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Trying out quite a budget laptop: HP 2024 Premium 14 HD

My thoughts on the HP 2024 Premium 14 HD Laptop: performance, design, user experience, and value.
Sid Metcalfe

Cartesian Mathematics Foundation


December 24, 2023


I picked up the HP 2024 Premium 14 HD laptop recently, aiming for something that wouldn’t hit the wallet too hard while still offering decent performance for everyday use. Given the sheer number of options out there, I wanted to share my thoughts for anyone else looking for a budget-friendly laptop. I’ve been putting this one through its paces and have come up with a pretty good idea of what it can and cannot do.


Property Value Property Value
Brand HP Model Name HP 14” Laptop
Screen Size 14 Inches Color Dale Silver
Hard Disk Size 128 GB CPU Model Intel Core i3
Ram Memory Installed Size 8 GB Operating System Windows 11
Special Feature High Quality Graphics Card Description Integrated



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Performance Evaluation and Experience

Hp 2024 premium 14 hd laptop 1

When it comes to budget laptops, finding the sweet spot between performance and cost-saving can be a tricky balance to strike. My experience with the HP 2024 Premium 14 HD has been largely positive, though not without its speed bumps. Here’s a quick rundown:


  • Affordability is a big plus.

  • Decent for basic tasks like browsing and word processing.

  • Fairly lightweight and portable.

  • Windows 11 comes pre-installed.

  • Good battery life for day-to-day tasks.


  • Performance can be sluggish with more intensive applications.

  • The screen resolution isn’t as sharp as I would like.

  • Lack of a backlit keyboard can be a downside for nighttime users.

  • Limited storage space, which might necessitate external solutions.

  • Not ideal for gaming or heavy multitasking.

The HP 2024 Premium has proven itself as a reliable companion for tasks like emailing, document editing, and casual web surfing. It’s light on the wallet which is great for students or anyone in need of a no-frills computing experience.

However, I’ve noticed some hiccups when it comes to performance. While the Intel 11th Gen i3 Processor is competent, the 8GB of RAM sometimes feels just barely sufficient, especially when I have multiple tabs open or need to run more demanding software. And although the integrated Intel 4K Graphics are a nice touch, they aren’t cut out for heavy gaming or graphic design work.

The 128GB NVME SSD offers rapid boot times and zippy file access, but the storage capacity maxes out quickly, especially with today’s bloated applications and files. And while the Windows 11 OS is a welcome upgrade from Windows 10, the fact that it’s in S mode out of the box means you can’t install applications from outside the Microsoft Store unless you opt-out – a process that some might find cumbersome.

The lack of a backlit keyboard and a non-touch screen display may seem like minor inconveniences, but they do affect the overall user experience, particularly for those who work in low-light conditions or prefer interactive screens.

On a positive note, the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capabilities are robust, connectivity is ample with multiple USB ports and HDMI, and the HD screen, though not the most vibrant, gets the job done for basic use.

In terms of build and aesthetics, it’s quite standard—nothing to write home about, but it doesn’t scream “cheap” either. Would I recommend it? Yes, for users whose computing demands are minimal and who appreciate the freedom of not being tied to a higher-priced device, the HP 2024 Premium might just hit the mark.

Design and Build Quality Insights

Hp 2024 premium 14 hd laptop 2

When it comes to budget laptops, the design and build quality often reveal where manufacturers cut corners to keep costs low. With the HP 2024 Premium 14 HD, a few things struck me:

  • The weight is manageable and doesn’t feel like a brick, so I’m not dreading carrying it around.

  • The aesthetics are decent. It’s no MacBook, obviously, but it has a pretty clean look in the “Dale Silver” color that keeps things looking professional.

  • Plastic build: It’s got a plastic chassis which is common at this price point, though it doesn’t feel premium.

  • Keyboard: No backlighting on the keys, which is a downer for dimly lit environments. Plus, the color contrast on the keys could be better for visibility.

  • Touchpad: Not the most responsive, but it gets the job done after some adjustment period.

Look, I get it. At this price, expecting an all-metal body or Apple-level finish is unrealistic. But HP seems to have struck a balance, providing a device that’s sturdy enough without feeling too cheap.

The hinges seem robust, which is more than I can say for some other laptops in this category that I’ve tried. They don’t give me that nerve-wracking creak when I open and close the lid. However, the lack of a touchscreen is something I’ve come to miss, even if it’s something I knew I’d sacrifice at this price level.

Interestingly, there’s a CAT5 port in my model, which some may find outdated, but I appreciate as I prefer stable wired connections when possible. However, the absence of an SD card reader, stated in the description, was a miss for me.

Now, I’m not going to be the person who nitpicks every aspect of a budget laptop—expecting a budget laptop to feel like a high-end ultrabook is a recipe for disappointment. But it’s fair to want a basic level of quality and usability from any device, even more so a laptop that I rely on for day-to-day tasks.

If your expectations are set appropriately, and you’re okay with a mostly plastic body, a good-enough display, and a serviceable touchpad and keyboard, the HP 2024 Premium 14 HD isn’t going to disappoint. It sits comfortably in the category of laptops designed for those of us who want a straightforward, functional computer without the fancy frills—and the associated price tag.

Functionality and Usability Review

Hp 2024 premium 14 hd laptop 3

Nudging towards the positives while acknowledging the cons, my experience with the HP 2024 Premium 14 HD has been a mixed bag of functionality and usability. Here’s a rundown:

Positive Aspects:

  • Portability: It’s light, easy to carry around—perfect for a student or someone who’s always on the move.

  • Simple Setup: Setting it up for basic tasks like web browsing and office work is a breeze.

  • Price: You really can’t argue with the price point—it’s budget-friendly.

  • Adequate for Basic Tasks: For emails, writing documents or some light web browsing, it does the job.


  • Speed: It can be frustratingly slow at times.

  • Limited Gaming: Not built for gaming or heavy-duty tasks.

  • Touchpad Issues: Some might find the touchpad responsiveness less than ideal.

When I first booted up the laptop, ease of use was immediately apparent. I was surfing the web and streaming videos without much hassle. I’ve got to say it’s perfect for kicking back and enjoying some HD content, and that plastic build isn’t half bad for the price.

Delving into everyday tasks, the laptop handles word processing and basic computing without much fuss. I appreciate the pre-installed Windows 11; that’s a nice touch, especially for someone who isn’t looking for any frills and just wants a machine that’s ready to go. I also found the typing experience quite satisfactory—the clicky clacky keys have their charm, even though a backlit keyboard would’ve been a feature worth having.

For more resource-intensive tasks, though, the story changes a bit. I mean, you could try running a couple of light games, but you’ll start noticing the heat, and the performance hit isn’t insignificant. And the update process can be a drag, taking hours when you least expect (or need) it to.

My biggest gripe, though, has to be with the system memory. Even though this model isn’t designed to be a powerhouse, you can really feel the limitations when the laptop slows down while multitasking, or worse, when it crashes from a memory overload.

It’s also important to mention that I missed having an SD card reader, a feature the listing promised, but a CAT5 port isn’t all that bad for a wired internet connection. You have to weigh these against the port selection, which includes USB Type-C, and the speedy Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, which are definite plusses.

In essence, this HP model sits comfortably in the “you get what you pay for” tier. It’s not going to dazzle with speed or features, but it’s a solid, no-frills workhorse that should suffice for anyone with modest laptop needs. If your expectations are aligned with its capabilities, it can be a satisfactory daily driver.

Value for Money and Final Recommendations

Hp 2024 premium 14 hd laptop 4

In the hunt for a budget laptop, the HP 2024 Premium 14 HD is a tempting choice. Here’s my final take on whether it’s a smart purchase and some straight-shooting advice if you’re considering this model.


  • Cost-effective for basic tasks

  • Adequate screen quality for standard use

  • Decent build given the price point


  • Performance can be sluggish

  • Limited storage capability

  • Not gaming or heavy-duty task friendly

I’ve found that for everyday tasks like browsing, streaming, and using Office apps, this laptop doesn’t disappoint given its price. It’s surprisingly light, making it a good pick for those who prioritize portability. The performance is not top-notch, but it manages to handle simple activities without too much fuss. Expect to compromise on speed if you’re used to more powerful machines.

On the downside, if you’re eyeing this for gaming or high-intensity tasks, you might want to reevaluate your choice. Storage space is also something to consider, as it may fill up faster than expected, especially with Windows updates.

I appreciate that it comes with Windows 11; however, some might find the transition from Windows 10 a bit of a learning curve. If you’re interested in how the latest operating system performs on new hardware, check out my experience gaming on the ASUS ROG G16CH Desktop (2023). The installation missteps in the refurbished models can be a headache, so be prepared to potentially iron out a few kinks upon setup.

The laptop’s build quality is average - it doesn’t feel premium, but it’s solid enough for the price. Just be cautious with the screen; it’s not the most durable, and a replacement will cost you extra.

If you want a work-ready machine out of the box, you might face some disappointment—especially with the touchpad issues that some units seem to have. Before you make a purchase, think about whether you’re ready to handle potential hardware inconsistencies.

As a cherry on top, the laptop is environmentally friendly—it’s a win for sustainability enthusiasts looking to reduce e-waste.

After all is said and done, if you’re in the market for a workhorse and your computing needs are modest, the HP 2024 could be a worthwhile investment. It does what it’s supposed to do with no extra frills.

My final recommendations? Go for it if you:

  • Primarily need a laptop for light tasks

  • Want a laptop that’s light on the wallet and the backpack

  • Are not planning to run heavy software or games

If any of these points hit home, the HP 2024 Premium 14 HD could be your wallet-friendly companion. Just keep your expectations in check – it’s a budget machine, after all.