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My thoughts on the MPG Velox by MSI Gaming Desktop (with an RTX 4070 TI and i7-10700F) (2024)

My thoughts on the MPG Velox with an RTX 4070 TI: (in-game) performance, support, and overall value.
Marquee Thatcher

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December 21, 2023


The MPG Velox Gaming Desktop offers quite a good combination of high-end specs and budget friendliness. More on my experience below.


Property Value Property Value
Specific Uses For Product Gaming Brand Computer Upgrade King
Personal computer design type Computer Tower Operating System Windows 11 Home
Memory Storage Capacity 512 GB Ram Memory Installed Size 32 GB
Model Name MPG Velox Included Components Mouse, Keybord
CPU Model Intel Core i7 Color Black


Initial Impressions and Design Aesthetics

A sleek black gaming tower with rgb lighting glowing softly against a dark background

Upon first unboxing the MPG Velox Gaming Desktop, the design aesthetics immediately caught my attention. The black tower exudes a sleek and modern appearance that’s both understated and stylish - it’s obvious that attention to detail was a key focus for the brand.

Here’s a quick rundown:

  • Sleek, Modern Aesthetics: The black casing has a premium feel that I appreciate. It’s not only discreet enough to fit into any room decor, but also has enough flair to be distinct.

  • LED Lighting: The ARGB High Airflow Fans with customizable LED lighting add a pop of color and animation that is subtle, not overbearing. Options like static, glowing, and rainbow are available, though they are somewhat limited, which could be a negative for those wanting full customization.

  • Build Quality: The construction feels sturdy and well-ventilated. I’m a fan of the built-in magnetic dust screen atop the unit. Makes upkeep a breeze.

The internals of the Velox didn’t disappoint either. An Intel Core i7-10700F Processor for solid performance per core, coupled with 32GB DDR4 RAM, and a NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4070 TI, make for a powerful setup that can tackle demanding games and multitasking with ease. The inclusion of both a 512GB NVMe SSD and a 3TB HDD offers a blend of speedy data access and generous storage space, though I might consider upgrading the SSD for more space according to some gaming needs.

Connectivity-wise, I did encounter an issue where the Bluetooth feature failed sooner than expected, which was a downer. A slight murmur from the fans can be heard, too. While it doesn’t bother me significantly, it might irk others who prefer whisper-quiet operation.

The 750W Gold PSU suggests efficiency, and it’s reassuring that the system arrived with Windows 11 Home pre-installed. This facilitated a quicker setup so I could get straight to gaming after downloading my preferred applications and services.

The accessories bundle, including a wired LED-backlit gaming keyboard and mouse, is a nice touch for those who don’t want the hassle of selecting peripherals individually, although my keyboard did conk out unexpectedly.

While the pre-packaged Geforce Studio Driver seems a mismatch for a gaming PC, it’s a straightforward fix to swap to the Game Ready Driver - just a small bump in the road.

All in all, the MPG Velox has presented a visually pleasing package right out of the gate. It’s not without its quirks, such as the occasional artifacting during web browsing and the aforementioned Bluetooth issue. Despite these minor setbacks, the system’s powerful components and thoughtful design features leave a compelling first impression, positioning it well for anyone looking to enrich their gaming experience without excessive frills.

Performance and Gaming Experience

A close-up of the rtx 4070 ti graphics card encased inside the clear side panel of the desktop

When it came to diving into the latest AAA titles and intricate indie games, the MPG Velox Gaming Desktop had a lot to offer. It was like transitioning from standard definition to ultra-high definition—in short, the gaming experience felt transformative, especially when coming from older system setups.


  • The Intel Core i7-10700F processor combined with the RTX 4070 TI graphics card delivered crisp, smooth visuals and quick load times.

  • The boost up to 4.8GHz meant that even CPU-intensive games ran without a hitch.

  • With 32GB DDR4 RAM, multitasking was a breeze; I could have game streams on a second monitor without experiencing system lag.


  • I noticed some instability issues, leading to unexpected crashes that could snatch away the joy of a lengthy gaming session without warning.

  • The 512GB NVMe SSD was on the smaller side, necessitating a near-future upgrade to fit more large games.

The high airflow design promised to keep temperatures in check during intense gaming marathons. Indeed, it mostly lived up to that promise, although the fans sometimes whirled into a noticeable hum that could be distracting in quieter room settings.

Yet, the hum was a minor inconvenience against the backdrop of exceptional graphics and processing power that rendered my gaming realms in vivid detail. I’m talking about landscapes in games like The Witcher series that were so lush it almost felt like I could breathe in the digital air. The NVMe SSD meant that load screens were often nothing more than blips—blink, and you’d miss them, catapulting me into action almost instantaneously.

The addition of a robust 750W Gold PSU ensured that there was plenty of power overhead for future upgrades, which is great because I’m the type of person who likes to tinker and expand my system’s capabilities.

But it wasn’t all smooth sailing. The brief moments of graphic distortion while web browsing hinted at some underlying issues, and the Bluetooth connectivity was hit-or-miss, which was disappointing for a rig at this price point. Moreover, the fact that it shipped with the Geforce Studio Driver instead of the Game Ready Driver was a bewildering oversight for a gaming-focused system.

In essence, the MPG Velox provided a robust platform that could handle an extensive library of games with ease. I was wowed by its prowess but also kept my feet on the ground due to its quirks. It’s a system that offered impressive features but also came with caveats that future buyers should be aware of.

Reliability and Tech Support Experiences

A chat window open on a computer screen symbolizing customer service interaction

When it comes to the MPG Velox Gaming Desktop, I’ve had my share of experiences with reliability and tech support. Most of us want a machine that’s a powerhouse and can handle anything we throw at it, and the Velox, for the most part, does just that. But there’s always a flip side, isn’t there? Here’s a rundown of my experiences:

  • Tech Support Response: The tech support has been helpful when I could reach them. It’s reassuring to know someone will guide you through any hiccups. However, don’t expect them to be your weekend warriors; they’re off the clock.

  • Out-of-the-Box Performance: Initially, everything ran smoothly. It’s like getting behind the wheel of a sports car. You’ve got power, speed, and the thrill.

  • Unpredictable Crashes: Now, it hasn’t all been smooth sailing. I’ve experienced some crashes, whether it was during gaming sessions or just browsing. It’s frustrating when you’re not sure if your system will be reliable from one moment to the next.

  • Accessory Quality: Quick note – the keyboard didn’t last too long, which was a bit disappointing. I’m hoping for a hassle-free replacement on that front.

Despite the occasional unpredictability in performance, I must highlight the positives here. The airflow design of the Velox is smartly optimized, keeping things cool under pressure. Also, the Insta-Light Loop lets you personalize your lighting effects at the click of a button, which is a neat feature that adds to the aesthetic appeal.

However, the GPU failure I encountered within just three months was a setback. It’s a reminder to always consider an extended warranty for peace of mind. Getting a replacement that was visibly used and of lesser quality did not sit right with me, so don’t hesitate to reach out to customer service for any redress.

Lastly, I’d like to touch on the quick fix for the no signal to the monitor issue. It’s pretty common and often just a matter of checking your connections or restarting your PC. Google is your friend in these situations, or ring up the tech support if you’re stuck.

In short, while the MPG Velox Gaming Desktop offers a formidable gaming experience, being prepared for potential bumps with solid tech support is crucial. I’ve learned a lot in the process and hope my insights help you make an informed decision.

Value for Money and Final Verdict

A piggy bank next to a scaled-down model of the mpg velox gaming desktop indicating cost-effectiveness

Considering the combination of high-powered components and the overall build quality, the MPG Velox Gaming Desktop brings a lot to the table for its price bracket. However, like any product, it’s not free from drawbacks. Let’s take a structured look at the value for money and offer a final verdict.


  • High-Performance Components: Equipped with an Intel Core i7-10700F and NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4070 TI, this machine is ready to handle demanding games with ease.

  • Generous Memory and Storage: With 32GB RAM and a combo of a speedy 512GB NVMe SSD plus a 3TB HDD, there’s ample room for multitasking and extensive game libraries.

  • Effective Cooling: The high airflow fans and optimized vents are a boon for keeping the system cool during intense gaming sessions.

  • Aesthetics and Extras: The ARGB fans, included peripherals, and the convenient magnetic dust screen add to the overall value.


  • Potential Reliability Issues: Some users reported crashes and graphics problems, raising concerns about component reliability.

  • Tech Support Limitations: While generally good, tech support isn’t available on weekends, which could be inconvenient.

  • Inconsistencies in Quality Control: Reports of receiving used or lower-quality replacement parts can be a red flag.

Now, diving into my personal experience, the MPG Velox Gaming Desktop proved to be an excellent performer for its price. Out of the box, the system looked impressive, better than the images suggest, and the performance lived up to the expectations set by the specs sheet. The upgrade from a GTX 1060 to this setup was like night and day in terms of gaming experience.

But not all was smooth sailing. The SSD space felt a bit lacking considering today’s game sizes, requiring an almost immediate upgrade for my growing library. Moreover, the sporadic crashing some users have experienced is concerning, though I’ve been fortunate so far, the potential for future issues looms.

The customer support has been pretty responsive, with helpful reps like Justin making a notable difference. However, tech support’s absence on weekends can leave you hanging if anything goes awry.

The incidents of receiving used parts or hearing an unexpected whirling sound are worrisome. These are issues you wouldn’t expect when investing such an amount in a gaming setup.

In conclusion, weighing the pros and cons, I feel the MPG Velox offers a quality gaming experience and solid value for the money, especially for those upgrading from older systems. Ensure you have a warranty in place and be prepared for potential troubleshooting, and this desktop could very well meet and exceed your gaming needs.