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Pink gaming desktop case with 4x RGB Fans: Trying out the Apevia GUARDIAN-M-PK Mesh Case (2024)

My thoughts on the Apevia GUARDIAN-M-PK: balancing style, cooling, lighting, and value in a gaming case.
Sid Metcalfe

Cartesian Mathematics Foundation


January 3, 2024


I recently put together a PC using the Apevia GUARDIAN-M-PK case, which caught my attention with its bold pink color and promise of good functionality paired with unique aesthetics. While building with it, I noticed several pros and cons, which may be helpful for those who are considering this case for their own setup.


Property Value Property Value
Brand Apevia Case Type Mid Tower
Color PINK Material Metal
Cooling Method Air Item Weight 13.6 Pounds
Number of Expansion Slots 7 Number of USB 2 Ports 2
Number of USB 3 Ports 1 Total USB Ports 3


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Design & Aesthetics of the Apevia GUARDIAN-M-PK Case

Apevia guardian pink mesh gaming case 1

The Apevia GUARDIAN-M-PK case sports a design that truly stands out, especially in the vibrant pink color that catches the eye. Its tempered glass side panel gives a clean view inside the case, showcasing the components and the setup, which is a must for anyone proud of their build. The optional vertical graphics card mounting is a smart touch, allowing for a more aesthetically pleasing GPU display. This feature is also practical, as it can help with cooling by providing more space around the card.

Here are some of the design and aesthetics highlights:

Vivid Pink Color: It’s not every day that you find a case with such a daring color choice. It makes a statement and can be the centerpiece of a gaming setup.

Tempered Glass Panels: The side and front panels offer a peek into the internals, which, when paired with the included RGB fans, gives off a futuristic vibe.

RGB Lighting: Adjustable RGB fans through an LED button on the top panel allow for personalization of your setup to match your style.

While the case’s aesthetics are a major plus, there are some minor downsides to consider. The front glass panel, despite looking great, doesn’t allow as much airflow as a mesh panel, which theoretically could impact thermal performance. However, with its strategic vent placements, this concern is largely mitigated.

The case’s focus on aesthetics means that builders will have to be a bit more meticulous with cable management. However, the cable management system is quite robust with enough space and tie-down points, making this less of an ordeal and ensuring that the end result is both neat and tidy. This case isn’t just about good looks; it’s evident that usability has been considered.

One other point to note is the use of Molex connectors for the fans. They are somewhat outdated and can be a bit trickier to work with compared to the more modern SATA power connectors.

Overall, from a design and aesthetics standpoint, the GUARDIAN-M-PK does not disappoint. It offers a distinctive pink colorway that is both charming and bold. The tempered glass side panel is like a window to the soul of your PC, inviting onlookers to admire your components and the beautiful RGB lighting. While the front glass panel and Molex connectors present some potential drawbacks, they are relatively minor and do not significantly detract from the overall appeal. If you’re someone who values a unique look and is willing to put in the effort to maintain a clean build, this case offers that in spades.

Functional Features & Build Experience

Apevia guardian pink mesh gaming case 2

When building a PC, the case is where everything comes together, and the Apevia GUARDIAN-M-PK mid-tower case has left quite an impression on me. From my personal experience, here’s a rundown of what stood out:

  • Roomy Interior: I appreciate the ample space inside for components. Fitting a standard ATX motherboard was smooth, with enough clearance for cable management.

  • Drive Bays: It supports 3x 3.5” HDDs and 2x 2.5” SSDs, meeting my storage needs. Although, as I found out, if you’re aiming for triple HDDs setup, it can be tricky due to some misalignment in drive cage design.

  • Ventilation Options: Up to six 120mm fans and a sizeable 360mm/240mm radiator can be installed for cooling, which I find to be quite adequate.

  • Vertical GPU Slots: The two vertical GPU slots are a stylish way to showcase your graphics card, though they’re not always practical for airflow or connections.

  • User-Friendly Features: The top I/O panel with an “LED” button is simple to use, with 16 lighting modes, which makes fine-tuning the aesthetics of your build hassle-free.

Despite these pluses, there are a couple of aspects that could use improvement:

  • Fan Wiring: The fans’ wiring was somewhat of a puzzle to me. It took time to figure out the daisy chain and LED SW connections. Only one LED SW needs to connect to the power, contrary to what the instructions suggest.

  • Expansion Slot Covers: They’re the snap-off type. I’d prefer screw-in covers for more manageable component changes.

Beyond these issues, the preinstalled fans, while a nice inclusion, seem to lack in build quality. In my use, they function adequately, but I remain cautious of their long-term reliability; a consideration if you’re thinking about heavy gaming or prolonged use.

During my build, I enjoyed how the interior layout facilitated a no-fuss installation process. Fitment for the GPU and PSU was generous. However, one hiccup I noted was the less-than-perfect HDD bay design, especially when looking to use all available bays.

Cable management is often the bane of PC builds, but the GUARDIAN-M-PK gets a thumbs up here. There are ample cutouts and tie points which allow for a clean routing of cables.

To distill my thoughts, here are the key takeaways from my build experience:


  • Spacious interior and clearance

  • Vertical GPU mount adds a touch of style

  • Sufficient fan and radiator support for decent airflow

  • User-friendly LED control on the I/O panel

  • Generally positive cable management attributes


  • Potentially ambiguous fan wiring instructions

  • HDD bay could be better designed for multiple drives

  • Quality of preinstalled fans could be a point of concern

In crafting a build housed in the Apevia GUARDIAN-M-PK, the case offers a mix of convenience and room for creativity. While there are setbacks, such as the initial puzzment regarding fan wiring and the HDD bays, the overall experience leans towards the positive. Its features offer enough flexibility to satisfy both novice builders like me and more seasoned DIYers looking for a canvas to build their next gaming rig.

Cooling Efficiency & RGB Lighting Options

Apevia guardian pink mesh gaming case 3

When building a PC, cooling efficiency is one of the top concerns, and the Apevia GUARDIAN-M-PK case tackles this with a design that’s both functional and eye-catching. The inclusion of four preinstalled RGB fans adds a vibrant touch to the case; three are spaciously aligned in the front, with one in the rear, promoting a consistent airflow through the system. Here’s a rundown of what stood out to me in terms of cooling and lighting:

  • Positive Air Pressure: With three intake fans on the front and one exhaust fan at the back, the case is designed to create a pressure gradient that helps expel heat.

  • Versatility in Cooling Options: There’s ample space for up to six 120mm fans or a 360mm/240mm radiator in the front, which provides flexibility for both air and liquid cooling setups.

  • Intuitive RGB Controls: The top I/O panel’s “LED” button allows quick cycling through 16 lighting modes, making customization a breeze without software.

The front panel enhances the cooling efficiency with 12 air vents, ensuring a steady stream of cool air to the components. I appreciate how this design choice integrates aesthetic appeal with practical function, hitting that sweet spot for those of us that value form and functionality equally.

The case’s RGB lighting feature is both its crowning glory and a slight letdown. Being able to select from 30 play-through options, including RGB, breathing, and single color modes, gives the case a dynamic edge that sets it apart. However, the fans being proprietary means you’re stuck with the lighting options they come with. This might be a drawback for enthusiasts who love syncing their lighting with other components or those looking for full control over their RGB ecosystem.

In terms of cooling capabilities, the GUARDIAN-M-PK doesn’t disappoint. Every build I’ve housed in this case has enjoyed very satisfactory temperature management, from mid-range systems to more powerful, heat-generating setups. While I haven’t installed a radiator in this case myself, I’ve noted that there’s a profitable space for one—even if it looks a bit tight, there are extra motherboard mounting holes that can act as a workaround for larger radiator installations.

To sum up my stance on this case when it comes to cooling efficiency and RGB lighting, I’m leaning towards a predominantly positive outlook. The pros like excellent airflow, cooling versatility, and easy-to-use RGB controls outweigh the cons, such as limited RGB customization and potential space constraints for radiators. It’s a testament that Apevia has balanced cost-effectiveness with the desire for a build that stands out visually while keeping components cool under pressure.

Value for Money & Final Thoughts

Apevia guardian pink mesh gaming case 4

When weighing the merits of the Apevia GUARDIAN-M-PK gaming case, my thoughts are decidedly mixed, though I lean towards an overall positive reception. There are several aspects to consider before drawing a conclusion, so let’s break it down:


  • Spacious interior accommodates various motherboard sizes and larger graphics cards.

  • Design versatility with support for multiple fan and radiator setups for custom cooling solutions.

  • The magnetic front panel and swing door on the side make for easy access and maintenance.


  • RGB and fan wiring can be challenging to understand, which might frustrate first-time builders.

  • There are concerns over the quality of the included fans, which might not meet the expectations of every user.

  • Despite claims of supporting three 3.5” drives, actual drive bay design may lead to suboptimal installment.

From the practical point of view of a builder, the value for money is apparent. The case offers enough room for cable management ensuring a clean setup, which is a big plus in my book. Processing my thoughts, it’s evident that the Apevia GUARDIAN-M-PK delivers on its promise of a stylish, functional mid-tower case with flair, particularly for the price point.

The quality of materials is solid for a case in this price bracket; however, the default fans’ durability and performance leave something to be desired. This is not a deal-breaker by any means, but it’s worth noting for anyone prioritizing longevity and performance in their build.

The pink color and RGB lighting options are a hit for those looking for a personalized touch, adding a unique and fun element to the rig. But I must mention that the RGB switch has been reported as less intuitive than desired, which could dampen the experience for users expecting straightforward customization.

Considering the drawbacks, the case still represents a wise investment for builders who are looking for a balance between aesthetics, functionality, and price. While it may not be the ultimate case for everyone, the Apevia GUARDIAN-M-PK shines in its niche and offers enough flexibility for future upgrades.

Ultimately, the decision comes down to individual needs and preferences. If you can look past the minor quirks and the possibility of needing to replace the fans down the line, the Apevia GUARDIAN-M-PK is certainly worth considering, especially for those who want to make a statement with their PC’s looks.

For those still on the fence, weighing these pros and cons against your particular requirements is the best way to decide whether this vibrant pink case will serve as the ideal home for your gaming build.