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My review of the iBuyPower SlateMESH2070 Gaming PC (i7 12700F, RTX 3060) (2024)

My thoughts on the iBuyPower SlateMESH2070: performance, connectivity, design, and long-term value for gamers.
Brad Cheston

Cartesian Mathematics Foundation


December 31, 2023


I’ve been using the iBuyPower SlateMESH2070 gaming PC for some months now, not just for gaming but also day-to-day productivity tasks. It keeps up quite well - more on this below.


Property Value Property Value
Specific Uses For Product Everyday Use, Gaming, Business Brand iBUYPOWER
Personal computer design type Computer Tower Operating System Windows 11 Home
Memory Storage Capacity 500 GB Screen Size 1
Ram Memory Installed Size 16 GB Model Name SlateMESH2070
Included Components System, Gaming Mouse, Keyboard, and Power Cord CPU Model Intel Core i7


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Ibuypower slatemesh2070 gaming pc 8 Ibuypower slatemesh2070 gaming pc 4 Ibuypower slatemesh2070 gaming pc 2


Performance Under Pressure: Gaming and Multitasking Capabilities

Ibuypower slatemesh2070 gaming pc 1

Navigating through the multifaceted landscape of gaming and multitasking on the iBuyPower SlateMESH2070 has been quite the experience. The sheer power of the Intel Core i7 12700F processor paired with the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 graphics card is like unleashing a high-performance sports car on the digital superhighway. Here’s a rundown, aiming to balance my opinions:


  • Stellar performance under heavy graphical loads, handling intense gaming sessions without a hitch.

  • Impressive multitasking capabilities allow for seamless switching between editing videos, gaming, and streaming.

  • Quick boot times and nearly instant wake-from-sleep are game-changers, thanks to the SSD.

  • Super quiet operation; barely a hum even when under pressure.


  • Came in just iBuyPower packaging, which raises some concern for potential theft during shipping.

  • Could use better technical documentation for upgrades and other technical information.

  • Limited HDMI ports might require additional adapters or switches for some setups.

  • The 500GB storage capacity may get snug, especially for those who hoard lots of big games or files.

From a gaming standpoint, this machine crushes it. Every title I’ve thrown at it, from AAA games to the VR rigors of the Vive, performed flawlessly with settings dialed up to the max. The RGB lighting adds flair to the gaming atmosphere, and I admit, it’s nice to see my machine light up like a futuristic command center.

For daily multitasking use, the 16GB of DDR4 memory has been a lifesaver. I frequently have countless browser tabs open alongside other applications, and I’ve noticed no slowdowns or performance dips. The speed at which this PC operates has made a significant difference to my productivity — and patience levels!

Although, I did encounter some obstacles throughout my journey. Discovering the product key required for Windows activation wasn’t straightforward and required some digging. Not exactly an out-of-the-box experience. Further, for gamers with extensive libraries, the 500GB storage capacity might quickly become a bottleneck, prompting the need for an expansion sooner rather than later.

In the realm of PCs, the iBuyPower SlateMESH2070 has demonstrated that it can weather the storm of high demand from processor-intensive tasks and rebuff stuttering or crashing. These seamless transitions confirm the PC’s robustness, which is exactly what I was hoping for.

The drawbacks, although minor in the grand scheme, are worth noting as they suggest areas for improvement — be it in shipping discretion, ease of setup, or default storage. Despite these, the slateMESH2070 remains a contender in the prebuilt PC market for those seeking a harmonious blend of guts and grace in their gaming and multitasking endeavors.

Connectivity and Expansion: Navigating the Inputs and Outputs

Ibuypower slatemesh2070 gaming pc 2

When it comes to the iBUYPOWER SlateMESH2070, my experience with its connectivity and expansion options has been mostly positive, though there are a couple of areas for improvement. Good connectivity is a major convenience, and this machine checks many boxes.

Here’s a quick rundown of what I found to be the most significant aspects:

  • USB Ports: With 6 USB 3.1 ports, the SlateMESH2070 offers plenty of options for plugging in peripherals. The high data transfer speed of these ports is a big plus. I was able to connect my gaming mouse, keyboard, external hard drive, and still had room to charge my phone.

  • Network Connectivity: The inclusion of an RJ-45 for a stable wired internet connection is crucial for online gaming. Wi-Fi worked fine for downloads and streaming, but when it comes to gaming, you can’t beat the reliability of an Ethernet connection.

  • Audio: Onboard audio is standard and does the job for most uses. If you’re an audiophile or a professional who requires pristine audio quality, you might need a dedicated sound card.

  • Special Add-Ons: Having a tempered glass RGB gaming case is neat for the aesthetic, and the added 802.11AC Wi-Fi means I can place the tower away from the router without worrying about an Ethernet cable.

However, it wasn’t all perfect. The SlateMESH2070 could improve by providing more variety in the video output ports. The single HDMI port meant I had to grab a converter to hook up my second monitor, which isn’t a deal-breaker, but something to keep in mind if your setup requires multiple displays. Additionally, I would have appreciated a clearer breakdown of the system specs in the documentation, particularly for future upgrades. Information on RAM slots and compatible components would make it easier for non-tech savvy users to customize their rig down the line.

In the grand scheme of things, these issues are more like inconveniences than deal-breakers. Plus, the fact that it comes with a free gaming keyboard and mouse is a nice touch and adds value, especially for those just starting to build their gaming setup.

Overall, the iBUYPOWER SlateMESH2070 provides a reliable and varied range of connectivity options that serve well for gaming and everyday use alike. While there is a slight hiccup with port variety and documentation, the system’s performance and the existing array of inputs and outputs will be more than enough for most users, whether you’re plugging in a headset for a gaming marathon or hardwiring your rig for the ultimate streaming experience.

Aesthetic and Build Quality: Evaluating the Design Elements

Ibuypower slatemesh2070 gaming pc 3

In the hustle of finding a gaming PC that checks all the boxes for looks and build quality, I came across the iBUYPOWER SlateMESH2070. Right off the bat, I noticed it had a striking presence with its tempered glass RGB gaming case - frankly, it’s a beauty. But let’s be practical and start by breaking down the essential design aspects of this rig:

  • The RGB lighting is customizable with 16 colors which is a nifty feature for personalizing your setup’s vibe.

  • Sleek tempered glass side panel allows for a peek into the internal craftsmanship and the components humming inside.

  • It comes with a free gaming keyboard and RGB gaming mouse that match the aesthetic of the tower perfectly.

While I’m pleased with the overall look and feel, I’ll admit there are a couple of drawbacks. For instance, I wish the RGB lighting had more modes or patterns to truly tailor the mood or maybe sync with gameplay. Also, cable management could be better. When I peek through the glass panel, I want to see a clean layout – not a jungle gym of cables.

Despite those issues, the build quality is solid. The case doesn’t feel cheap or flimsy, which is a relief considering how much use it’s going to get. Moreover, it arrived well-packaged with no damage from shipping – a positive start. Plus, setting it up was a piece of cake, with the instructions so straightforward, anyone could follow them.

On the downside, and mind you this is me nitpicking, the Wi-Fi antenna cable could be a bit longer for better placement flexibility. Also, while I appreciate the inclusion of a gaming keyboard and mouse, they’re good but not great – serious gamers might want to upgrade these peripherals.

Noise levels are another huge win for me. The system runs whisper-quiet even under load, which is impressive considering the power under the hood. No annoying fan buzzes to disrupt your focus – it’s just you and the game.

In conclusion, if you’re after a prebuilt PC that delivers not just on performance but also on aesthetics, the iBUYPOWER SlateMESH2070 stakes a strong claim. It’s got style, substance, and the minor hiccups are nothing deal-breaking. It looks like I’ll be enjoying this stylish powerhouse for a good while, and it’s a solid recommendation from my end.

Long-Term Value and Tech Support: My Peace of Mind

A hand hovering over a contact support button on a website symbolizing customer service availability for the ibuypower slatemesh2070.

When it comes to determining the long-term value of a gaming PC like the iBuyPower SlateMESH2070, a couple of key factors come to mind:

  1. Performance longevity: How well will this machine keep up with future games and software demands?
  2. Build Quality: Are the components and construction reliable for years to come?
  3. Tech Support: Should issues arise, how painless is the resolution process?

My experience tells me that the iBuyPower SlateMESH2070 hits high marks for the first two. The Intel Core i7 12700F processor and NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 12GB graphics card are top-tier, ensuring this machine shouldn’t flinch at demanding games and multitasking for a good few years. The 16GB DDR4 memory is ample, though gamers may want to consider an upgrade as software requirements escalate.

The build quality seems sturdy. No squeaky parts, and everything fitted nicely out of the box. However, I noticed one potential oversight—the cable management could be tighter, which may affect airflow and dust accumulation.

Now, let’s talk about tech support and warranties. In this digital age, I breathe easier knowing there’s a 1-year parts and labor warranty plus lifetime US tech support. That’s reassuring. But real-world scenarios have shown that reaching out to said support can be less than straightforward. Wait times and RMA processes could test your patience. Furthermore, minor glitches like finding the Windows product key shouldn’t be detective work for the customer. Thankfully, online communities and a bit of tech-savviness go a long way in resolving such hurdles.

Here’s a brief rundown:


  • Solid performance from current-gen specs.

  • 1-year warranty and lifetime support for peace of mind.

  • Good build quality straight out of the box.


  • Potential for improved cable management.

  • Tech support can be a bit of a maze.

  • Some initial setup quirks, like BIOS issues, need attention.

Looking beyond the box, a desktop’s lifespan is often dictated by how well it adapts over time. With the SlateMESH2070, expansion is viable. I’d say its upgradability is a major plus, keeping the system fresh despite the tech industry’s rapid evolution. Slots for additional storage and RAM are a nod to future-proofing.

To wrap up, the iBuyPower SlateMESH2070 stands as a solid investment for gamers and heavy multitaskers. Its initial value is apparent, and while no tech is entirely future-proof, this one’s at least looking ahead. Yes, there may be a hiccup or two along the way, but isn’t that true of all high-end electronics? And, when those occur, I’m comforted knowing lifetime support’s a chat away—however long the wait may be. Overall, the SlateMESH2070 seems to assure both performance today and the potential for tomorrow.