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My impressions of the MSI GF63 Gaming Laptop (i5-12450H + RTX 2050) (2024)

Good gaming laptop: the MSI GF63: performance, visuals, cooling system, and a surprising RAM find
Marquee Thatcher

Cartesian Mathematics Foundation


January 6, 2024


I recently picked up the MSI GF63 - generally I need a laptop that can keep do both heavy gaming and productivity (multitasking) tasks. So far I’ve been quite impressed by how well this machine performs and handles the load. From smooth graphics to efficient cooling, this laptop is quite great - more on this below.


Property Value Property Value
Brand MSI Model Name GF63
Screen Size 15.6 Inches Color Black
Hard Disk Size 1 TB CPU Model Core i5
Ram Memory Installed Size 16 GB Operating System Windows 11 Home
Special Feature Backlit Keyboard Graphics Card Description Dedicated


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Performance under Pressure: Gaming and Multitasking

Msi gf63 gaming laptop 16gb 1

The MSI GF63 has been quite the trooper when it comes to handling the pressure I throw at it. While gaming, I’ve noticed little to no lag with high-end titles, thanks in part to the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2050 graphics card. The Intel Core i5-12450H processor is also a workhorse that keeps things humming nicely even when I’m juggling multiple tasks, like gaming while having multiple browser tabs open for walkthroughs or chatting with friends.

Here’s a quick rundown of my experience:


  • The 144Hz refresh rate on the FHD screen makes gameplay smooth as silk.

  • Multitasking is a breeze with the 16GB DDR5 RAM, although I’ve heard some units come with only 8GB – so double-check what you’re getting.

  • The 1TB NVMe SSD is a game-changer for load times and overall responsiveness.

  • The Cooler Boost 5 technology keeps things running cool, even during extended gaming sessions.


  • The battery life is a bit shorter than I’d hoped for. It’s not a deal-breaker but requires some planning for long gaming sessions without a power source.

  • There has been some confusion about RAM from different sellers; always verify before purchasing to avoid disappointment.

On a personal note, this laptop has been reliable for handling my daily grind. Whether I’m playing The Sims 4 for hours or hopping onto competitive games while on work trips, it hasn’t disappointed me. The backlit keyboard is a pleasant touch for late-night gaming marathons.

One thing I noticed, though, was the discrepancy with the RAM. If you’re considering this laptop, make sure to reach out to the seller or MSI to confirm the exact specs. It seems like there’s a mix-up with Amazon listings occasionally.

Setting it up was a piece of cake; from unboxing to getting into a game, it took no time at all. For anyone who’s into graphic design, YouTube content creation, or just needs a solid laptop for everyday use and gaming, it’s priced fairly.

Despite the slight hiccup with the RAM and battery life, the MSI GF63 has been mostly a joy. At this price point, it’s quite competitive, and while it’s not without its flaws, the performance under pressure is commendable. It strikes a balance between being lightweight for travel and powerful enough to not skimp on your gaming needs.

Visual Experience: Display Clarity and Refresh Rate

Msi gf63 gaming laptop 16gb 2

imageWhen I first powered on the MSI GF63, I was immediately struck by the 15.6” FHD display. The crisp and clear quality made my games and videos pop, and I’m not easily impressed. But let’s talk details: “msi-gf63-gaming-laptop-i5-12450h-rtx-2050-16gb-1tb-ssd-26”

image- **Clarity: “msi-gf63-gaming-laptop-i5-12450h-rtx-2050-16gb-1tb-ssd-28”

  • Color Reproduction: The colors are vivid without being oversaturated, important for those who value a more immersive gaming experience or need accurate color representation for content creation.

  • Refresh Rate: At 144Hz, the smoothness of moving images is noticeable, which is a big deal when gaming competitively. Less motion blur translates to better reaction times.

The display’s 144Hz refresh rate is like night and day compared to a standard 60Hz panel. It’s especially apparent in fast-paced games where the smoother rendering of on-screen action can give you a slight edge. And even for everyday use, scrolling and moving windows around feels slick.

However, it’s not all perfect. The screen brightness could be better. It’s fine for indoor use but can struggle under bright lighting conditions. Another slight niggle is the viewing angles; they are decent but not the best I’ve seen. It’s not a deal-breaker, but it feels like a compromise.

Still, these drawbacks are minor when I consider the overall package. The 144Hz refresh rate on a laptop at this price point feels like a steal, and it’s clear that MSI hasn’t skimped on quality where it counts. While gaming, I’ve noticed reduced eye strain and smoother gameplay, which speaks volumes about the quality of the display.

I’ve used laptops that were touted for their displays but fell flat on providing a truly fluid experience. Here, MSI managed to deliver something that makes my gaming sessions not just manageable, but truly enjoyable. And although I bought it primarily for gaming, it’s also become my go-to device for watching movies and editing videos, thanks to the color quality and fast refresh rate.

It’s surprising how a good display can make such a big difference in daily use, not just gaming. Despite its shortcomings, the MSI GF63 offers a visual experience that punches above its weight, making it a solid choice for gamers and content creators on a budget. The display is a vivid window into your digital world, and I’ve been pleasantly surprised at how much it enhances my overall experience with the laptop.

Cooling Efficiency: Managing Heat for Longevity

Msi gf63 gaming laptop 16gb 3

When shopping for a gaming laptop, cooling performance is a deal-breaker for me. Nobody wants their session cut short by an overheated PC. That’s why the Cooler Boost 5 technology in the MSI GF63 caught my attention. It’s designed with a robust cooling system that includes dual fans and six heat pipes. Here’s the lowdown on how effective this system is:


  • The dual fans kick in quickly, keeping the GPU and CPU temperatures in check even during intense gaming sessions.

  • Heat dissipation is managed efficiently, thanks to the six heat pipes, which means sustained performance without throttling.

  • Cooler Boost 5 works relatively quietly, a pleasant surprise given how loud some gaming laptops can get when the fans are at full blast.


  • The bottom of the laptop can still get warm to the touch after prolonged use, although it’s expected given the powerful internals.

  • Cooler performance comes at the cost of battery life. More power to the fans means less time away from an outlet.

From my experience, I can play games like The Sims 4 for hours on end without any performance drop due to heat, which is stellar considering the compact form factor. The system stays responsive, and frame rates don’t dip. However, the underside warmth is noticeable if gaming on my lap. It’s not a deal-breaker, but something to be aware of if you’re averse to a toasted lap.

The battery life trade-off is noticeable. The laptop’s fans are working overtime to maintain those temperatures, which sips power away from battery longevity. Sure, it means I’m tethered to a power source for marathon sessions, but honestly, that’s often the case with most gaming rigs – portability often comes at the expense of constant plug-in time.

The GF63’s cooling performance is, on balance, impressive. Managing heat efficiently is key to preserving the lifespan of the internal components, and the fact that it does so without sounding like a jet engine is a feather in its cap. While the battery life could be better, I firmly believe that for a machine equipped with such a capable cooling solution, it’s a compromise worth making. Having a system that lets you game on without heat-induced lag or shutdowns? That’s pretty invaluable.

Hardware Discrepancies: Expectations vs Reality

Msi gf63 gaming laptop 16gb 4

In exploring the MSI GF63, I’ve come to appreciate its reliable performance and notable features. However, not everything met my expectations straight out of the box. My anticipation was high with the promise of a 16GB RAM configuration, bolstering the sleek design and attractive price tag.

The Good:

  • The 12th Gen. Intel Core i5 processor is a boon, providing a seamless experience whether I’m getting lost in Sims 4 marathons or juggling multiple tasks.

  • Windows 11 Home comes pre-installed, offering a familiar interface and updated features without the steep learning curve.

  • A 144Hz display is a dream for any gamer, delivering smooth visuals that keep up with the rapid pace of competitive play.

  • The inclusion of a backlit keyboard is a touch I appreciate for those late-night gaming sessions.

The Not-So-Good:

  • Despite the product listing, my laptop came with just an 8GB stick of RAM. This mismatch between expectation and reality was a bit of a letdown.

  • The battery life, while passable, doesn’t quite last as long as I’d hoped, nudging me to stay tethered to an outlet during extended play.

Now, I did a bit of research and reached out to MSI support, confirming that a 16GB SKU does indeed exist. This hiccup seems more of an issue with the retail listing than the laptop itself, something potential buyers should be aware of. Buyer beware – always double-check your specs when shopping online!

The laptop itself, in my personal experience, has been easy to set up, making it a great option for gaming on the go. Despite the initial hiccup with the RAM, I found it capable of handling graphic design and content creation for my YouTube channel. It delivers solid performance for its price range.

While it’s been a mostly positive journey with the GF63, the battery could be better. But considering the powerful components packed into this machine, I understand it’s a trade-off. Gaming laptops aren’t known for their long-lasting batteries, after all.

In conclusion, while the MSI GF63 may come with its quirks and question marks concerning hardware specifics, it mostly hits the mark as a gaming laptop. The specifications are solid (once they match the listing!), providing a good balance between price, performance, and portability. Keep the potential for RAM discrepancies in mind, but rest easy knowing that what this machine does deliver, it does well.