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My thoughts on the Dell Gaming PC & Monitor Bundle (combining an i7-6700, GT 1030, and Koorui monitor) - (2024)

My thoughts on the Dell Gaming PC & Monitor Bundle: setup ease, WiFi setup, display quality, and support experience.
Tom Freeman

Cartesian Mathematics Foundation


January 17, 2024


I recently received the Dell Gaming PC and Monitor bundle, which combines their desktop with a Koorui monitor. The setup process was quite straightforward and user-friendly. However, I had some issues with the graphics card. More on this below.


Property Value Property Value
Specific Uses For Product Business Brand Dell
Personal computer design type Computer Tower Operating System Windows 10 Pro
Memory Storage Capacity 512 GB Screen Size 24 Inches
Ram Memory Installed Size 16 GB Model Name Dell OptiPlex
Included Components Monitor, Mouse CPU Model Core i7


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Dell i7 gaming bundle (renewed) logo dell Dell i7 gaming bundle (renewed) desktop Dell i7 gaming bundle (renewed) side of desktop Dell i7 gaming bundle (renewed) interior


Effortless Installation Process

Dell i7 gaming bundle (renewed) side of desktop

Setting up a new PC can often be a daunting task, but I was pleasantly surprised by the ease with which I got the Dell Gaming PC & Monitor Bundle operational. Right out of the box, it was practically plug and play. Here’s a quick rundown of my experience with the installation process:

  • Unboxing and Setup: Simplified to just connecting a few cables.

  • Component Check: Pre-built and tested, no need to install individual hardware.

  • Software Installation: Windows 10 Pro pre-installed, with only a few updates required.

  • Peripheral Inclusion: Came with a keyboard, mouse, and remote for the RGB lights.

Despite being marketed as a gaming setup, it’s worth mentioning that this system’s GT 1030 graphics card might not meet the needs of hardcore gamers looking to run the latest titles on the highest settings. While the dedicated GPU is certainly a step up from integrated graphics, it may still struggle with intense graphic demands. Nevertheless, for casual players or those with a preference for older or less demanding games, it’s more than adequate.

One symptom of this limitation manifested as occasional lag in more graphically intensive games. However, contacting customer support was a positive experience–the problem was addressed swiftly, and the service was commendably helpful.

A fantastic feature that should not go overlooked is the dual monitor support allowing for significant multitasking capabilities, which is a boon for both gaming and productivity. The inclusion of a brand new 24-inch Koorui monitor enriched the experience with its crisp and fluid display.

Assembling the PC was so straightforward that my 12-year-old managed to get everything set up without any assistance. This is a testament to the bundle’s user-friendliness and the clarity of the included instructions. The operating system, drivers, and necessary software being pre-installed saved a chunk of time and potential hassle.

In terms of the physical desktop unit, it sports a space-saving form with its 11.4 x 3.6 x 12.3-inch dimensions, yet harbors enough power for satisfactory gaming, courtesy of its i7-6700 processor and 16GB of RAM. The unit also has a multitude of ports, which is handy for all sorts of gaming peripherals and devices.

My overall impression is that, for those in the market for a budget-friendly gaming setup that’s easy to get up and running, this Dell Gaming PC & Monitor Bundle is a solid choice. It’s important to have realistic expectations regarding performance, but for the price, it presents a good value and an accessible entry into PC gaming.

Convenient Wireless Connectivity

Dell i7 gaming bundle (renewed) logo dell

In this era of connectivity, the convenience of wireless capability cannot be understated. The Dell Gaming PC & Monitor Bundle I’m reviewing boasts an impressive built-in WiFi feature that stands out for several reasons:

  • Ease of connectivity; setting up an internet connection is straightforward and eliminates the need for additional Ethernet cabling.

  • The included AC7260 WiFi card ensures high-speed internet access, which is essential for uninterrupted gaming.

  • Flexibility in setup location; you aren’t tethered to the proximity of your router, giving you freedom to place your setup wherever you prefer.

However, with my usage, I’ve noticed that while the WiFi connection is generally stable, it can be slightly less reliable than a wired connection, particularly when it comes to online gaming where every millisecond counts. I’ve experienced a few instances of lag spikes during peak hours which could be frustrating when in the middle of a game.

Another thing to consider is the strength of your home WiFi signal. If your gaming setup is located far from the router, you might need to invest in a WiFi extender to ensure consistent signal strength.

Despite these drawbacks, which are common to most wireless connections, the high-speed built-in WiFi card performs admirably for the majority of tasks. Downloading games, streaming content, and updates were all executed with sufficient speed. It’s a game-changer for me because I love a clean, minimalistic setup without the hassle of wires tangling behind my desk.

For online play, it’s always a good practice to have an Ethernet cable on standby, especially if competitive gaming is your forte. Yet, for everyday use and leisurely gaming sessions, the integrated WiFi of the Dell Gaming PC has met my needs without any major issues.

Remember that wireless performance can also depend on external factors such as network congestion, distance from the source, and physical obstructions, so if you encounter problems, it might not always be the computer’s built-in capabilities at fault.

On the whole, the wireless experience with this Dell Gaming PC has been mostly positive, providing the convenience and ease of use that modern computing demands. With just minor hiccups, that are easily fixable, the integrated WiFi adds significant value to this bundle.

High-Quality Display Experience

Dell i7 gaming bundle (renewed) desktop

The inclusion of the 24-inch Koorui monitor with this Dell Gaming PC bundle was a pleasant surprise that enhanced my gaming experience significantly. The Full HD resolution complements the gaming setup due to its crisp and vibrant display capabilities. Games appear detailed and colorful, which is exactly what I look for in a gaming monitor. The 75Hz refresh rate is another boon; it’s not the highest available, but for the price point, it does provide a smoother experience than the standard 60Hz.

Here’s a quick rundown of the monitor’s benefits and limitations:


  • High-definition display ensures sharp and vivid images.

  • The refresh rate is a step up from the base level, offering smoother transitions.

  • A sizable 24-inch screen provides ample viewing real-estate for gaming and multitasking.


  • More competitive or fast-paced games might benefit from higher refresh rates.

  • Other gaming monitors offer quicker response times which could be significant for gaming performance.

Although the GT 1030 video card that comes with this PC might not push the boundaries of graphical fidelity in newer intense graphic games, it’s reliable for a majority of titles I enjoy. Pairing it with the High Definition of the Koorui monitor meant I could appreciate the visuals of my favorite games without severe compromises.

Despite its merits, the GT 1030 is an entry-level card, and I encountered some limitations with more graphically demanding games. Occasional frame drops or the need to reduce game settings were noticeable, reminding me that while this package is budget-friendly, performance does have a ceiling.

I’ve come to appreciate the monitor’s capability to deliver a high-quality display under a variety of gaming conditions. Whether I’m exploring open-world landscapes or engrossed in the latest indie hit, the visual performance remains consistently good. It’s not just gaming; watching movies and editing documents is a pleasure with clear text and bright images.

Moreover, the dual monitor support with this PC opened up new possibilities for my desktop workspace. Being able to reference web pages and documents on a second screen while gaming is convenient and speaks volumes about the versatility of the setup.

My personal usage confirmed that this Dell Gaming PC and monitor bundle is mainly suited for mid-level gaming and day-to-day tasks. It’s perhaps not the ultimate gaming rig for enthusiasts looking for top-tier performance, but as an affordably priced package, the convenience and quality it offers are more than satisfactory. The assurance of this setup delivering on most fronts makes it an investment worth considering for a certain demographic of casual gamers and users.

Warranty and Customer Support

Dell i7 gaming bundle (renewed) interior

When it comes to purchasing a refurbished gaming PC, the peace of mind offered by a good warranty and responsive customer support is nearly as important as the hardware itself. My personal experience with the Dell Gaming PC and Monitor Bundle reinforced this belief. Here’s a breakdown of the pros and cons concerning warranty and customer support:


  • The 90-day warranty is a decent period for a refurbished product, giving you ample time to test the PC for any issues.

  • Having a responsive customer support team makes troubleshooting much less stressful. My interaction with Steven Brown from SJ Computers was particularly noteworthy for his promptness and efficiency.

  • The assurance that there are professionals who can walk you through any difficulties is invaluable, especially when dealing with more complex software or hardware issues.


  • As good as the warranty is, 90 days might not be long enough for some users who desire a longer safety net for refurbished electronics.

  • Some might find dealing with customer support remotely to be challenging if the issue is hard to diagnose or explain over the phone or via email.

My personal take is that the benefits do outshine the limitations. The warranty provided comfort that I wasn’t entirely on my own if something went wrong. The one time I experienced lag during gameplay, customer support was there to assist. They provided a solution quickly, without having me jump through hoops. I felt like I was dealing with a company that values my satisfaction and stands behind its product.

What’s more, knowing that I could use the included documentation to navigate some of the initial setup troubles or call in for assistance with connecting additional monitors was reassuring. This was particularly useful as I explored the functionalities of the product’s dual-monitor support.

However, if I were to suggest an improvement, it would be for an option to extend the warranty at an additional cost. Long-term coverage could make a refurbished purchase even more appealing and is something I’d contemplate investing in.

Overall, my experience aligns with that of someone who values customer service greatly when it comes to tech purchases. The Dell Gaming PC and Monitor Bundle not only met my expectations in terms of performance but also provided the backup I needed to feel secure in my purchase. It’s clear that the combination of reliable hardware and customer care forms the backbone of a good consumer experience when dealing with refurbished electronics.