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My thoughts on the HP 800 G2 Intel i5 Gaming PC with 24’ Monitor (Renewed) (2024)

My thoughts on the HP 800 G2 Gaming PC: assessing performance, design, support, and value for a prebuilt setup.
Brad Cheston

Cartesian Mathematics Foundation


April 19, 2024


I recently purchased an HP RGB 800 G2 Gaming PC and monitor to test its capabilities in the gaming community. As a budget-conscious gamer, I aimed for an affordable setup capable of running diverse games without overspending. In this review, I will discuss my findings regarding its performance, design, customer service, and overall worth.


Property Value Property Value
Specific Uses For Product Gaming Brand HP
Personal computer design type Computer Tower Operating System Windows 10 Professional
Memory Storage Capacity 512 GB Screen Size 24 Inches
Ram Memory Installed Size 16 GB Model Name HP G2 RGB Desktop
Included Components RGB Lighting, Mouse, Keybord CPU Model Intel Core I5 6500


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Hp 800 g2 gaming pc (renewed) side view Hp 800 g2 gaming pc (renewed) in box Hp 800 g2 gaming pc (renewed) internals two Hp 800 g2 gaming pc (renewed) internals Hp 800 g2 gaming pc (renewed) port


Gaming Performance Review

Hp 800 g2 gaming pc (renewed) in box

When assessing the gaming performance of the HP RGB 800 G2 Gaming PC and Monitor, from a personal perspective, I’m looking at several key factors. These include processor capability, memory, storage speed, and graphics performance. Here’s a breakdown of my thoughts:

  • Processor Power: The included Intel Core i5-6500 processor, while not the newest, delivers respectable performance for most current game titles. Although it might struggle with the highest settings in the newest AAA games, it certainly suffices for gaming at medium settings.

  • Memory: 16GB of DDR4 RAM is typically enough to ensure smooth multitasking and gaming experiences, allowing games and other applications to run without noticeable lag.

  • Storage: A 512GB SSD offers quick loading times, although for gamers with large libraries, additional storage might be necessary.

  • Graphics: The NVIDIA GT 1030 2GB DDR5 is a budget graphics card. It’s adequate for less demanding games like Fortnite or Sims 4, but it will falter with more intensive titles that require higher graphical fidelity.

Gaming Experience

Playing through titles like Assassin’s Creed and Battlefield, I noted that the GT 1030 limited my ability to max out graphical settings, but performance stayed smooth at lower to mid-range settings. Load times were snappy, thanks to the SSD, and the dual-screen support was a definite plus when it came to multitasking.

However, while the 24-inch monitor provided a clean and clear display for the most part, demanding games couldn’t capitalize on this due to the limited power of the GT 1030. The pre-built nature of the system means less hassle setting up, but also less flexibility to upgrade specific components like the graphics card if you’re not comfortable opening up the chassis.


In conclusion, while there are obvious limitations to a budget-friendly gaming setup, I’ve found that it’s a competent entry-level system for those new to PC gaming or for casual gamers not looking to push the limits of modern gaming. For more serious enthusiasts, however, this might not be the powerhouse needed to experience games at their best.

There’s plenty to like here, particularly if you’re gaming on a budget or looking for a versatile system that can handle both play and productivity without too much fuss.

Design and Build Quality

Hp 800 g2 gaming pc (renewed) side view

When it comes to the design and build quality of the HP 800 G2 Gaming PC with the included monitor, the overall impression is that of a solid and well-constructed system, which is quite surprising given its relatively modest price point. The sleek black chassis of the tower, complete with RGB lighting, gives it an unmistakable gamer aesthetic that can easily be customized to enhance the gaming atmosphere. The lighting is not only on the tower but extends to the accompanying accessories such as the keyboard, mouse, and speakers, creating a cohesive look.

Here are some specific design-related observations:

  • The tower’s compact form factor allows for easy placement on or under a desk, a plus for space-conscious setups.
  • The RGB elements add a level of personalization and are a hit with users who enjoy a visually dynamic workspace or gaming area.
  • A 24-inch monitor with an IPS display offers vibrant color quality and wider viewing angles, enhancing the gaming and multimedia experience.
  • The absence of a DVD drive might be a drawback for those who still use physical media, although it’s becoming increasingly common in modern builds.

While the build quality is robust, some users have reported issues such as a stuck power button on the tower, suggesting potential quality control inconsistencies. This, however, seems to be more of an exception rather than the norm, as most users have recounted a positive unboxing and setup experience.

Furthermore, on the downside, some users have had problems with included peripherals like monitors developing defects after short use. This raises questions about the durability and long-term reliability of the accompanying components. It’s also worth noting that these are refurbished units—something potential buyers should keep in mind when setting expectations regarding build quality and longevity.

Port selection, including DisplayPort, HDMI, USB ports, and audio jacks, is adequate for the typical gamer, allowing for easy connectivity of a range of peripherals and additional monitors if needed. The system’s internals are well laid out, making it accessible for those who might want to upgrade components in the future.

In essence, the HP 800 G2 gaming setup appears to strike a reasonable balance between cost and construction. While there are some minor concerns about peripheral quality, the core system is solid, stylish, and customizable, which is quite appealing. With a design that is very much aligned with gamer expectations and a build that should hold up well for typical use, it stands as a good starting point for those entering the PC gaming world or for users seeking a secondary, budget-conscious gaming system.

Customer Service Experience

Hp 800 g2 gaming pc (renewed) internals two

When looking into customer service for the HP 800 G2 Gaming PC, it’s a mix of experiences. Delving into technical support, the efficacy and responsiveness of customer service is crucial. Here’s a breakdown of my encounters:

  • Responsiveness: Aaron, from customer service, was quick to assist when issues arose. This promptness added a level of reassurance about the post-purchase support.

  • Troubleshooting: The technical guidance for resolving power button issues was straightforward and practical, suggesting a knowledgeable support team.

  • Replacement Parts: The willingness to ship replacement components is a considerable advantage for rectifying hardware problems without added stress.

However, there were some hiccups along the way:

  • Conditional Support: An instance where support was allegedly conditional on leaving a positive review if a return label was needed left a sour taste. This doesn’t align with an unbiased support experience.

  • Mixed Resolutions: While some issues were resolved satisfactorily, others, like the malfunctioning monitor and the stuck tower button, required extra effort and expense from the customer.

In my case, the HP 800 G2 Gaming PC had its initial teething problems, but it circles back to the notion that it’s a refurbished machine. Understanding that refurbished items may not be perfect is crucial. It’s about balancing expectations with reality, and while customer support’s effectiveness can swing the balance for the better, there’s room for improvement to guarantee consistency in resolving customer issues.

The customer support experience, while generally positive, did present some challenges. It’s commendable when issues are addressed promptly and effectively, but it’s equally important that solutions are offered unconditionally and consistently to every customer. Despite some dissatisfaction, the personal touches in handling troubleshooting and the supportive gestures in the form of replacements contribute positively to the overall service experience. It’s key to remember these machines are not new, and seeking help from customer service should be the first step in rectifying any issues.

From my interactions and observations, it’s evident that while the HP 800 G2 has its merits, ensuring a reliable support structure is pivotal. Purchasers should remain vigilant regarding the support they’re entitled to and not shy away from reaching out if things go awry. After all, a stellar customer service can significantly enhance the user experience for any product.

Value for Money Evaluation

Hp 800 g2 gaming pc (renewed) internals

In evaluating the HP RGB 800 G2 Gaming PC with Monitor from a value for money perspective, a few key considerations stand out:

  • Processor: The Intel Core i5-6500 is a 6th generation processor, which while not the newest, still offers solid performance for gaming and multitasking.

  • RAM: With 16GB DDR4 RAM, this system provides ample memory for most current games and software applications.

  • Storage: The 512GB SSD is a significant plus, providing quick load times and sufficient space for storing games and other data.

  • Graphics Card: The NVIDIA GT-1030 with 2GB GDDR5 is an entry-level card, great for popular titles at low to medium settings but may struggle with more demanding games at higher settings.

  • Monitor: A 24-inch FHD display is a decent size for gaming, aiding in an immersive experience.

  • Accessories: RGB lighting and included peripherals are a nice touch that adds to the gaming ambiance without extra cost.

On balance, the system offers a good starting point for those entering the gaming world without the hefty price tag of high-end gaming rigs. The i5-6500 and 16GB of RAM work harmoniously to handle daily tasks and gaming effectively, and the 512GB SSD ensures that games load quickly, which is crucial for an enjoyable gaming experience. The visuals from the GT-1030 are sufficient to enjoy games like Fortnite and Assassin’s Creed at reasonable settings.

However, it’s important to be aware that the included graphics card is on the lower end of the gaming spectrum. For gamers seeking high frame rates at ultra settings in newer games, this may not be the ideal setup. Additionally, the lack of a DVD drive may be a drawback for users who prefer physical media.

From my personal perspective, this gaming system offers a lot at its price point. While it has some limitations, such as an older processor and a basic graphics card, the pros outweigh the cons for someone looking for a cost-effective entry into gaming.

Ultimately, as the HP RGB 800 G2 offers a competent balance of performance and price, with some potential for future upgrades, it makes for a compelling option for casual gamers and multitaskers alike. My experience is different from some negative reviews as I had a positive run with both the hardware and customer service. If someone asked me whether they should consider this system, I’d say it’s worth a look, especially if value for money is a driving factor in their purchase decision.