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Trying out the Redragon MC211 White ITX Gaming PC Case (with high airflow & lighting bar) (2024)

My thoughts on the Redragon MC211 ITX case: build, cooling efficiency, material quality, and overall functionality.
Sid Metcalfe

Cartesian Mathematics Foundation


November 30, 2023


I recently had the chance to put together my gaming rig in the Redragon MC211 gaming case. This little power-packed case offers a good balance between a compact form factor and the ability to accommodate high-end gaming hardware. Even with its smaller size, it’s designed to keep things cool and running smoothly, which is crucial for any gaming setup. If you’re looking for a case that won’t take over your desk space but still wants to show off your components, this might be a solid pick.


Property Value Property Value
Brand Redragon Motherboard Compatability Micro ATX
Case Type Mid Tower Recommended Uses For Product Gaming
Color White Material Tempered Glass
Cooling Method Water, Air Model Name Strafe
Number of Expansion Slots 3 Number of USB 2 Ports 2


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Compact Design and Aesthetic Appeal

Redragon mc211 itx white pc case 1

When it comes to compact gaming cases, the Redragon MC211 has piqued my interest, so let’s get into some of the finer points. Here’s a snapshot of the main factors that caught my attention:

  • Space Efficient: Fitting this little guy on my desk was no problem at all. It didn’t demand the same real estate as an ATX case, which is a huge plus in my book.

  • Aesthetically Pleasing: The transparent tempered glass panels and a clean white color offer a sleek look that enhances any gaming setup.

  • Cooling Capabilities: Considering its size, the support for multiple fans and a 240mm radiator is quite impressive.

  • Accessibility: The 360-degree disassembly potential is a neat feature, especially when I need to tinker with the components inside.

However, it’s not without its drawbacks. While the design is undeniably compact and attractive, the case is a little too snug when it comes to fitting all the components inside, and cable management can be a challenge if you’re not meticulous.

Assembling the Redragon MC211 was an interesting experience. The ability to strip the case down completely made the initial setup easier than expected for a Mini ITX case. The panels and frame parts were easy to dismantle, saving me the hassle of navigating tight spaces with tools.

The build quality is noteworthy. The powder-coated SPCC steel gave the chassis a solid feel, and it’s apparent that it can handle the occasional move without showing signs of wear. Plus, for those who appreciate added flair, the tempered glass is a nice touch that shows off the internal components beautifully.

As someone who enjoys a bit of color coordination in their setup, the availability of the case in white was a major selling point. The tempered glass material not only added to the durability but also allowed me to showcase my components and RGB lighting setups. The visual appeal is there, and with the option to efficiently include cooling solutions, both water, and air, the case didn’t force me to compromise on performance for aesthetics.

Despite the compact design, Redragon has managed to integrate decent hardware compatibility. It supports a full-sized GPU, and the presence of four PCI slots means expandability isn’t an issue. I appreciated the thought given to the case’s layout; the cooling features assure that despite its reduced size, thermal performance won’t suffer.

Incorporating style into a Mini ITX form factor, Redragon has outdone themselves with this offering. The MC211 strikes a balance between space-saving design and visual appeal, making it an attractive proposition for gamers looking to save on space without sacrificing style. Although there are some limitations in terms of roominess for components, they’re understandable given the size constraints. Overall, I’m quite happy with how it sits as a matte piece of my gaming ensemble.

Cooling Performance and Hardware Compatibility

Redragon mc211 itx white pc case 2

When it comes to gaming cases, airflow and hardware compatibility are crucial, and the Redragon MC211 does not disappoint. Here’s a quick run-down of the cooling performance and hardware compatibility aspects:

  • Cooling Capabilities: The MC211 boasts support for up to four 120mm fans and even a 240mm radiator, offering flexibility for both air and water cooling setups. This is impressive for a Mini ITX case and speaks volumes about its capability to keep components cool.

  • Ventilation Design: With five honeycomb/mesh panels, this case is designed to maximize airflow. However, it’s important to remember that while the ventilation is ample, it might take some tweaking to get the airflow just right because of the compact nature of the case.

  • Hardware Fit: The case comfortably accommodates a 320mm full-sized GPU and has four PCI slots, which is more than what some other Mini ITX cases offer. This is a huge plus for anyone looking to build a high-end gaming rig in a small form factor.

Now, to give you a better sense of how it stacks up, let me walk you through my personal experience.

I’ve been on the lookout for a case that could house my gaming setup without taking up too much desk space, and the Redragon MC211 seemed like a great contender. The compact size is a huge win for small spaces. I was able to fit it right on my desk, turning it into a main feature rather than just another box on the floor.

Of course, small doesn’t mean compromised performance. I was able to install my Ryzen 5700x and an rx 7800xt without any hiccups. And yes, I jumped on the water-cooling bandwagon with a 240 aio cooler – everything slotted in with minimal fuss.

However, the compact design does come with its share of challenges. Cable management can be a tricky affair if you’re not careful. With the transparent panels on each side, I had to take extra care to keep things tidy inside to maintain the aesthetic appeal. And, while the case supports a full-sized GPU, you’ll want to check the total clearance with any front-panel accessories or coolers you plan to use.

Another minor gripe I have is with the motherboard compatibility – it’s restricted to Micro ATX. This wasn’t a deal-breaker for me, but worth considering, depending on your build requirements.

Despite these small challenges, I have to say that I love this case. The cooling performance has been on point with my set-up, and the fact that all 6 panels can be easily dismantled gives unprecedented access for a Mini ITX – a feature that cannot be overstated.

All in all, while it may require a bit of patience and planning to get everything just right, the Redragon MC211 is both a powerful and slick home for a high-performance ITX build.

Build Experience and Material Quality

Redragon mc211 itx white pc case 3

Building a gaming PC in the Redragon MC211 was like fitting together pieces of a compact puzzle. The small form factor was a challenge, but also refreshing as it required careful consideration of each component’s size and placement. Here’s a breakdown of my build experience and thoughts on the material quality, with a lean towards the positives while acknowledging some potential drawbacks:

  • Size and Space: The chassis was surprisingly accommodating for its size. It could house a full-sized GPU up to 320mm, which is impressive for a mini ITX case. However, builders should be aware that while it supports 4 PCIe slots, the compactness means that cable management skills will be put to the test.

  • Ease of Access: I appreciated the 360-degree accessibility. With dismantlable panels, it was easy to reach every corner of the case during the build. This proved to be a significant advantage for someone like me who tends to tweak and upgrade components regularly.

  • Materials: The use of 1mm thick SPCC steel gave the case a solid and durable feel. The extra tempered glass panels elevated the overall look, but this does mean you’ll have to be careful during assembly and transport to avoid any scratches or breaks.

  • Cooling Options: The space for a 240mm radiator and support for up to 4 120mm fans promised good airflow. Nevertheless, as with any small case, builders need to pick their cooling solutions wisely to maximize airflow without overcrowding.

Despite the positives, I must admit that there were hurdles along the way. For instance, fitting in larger power supplies could be an issue – a warning to prospective builders to thoroughly check their PSU dimensions before diving in. Also, the instruction sheet could be a bit larger for ease of reference during the build.

In terms of Build Quality, I was impressed. The case was well machined with no rough edges, and the powder-coated finish was smooth – rare qualities in budget-oriented cases. The modularity of the case was also a standout feature, allowing for various configurations based on personal preference or hardware demands.

On a side note, the lack of inclusion of a PCIe riser might be something to take into account when budgeting, as it’s necessary for installing the GPU. Also, the absence of USB-C in the front I/O panel was a slight disappointment in an otherwise future-proof chassis.

In summary, I found the Redragon MC211 to be a capable and good-looking case. The design leverages a balance between style and substance, fostering a build that can proudly sit on any desk. Despite a few minor design choices that could be improved upon, I believe the positives—like the solid build quality, the space for a full-sized GPU, and the ease of access—make it a worthy contender for anyone looking to put together a small form factor PC.

Case Functionality and Final Impressions

Redragon mc211 itx white pc case 4

Throughout my journey with the Redragon MC211, I’ve come across a slew of elements that have significantly shaped my final impressions. Here, I’ll break it down to give you a clearer perspective:


  • Compact Size: Ideal for gamers looking to save space.

  • Easy Accessibility: The 360-degree disassembly is a boon for modding enthusiasts.

  • Material Durability: The SPCC steel and tempered glass not only enhance the lifespan but also the visual appeal.

  • Support for Cooling Systems: The case accommodates various cooling setups efficiently.


  • Cable Management: If you’re not a pro, the open design can be a bit unforgiving.

  • Instructions: Could be more detailed, particularly for novices or those with weak eyesight.

Amidst the array of thoughts, what stands out to me is the balance of space efficiency and cooling capabilities that this case manages to strike. The form factor is indeed a massive advantage for those like me who prefer having their gaming setup as a central element of the room without it taking over the entire space. Handling the MC211 further reassured me of its quality build—the materials feel solid, designed to last and resist the rigors of movement and adjustment.

Another highlight is the cooling potential of this tiny titan. Having the ability to support four 120mm fans and a hefty 240mm radiator means I don’t have to compromise on keeping my system cool, regardless of the compact size. This is a huge plus, especially when considering the increasingly powerful and thermally demanding components on the market.

However, the case isn’t without its drawbacks. If your cable management skills aren’t top-notch, the wide-open nature of this case will turn your system into a visual conundrum. It’s something I definitely intend to work on, possibly considering a PSU with white cabling or some neat cable wraps for a cleaner look.

For those stepping into the realm of ITX builds, the disassembly is intuitive and requires no heavy-duty tools, making it relatively user-friendly. Though, I did find the instructional material a tad small for my liking—a larger, more detailed guide would’ve been appreciated.

As for the versatility in terms of hardware fit, I’ve had no issues accommodating my hardware within its confines. However, when I think of potential improvements, I envision a slightly more generous inner layout to allow for a bit more wiggle room, particularly for those who plan to push the limits of ITX builds.

All in all, the Redragon MC211 is a robust choice for anyone looking to construct a compact, stylish PC without sacrificing performance. It’s not perfect, but it gets a lot right—and for those willing to navigate its minor challenges, it offers a rewarding building experience and an eye-catching, space-saving addition to any gaming station.