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My thoughts on the Sony PRS-T3 Ultra Slim e-Reader with WiFi, Black (2024)

My thoughts on the Sony PRS-T3 eReader: design elegance, immersive reading, Wi-Fi features, and legacy.
Sid Metcalfe

Cartesian Mathematics Foundation


December 31, 2023


I’ve been using the Sony PRS-T3 e-reader for quite some time now, and I’ve found myself particularly attached to this device for several reasons. As someone who reads a lot, both at home and on the go, the features this e-reader offers have been a significant part of my daily life. Even though Sony has stepped back from the e-reader market, I think it’s worth talking about what made the PRS-T3 such a solid choice for me and many other book lovers.


Property Value Property Value
Brand Sony Display Technology Electronic Ink
Screen Size 6 Inches Color Black
Item Weight 0.9 Pounds Human Interface Input Touchscreen
Supports Bluetooth Technology No


Design and Portability: Emphasizing on Thin Light Form Factor

A slim black e-reader laying on a wooden surface showcasing its thin profile

In the realm of e-readers, the Sony PRS-T3 stands out for its design and portability. Weighing in at just 0.9 pounds and boasting a slender profile, the appeal of taking this device anywhere is undeniable. It’s crafted for the reader on the go, which I thoroughly appreciate as someone who never leaves the house without a book—or rather, an e-reader in this case.

Here’s a straightforward rundown of my thoughts on its portability and design:


  • Super light and compact: At just 5.6 oz, it’s easy to carry around.

  • Thin design: Makes it easy to hold for extended periods.

  • Built-in cover with auto-power: This smart feature turns the device on or off when you open or close the cover, a handy addition for instant reading.


  • Smaller than some might prefer: If you’re used to larger screens, the 6” might seem limiting.

  • Lacks Bluetooth connectivity: Some users might miss this feature, excluding the device from wireless headphone pairing or file transfers.

The Thin & Light design of this eReader is one of its most celebrated features. I can confirm that the thinness and lightweight nature make it an almost invisible addition to my purse or backpack. It simply slips into any space, and I’m never burdened by its weight—I’ve carried bulkier novels, so this is a breeze!

Despite these incredible features, it’s not without its flaws. The lack of Bluetooth capability sometimes feels like a missed opportunity; however, this omission does nothing to diminish its practicality as a dedicated e-reader.

Although I had a single experience with a device that failed quickly, that incident feels like a rare misstep in the otherwise stellar performance and reliability that I’ve come to expect from Sony. After all, no company is perfect, and every batch of electronics can have a rare lemon.

I’ll wrap up my musings with a nod to the built-in cover on some models – it protects the screen and automatically wakes it up or puts it to sleep. This feature is a small but thoughtful touch that complements the e-reader’s portability, making it ready to read the instant I flip it open.

In the wider context of Sony’s exiting the market, these features underscore what made their e-readers so revered. Although we can’t get new Sony e-readers anymore, the PRS-T3 remains a testament to the company’s commitment to combining sleek design with portability. The fact that I can slip this into my bag and barely notice it’s there until I need it—is, in my eyes, a real game-changer. If you’re interested in an e-reader that shares this commitment to portability and design, you might appreciate the PocketBook Era, which I’ve reviewed in detail.

Reading Experience: E-Ink Clarity and Battery Longevity

The e-readers display showing a page of an e-book under bright sunlight without any glare

When it comes to E-Ink displays and battery life, the Sony PRS-T3 has impressed me quite a bit. Its 6” High Resolution E-Ink touchscreen is a game changer for my reading habits. The clarity of the text is so sharp and comfortable on my eyes, making it feel just like reading on paper, but better. No glare, no backlight—just a pristine surface to devour books on. Honestly, in bright sunlight or under soft lamp light, the experience is consistently exceptional.

The battery longevity is another feature that really stands out. I can go on about my day, week, or even month without having to worry about constantly recharging, given that it lasts up to 8 weeks on a single charge. That’s a huge plus for me, especially when traveling or during power outages.

Let me jot down the key points:

  • Sharp, paper-like display—no more straining my eyes

  • Battery that seems to last forever—up to two months

  • Quick Charge—just 3 minutes for an extended reading session

But, it’s not all sunshine and roses. For example, the Sony PRS-T3 lacks Bluetooth connectivity, something that I find slightly limiting as it restricts wireless accessory options. Additionally, while it’s a lightweight and admirably portable gadget, the absence of a front light feature can be a drawback for my nightly reading sessions.

I should also note that, while my experience with the PRS-T3 has been largely positive, I’ve encountered reports of devices failing unexpectedly, which, understandably, can be a huge disappointment, especially if it’s meant as a gift.

Despite the few cons, the pros far outweigh them for me. I’ve been a long-term fan of Sony Readers for their reliability and comfort, and the PRS-T3 is no exception. The touchscreen interface respects my love for a seamless and unobtrusive reading journey, and the built-in dictionaries have been a boon for quickly looking up new words without interrupting my flow.

To sum it up, while the Sony PRS-T3 might have its quirks—no product is perfect, after all—it has been a loyal companion in my literary adventures. It’s sad to see Sony exit the e-reader market, as they’ve truly crafted a quality product in the PRS-T3 that’s been a joy to use, day in and day out. Great price, great reader, and though I now have to hang on to it dearly since they’re no longer being made, I relish every moment I get lost in a book with it.

Connectivity and Content Accessibility: The Convenience of Built-in Wi-Fi

The e-reader screen displaying the wi-fi connection status and available e-books from a library

Having a built-in Wi-Fi feature on an eReader seems like a small convenience, but let me tell you, it’s turned into a game-changer for me. The Sony PRS-T3 has nailed this with its direct wireless access, making my reading experience smoother and more enjoyable. Here’s how it’s helped me:

  • Access to the ReaderStore: I’ve downloaded books on a whim, which is fantastic for an avid reader like myself.

  • Borrowing from public libraries is a breeze. It saves me trips and late fees.

  • Evernote and Facebook access means I can quickly share thoughts and quotes from what I’m reading.

However, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows. For instance, while the Wi-Fi feature is excellent, it can be a drain on the battery if I’m not careful. I also found that not all formats or books I wanted were available on the ReaderStore, which limited my selection slightly. Plus, there’s the minor inconvenience of needing to be within a Wi-Fi connection to reap the benefits of these features.

That said, the disadvantages are like a speck of dust on a clean countertop — barely noticeable in the grand scheme of things. The PRS-T3 makes it so easy to keep my library fresh and diverse without the need to constantly plug into a computer or deal with the clutter of cables.

On another note, the option to access libraries wirelessly gives me a sense of community and the larger literary world that I appreciate. I believe that this kind of accessibility fosters a deeper love for reading and knowledge sharing, a philosophy I can get behind.

The seamless integration of Wi-Fi into the PRS-T3 nudges it closer to perfection for me. Sure, it’s not the newest tech on the market, and Sony has since stepped back from eReaders, but during its reign, it was a star in the connectivity department, at least from where I’m standing.

It’s these little thoughtful design elements that demonstrate an understanding of what readers like me want and need. Even though the market has since evolved, and we now have a flood of alternatives, none have matched that blend of simplicity and connectivity I found with the PRS-T3. I suppose sometimes it’s the smallest features that leave the largest impact, and in this case, built-in Wi-Fi provided a convenient bridge between me and an endless world of stories and knowledge.

Final Impressions and Market Exit: The Legacy of Sony E-Readers

A lone e-reader casting a small shadow on a plain background symbolizing its discontinued status

The Sony PRS-T3 eReader has been a constant companion in my literary journey, and as I reflect on its qualities and eventual market exit, my emotions are bittersweet. Assessing its impact and legacy, I’ve come to appreciate several core attributes that have not only endeared the PRS-T3 to me but also showcase Sony’s craftsmanship in the e-reader market that will be sorely missed. Here’s a quick rundown:

  • Battery Life: The up to 8 weeks on a single charge is a game-changer for avid readers.

  • Design: It’s thin, lightweight, and comes with an automatic power-on feature via the cover that’s incredibly convenient.

  • Display: The 6-inch E-Ink screen provides a sharp, clear reading experience, just like paper.

  • Features: Built-in dictionaries and absence of ads enhance the reading experience without distractions.

Yet, it’s important to acknowledge that no device is perfect. There have been occasional issues, like the one my son experienced when his gift failed within a day, highlighting potential quality consistency concerns. And although the lack of Bluetooth might be a dealbreaker for some, for me, the simplicity and focus on reading without the bells and whistles is precisely what I look for in an e-reader.

I remember when I first switched from my previous PRS-600 to the PRS-T3; it felt like an upgrade in every sense. The Wi-Fi capability and the responsive touchscreen were significant improvements, aligning with the needs of modern users. I proudly joined discussion forums and shared how the PRS-T3 struck the perfect balance between functionality and comfort.

But it’s not just about the features. There’s a sentimental value that comes with Sony eReaders. From the moment I unboxed my PRS-T3, to finding the perfect cover that gave it a personalized touch, each aspect of owning a Sony eReader added to a pleasant and fuss-free reading experience.

Despite its merits, Sony’s decision to stop producing eReaders was a move that left many of us in the e-reading community wanting. It was a product ahead of its time, but perhaps not as embraced as it should have been. To this day, I question what could have been if Sony had continued to innovate and compete in the eReader space.

The legacy of the Sony PRS-T3 is one of quality, precision, and a testament to a time when focus on a single purpose trumped multipurpose devices. Its exit from the market stands as a poignant reminder of the transitory nature of technology, where even the best products can fade into obscurity. But for those of us who have owned a Sony eReader, its legacy will endure in the countless hours of immersive reading it provided, all within the grasp of our hands.