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My thoughts on the ABS Eurus Aqua i9 14900KF RTX 4090 Gaming PC (2024)

My thoughts on the ABS Eurus Aqua i9 14900KF RTX 4090 Gaming PC: performance, build quality, value, and future-proofing.
Joseph Metcalfe

Cartesian Mathematics Foundation


December 28, 2023


I recently got my hands on the ABS Eurus Aqua gaming PC, which is loaded with some of the most powerful components on the market. I’ve spent a good amount of time testing its capabilities and discuss below how it holds up in terms of gaming performance, build quality, and overall value. With the Intel i9 14900KF and RTX 4090 under the hood, I expected a lot from this machine, and it mostly delivered.


Property Value Property Value
Specific Uses For Product Gaming Brand ADVANCED BATTLESTATIONS
Personal computer design type Computer Tower Operating System Windows 11 Home
Memory Storage Capacity 2 TB Screen Size 1
Ram Memory Installed Size 32 GB Model Name Eurus Aqua
Included Components Desktop Tower, Power Cord, Documentation CPU Model Core i9


Performance and Gaming Prowess

A screenshot of a high-end game with ultra settings displaying complex graphics

Diving straight into the heart of gaming performance, this ABS Eurus Aqua gaming rig is a testament to high-end gaming mastery. The Intel i9 14900KF processor along with the powerhouse RTX 4090 GPU promises to churn out top-notch performance, making games look breathtaking and play incredibly smooth. Here are my direct observations on the gaming capabilities:

  • Microsoft Flight Simulator loads in less than 30 seconds and delivers a lag-free experience at 1080p, even in complex city landscapes.

  • Esports titles like CSGO and Rainbow Six Siege are no match, running at staggering frame rates that would keep any competitive gamer more than satisfied.

  • Cyberpunk 2077 at ultra-settings with ray tracing hits an average FPS that’s nothing short of impressive, highlighting both the raw processing strength and efficient cooling system in this beast.

While these points paint an enviable picture, one should be ready to deal with some potential hassles. The occasional blue screen of death and boot issues, especially with M.2 drives not being detected, are concerns to note. Additionally, a few users have reported needing to add a support bracket for the GPU due to its size – something to consider for maintaining the longevity of your components.

Packaging and shipping have seen mixed reactions, though the ABS team seems diligent in refunding any mishaps with expedited shipping costs. But importantly, the quiet operation under heavy load is a relief as nobody wants a jet engine by their feet during immersive gaming sessions.

It’s important to note that bloatware is minimal here. This aspect is critical as it saves me the headache of having to clean up the system before jumping into my favorite titles. And when gaming, the difference made by DLSS 3.0 AI-Powered Performance is visible, rendering games with delicate details and fluid motion without overburdening the system.

However, my experience with the pre-installed RAM was bittersweet - a solid 32GB, but I would have preferred a lower CL for that DDR5 6000MHz speed. It’s a minor quip since upgrading is always an option.

In the broad canvas of endless gameplay, every frame counts, and this machine is built to give you plenty. My pulse raced with the stunning visuals and instantaneous responses during high-octane moments. Not all is perfect, but the overall gaming experience eclipses the drawbacks, making it a rig that has found a proud place in my setup.

Hardware Integration and Build Quality

An open gaming pc tower showing tidy cable management and the interior hardware setup

In the realm of gaming PCs, factors like build quality and hardware integration are often pivotal. Having had my hands on the ABS Eurus Aqua, here’s a take on these aspects:

  • Packaging and Protection: The expanded foam inserts ABS utilizes safeguarded the components during shipping, which instills confidence right from unboxing.

  • Component Selection: Each part is branded and reputable, such as the MSI motherboard and Kingston RAM, ensuring reliability.

  • Cable Management: Out of the box, cables are neatly routed, contributing to both aesthetics and airflow.

However, with such a high-end rig, there are naturally some concerns. First, the glass panel issue, as reported by a few users could suggest potential build inconsistency. Also, the stock CPU cooler performance seems to be a hit or miss, based on various reports. Lastly, quality control of the parts seems to come up occasionally – finding a loose M.2 screw inside the case isn’t reassuring.

On the more positive side, the noise levels are impressively low even under load. The RGB lighting and the ease of using the pre-installed MSI app signal attention to user experience. It’s great that they don’t stuff the PC with bloatware; a clean system is a breath of fresh air. The cooling is also notable here, keeping the beastly CPU and GPU combo nicely temperate during intense gaming sessions.

I appreciate that it’s not just the performance but the look and feel of the system that ABS nails. The RGB integration is slick, and they’ve opted for a tower case that doesn’t skimp on space or airflow.

Although I’m relieved the parts came assembled and it avoided the hassle of building a PC from scratch, the drawback here is the limited personal touch. For enthusiasts like myself, part of the fun is choosing each component. Yet, this is somewhat remedied by the quality of the selection – there wasn’t an urge to replace parts immediately, except perhaps considering additional RAM or a secondary NVMe SSD for more storage.

All things considered, ABS offers a system that’s a triumph in terms of pre-built gaming PCs, with excellent hardware synergy and solid construction – even if there’s room for minor improvements. These machines are not just about plugging in and playing; they tell a story of careful assembly and intended longevity, which in today’s market, is a win in my book.

Value Proposition and Cost Analysis

A calculator and a list of pc components with their prices next to a piggy bank to represent budgeting

When it comes to the ABS Eurus Aqua High Performance Gaming PC, the overall value is into the ropes of a high-caliber gaming experience with a few considerations. Let’s break it down in terms of cost and offerings:

  • Price Point: Scoring this rig for $1799.99 feels like a major steal. The guts of this machine—think RTX 4090 and i9 14900KF—would set you back a hefty sum if purchased piecemeal, not to mention the labor of love (or frustration) assembling it.

  • Out-of-the-Box Performance: The immediate usability and performance of this system really hit the mark for gaming. With virtually zero setups outside the box, it’s a plug-and-play dream for those less inclined to tinker.

However, nothing is without its caveats:

  • Potential Add-Ons: While the base components are impressive, expansion or customization like adding a 2TB NVMe or supplementary RAM may be necessary for power users, nudging up the overall investment.

  • Packaging and Shipping: It appears that ABS nails the protection of components during the shipping phase. Yet, there have been voices about the shipping speed and handling by the courier, which can be a dice roll.

Now, let’s chat about the finer points:

  • Stability and Reliability: Some users reported issues like a failing M.2 drive within the first few weeks, which, although fixable, does raise a brow about long-term reliability.

  • Customer Service: A mixed bag here. Some buyers received stellar support, while others struggled with automated systems. This inconsistency is a potential downside when considering a prebuilt.

Crafting an opinion around the ABS Eurus Aqua requires a look at both prizes and pitfalls. For me, the immediate benefits of owning a prebuilt powerhouse like this, especially considering the heft of the RTX 4090, win big. This machine powers through current-gen titles with horsepower to spare, justifying the price. It’s especially impressive with heavy hitters like Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Nevertheless, a seasoned builder might find the pre-installed components not exactly to their preference and may end up spending more on upgrades. Plus, the occasional DOA part and dealing with customer support can dampen the otherwise shiny appeal.

In sum, the ABS Eurus Aqua delivers top-tier performance that justifies its price tag to a large extent. The convenience factor is a significant draw, with the trade-off being the gamble on shipping incidents and the possibility of having to upgrade sooner than anticipated. If the specs align with your needs and you prefer a hassle-free setup, this PC is likely a smart buy, always considering that you might have a few additional moves to make down the line to ensure everything runs smoothly.

Future-Proofing and Upgrade Potential

A close-up of a pc motherboard with empty ram slots and an unoccupied pcie slot highlighted

When considering the future-proofing and upgrade potential of the ABS Eurus Aqua i9 14900KF RTX 4090 Gaming PC, several key points come to mind:

  1. Processor and Graphics Power: The combination of the Intel i9 14900KF and RTX 4090 sets a high bar for future gaming titles and intense workloads.
  2. Memory and Storage: Starting with 32GB DDR5 RAM and a 2TB NVMe SSD provides ample room for most users, but the expandability is a significant plus.
  3. Cooling and Power Supply: The 280MM Liquid Cooler and 1000W PSU ensure the system stays cool and sufficiently powered, even after upgrades.

The ABS Eurus Aqua is no slouch out of the box. Its specifications are top-tier, particularly with the CPU and GPU combo that can tackle demanding games and applications without breaking a sweat. The inclusion of DLSS 3.0 tech furthers its readiness for future AI-driven enhancements in gaming.

However, no PC is future-proof without room for improvements. The 32GB of DDR5 RAM at 6000MHz is a standout for today’s standards, but the ability to upgrade to even more memory down the line is crucial as software continues to evolve. Equally, while the 2TB NVMe SSD provides fast storage out-of-the-box, having an open M.2 slot keeps the door open for more space or faster drives as they become available.

The cooling system is equally forward-thinking, ensuring that even with a potential boost in processing power down the line, temperatures remain manageable. The 1000W power supply is another nod towards upgrade versatility, having headroom to accommodate more power-hungry components that may come into play.

While there’s plenty to praise, it’s not without its drawbacks. For instance, scenarios like a missing SSD standoff or issues with DIMM slots, as mentioned by some users, can be a bit of a setback if you’re not comfortable tinkering inside your PC. And let’s not forget shipping woes, which can dampen the excitement for your new rig.

In terms of cosmetic upgrades, the RGB lighting and clean design mean the Eurus Aqua will maintain its aesthetic appeal for years, though this is more subjective.

Lastly, considering service and support, it seems that there’s room for improvement. As with any purchase, solid customer service is invaluable, especially if you encounter issues early on.

In conclusion, the ABS Eurus Aqua impresses with its present-day performance and sets itself up nicely for future upgrades. It’s clear a lot of thought has gone into selecting components that provide a balance between what’s cutting-edge today and what will remain relevant tomorrow. While no machine is entirely future-proof, this one gets you as close to that ideal as current technology allows, making it an exciting option for gamers and professionals alike.