the good build, the laptop uses a lot of plastic materials, which might not give the same premium impression as metal counterparts but considering the price range, it’s an acceptable compromise.

The keyboard is backlit, which is a welcome feature for late-night gaming sessions or working in low-light conditions. It doesn’t have the per-key RGB customization found in some high-end gaming laptops, but the white backlight is even and functional.

One aspect that could be better is the lack of a fingerprint reader. In today’s context, where many devices come with biometric security, it feels like a missed opportunity that could enhance the safety and convenience of logging in.

I should also mention the ports—I am quite happy with the variety, from USB Type-A to USB Type-C and HDMI output. The included HDMI cable is a small but appreciated bonus. It’s always a hassle to hunt for cables, so having one right out of the box is handy for connecting to an external display without any extra trips to the store.

The design and build quality of the HP Victus are strong points, especially in its price segment. It’s made for those who want a solid gaming experience without breaking the bank and who are okay with a bit of extra weight and a primarily plastic construction. If you’re eyeing a laptop with the right balance of uniqueness and functionality, the HP Victus might just be it.

Gaming and Productivity Experience

Hp victus 15.6 gaming laptop 3

When picking out a new gaming laptop, the HP Victus with its 16GB RAM and 1TB PCIe SSD hits a sweet spot for both gaming and productivity tasks. I’ve found the high-speed DDR4 SDRAM and the ample storage space especially useful when juggling multiple applications. Yet, the real treat is the 13th Gen Intel Core i5-13420H processor, which manages to balance out energy efficiency with performance needs.

Here’s my takeaway on the gaming and productivity experience:


  • The 144Hz refresh rate on the FHD display is a game-changer, making gameplay silky smooth with little to no lag.

  • The NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3050 executes graphics-heavy tasks with ease, supporting even the most graphically intensive games.

  • With Windows 11 Home, I get a modern and efficient operating system that is designed to maximize the laptop’s hardware capabilities.

  • The inclusion of a backlit keyboard is a boon for those late-night gaming sessions or work tasks in dim environments.


  • The absence of a fingerprint reader might be a letdown for users looking for an additional layer of security.

  • At slightly over 5 pounds, it’s not the lightest laptop to lug around, especially for those who are mobile or travel frequently.

The IPS display delivers crisp and vibrant visuals, whether I’m editing photos, working on spreadsheets, or diving into my favorite open-world games. The laptop doesn’t come with a touch screen or a 2-in-1 design, features I’ve rarely missed for my daily needs. Those would add to the cost without providing much value in my use cases.

However, something about the claimed battery life doesn’t always square up with real-world usage, especially under heavy loads. It’s adequate for a gaming laptop but means you should keep the charger handy for long sessions.

The GeForce RTX 3050 graphics card is a clear standout here. It ensures that I can play most titles on decent settings without the frame rate falling through the floor, which is impressive for a machine that also handles my daily productivity grind.

This laptop’s color, a sleek blue, gives it a distinctive personality without being too flashy or distracting in a work environment.

The High Speed HDMI Cable included in the bundle is a nice touch, allowing me to easily connect to an external display for 4K content - this ups the ante for both work presentations and immersive gaming experiences.

The HP Victus impressed me; it strikes a balance between being a workhorse on the productivity side and delivering solid gaming performance. It might not be the lightest or have all the bells and whistles, but the essential components for a good experience are there.

Connectivity and Additional Features

Hp victus 15.6 gaming laptop 4

When it comes to connectivity and additional features, the HP Victus nails the essentials and then some. Personally, I look for a smooth experience with no hiccups in connectivity when I’m in the middle of an intense gaming session or juggling various productivity tasks. Fortunately, this laptop’s got us covered with an ample array of ports and a solid Wi-Fi setup.

Let me break it down:

  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth come standard, ensuring I’m always connected whether I’m pairing with accessories or hopping onto the internet.

  • The variety of USB ports, including Type A and Type C, gives me the flexibility to hook up all my peripherals without any fuss.

  • An HDMI port is a lifesaver when I need to extend or mirror my display onto a larger screen—talk about a plus for presentations or a more immersive gaming experience.

  • No fingerprint reader might be a bit of a bummer for some, but honestly, not a deal-breaker for me.

Though these features are pretty impressive, not having a fingerprint reader does seem like a missed opportunity for quick logins. And while the connectivity tech is up to snuff, I would’ve loved to see Thunderbolt support for even faster data transfer and more display options.

Performance-wise, I can say that the Wi-Fi has been reliable—I haven’t experienced any drops or slow-downs even when I’m a fair distance from the router. Bluetooth connectivity is solid, too; my mouse and headphones pair quickly and stay connected.

As for the included HDMI cable, it’s a nice touch—nothing feels better than getting a bit more than you expected. Plus, it supports 4K, so you bet I’ll be using it to stream high-def movies on my big-screen TV.

Another thing I appreciate is the backlit keyboard. It’s not just about the aesthetics (though it does look cool); it also means I can keep gaming or working into the wee hours without straining my eyes.

In terms of memory, the DDR4 SDRAM is speedy and reliable. Given that I’m usually running a dozen tabs and some heavy-duty applications, having 16GB of RAM means smooth sailing.

All in all, I find the connectivity and extra features of the HP Victus to be more than adequate. Sure, the absence of a fingerprint reader and Thunderbolt port might irk some power users, but given the solid performance otherwise, it’s not something that would turn me away. For anyone wanting a reliable, well-connected gaming laptop, the HP Victus should be on your radar.