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My use of the PCCOOLER C3T500 ARGB Mid Tower Gaming Case White (2024)

My thoughts on using the PCCOOLER C3T500 Case: aesthetics, space, cooling, and customer service.
Marty Barrios

Cartesian Mathematics Foundation


January 3, 2024


I recently picked up the PCCOOLER C3T500 ARGB Mid Tower Case for my new PC build. The case is packed with features like transparent tempered glass, ARGB lighting, and a spacious interior, but I also noticed some areas that could be improved.


Property Value Property Value
Brand PCCOOLER Case Type Tower
Recommended Uses For Product Gaming, Business Color White
Material Tempered Glass, Alloy Steel, Metal Cooling Method Water, Air
Model Name C3T500 ARGB WH Light Color RGB
Item Weight 7.6 Kilograms Product Dimensions 16.34”D x 11.61”W x 14.49”H


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Pccooler c3t500 argb mid tower white 6 Pccooler c3t500 argb mid tower white 2 Pccooler c3t500 argb mid tower white 4 Pccooler c3t500 argb mid tower white 11 Pccooler c3t500 argb mid tower white 3 Pccooler c3t500 argb mid tower white 12


Aesthetic and Transparency

Pccooler c3t500 argb mid tower white 1

The PCCOOLER C3T500 ARGB Mid Tower Case strikes a great balance between aesthetics and practical visibility. Here’s a rundown of what’s immediately caught my eye:

  • Transparent Tempered Glass: The 3MM thick glass offers a crystal-clear look into my build, which I absolutely adore. Being able to show off the inner workings is a huge plus, especially for those who value aesthetics as much as performance.

  • Column-Free Design: I’m impressed with the innovative approach, as it ensures that there’s nothing obstructing the view or airflow across the motherboard and other components.

  • White Color Scheme and RGB Lighting: Everything just pops with the white case and RGB fans. It sets the stage for the rest of my setup, and lets me match the lighting to my mood or the rest of my gear.

But let’s get real; no case is without its challenges:

  • Power Supply Placement: The side-mounted slot for the power supply is different. It does help with the view but makes the case seem chunkier. It’s a compromise between form and the traditional placement one might be used to.

The ease of access to this case is a standout feature. The snap-on quick-release design for the side panel has made it simpler than ever to access my components. And those magnetic dust covers? They’re a godsend for keeping everything clean without hassle. The six included argb fans are a nice touch, though if I opt for beefier GPU cooling, I might need more - something to consider for future upgrades.

It’s not just about looks; every detail counts. The top-mounted I/O ports, including USB-C, are exactly where I want them. The chunkier design, initially a surprise, turns out to be quite practical with more room for those bulky, high-end parts.

I’m usually the type to keep my setup minimal, which is why the single thumb screw and L-shaped washer mechanism for panel removal fits my preferences. It’s tool-free, quick, and feels secure, eliminating the fear of shattering the glass during disassembly.

Although I’m not digging deep into cooling here - that’s for another section - the prospect of adding two or three AIOs is tempting and indicates just how much thought went into the internal design. A case that looks this good and still considers high-performance cooling options? Count me in.

However, there’s one point I can’t shake off - the spaghetti mess of wires. The pre-programmed controller is convenient, yes, but for those motherboard-synced RGB setups, it’s a bit of a headache. Admittedly, it’s a small price to pay for what is an otherwise outstanding and spacious case.

In sum, while most of the features tilt towards a positive experience, I do acknowledge a few niggles here and there. However, none of these detract significantly from the overall impression that the PCCOOLER C3T500 is a case well-suited for showcasing my PC build in all its glory.

Internal Space and Compatibility

Pccooler c3t500 argb mid tower white 2

In my quest to find the perfect housing for my PC build, I stumbled upon the PCCOOLER C3T500 ARGB Mid Tower Case. Initially, I was drawn in by the spacious interior and compatibility features. The case touts support for multiple motherboard sizes: * ATX * M-ATX * ITX

This kind of versatility means it’s open to various builds, from a high-end gaming setup to a business-ready workstation. The generous size accommodates a 360MM radiator and a CPU cooler up to 175mm in height, an excellent provision for those who want to include a robust cooling system. When tackling my build, I truly appreciated the GPU Length Limit of 400MM and the ATX power supply type up to 200MM. These are the kinds of measurements that allow for more extensive, powerful components without worrying about cramming everything into a tight space.

The case also provides 6 expansion slots and a clear system for storage with dedicated spots for 2 × 2.5” SSD and 2 × 3.5” HDD installations. Such clear demarcations streamline the installation process, meaning I could focus on optimizing performance rather than playing a frustrating game of hardware Tetris.

However, while the space is certainly adequate, cable management can get tricky. I’m no expert in this department, which might be why it took me some time to get all the cords neat and tidy, ensuring optimal airflow and a visually pleasing look through the tempered glass side.

Upon deeper contemplation, despite these minor cable management annoyances, this case still stands out for its immense potential for customization. With such substantial room and support for assorted hardware, you’re not left wanting more space or fearing the dreaded overheating due to cramped quarters.

Build flexibility is the name of the game, with options for air or water cooling and considering I’m someone who tends to push their system, knowing that components have room to ‘breathe’ is reassuring. The drawback here is if you’re not utilizing an AIO cooler; the pre-installed fan setup might feel a bit lacking, a missed opportunity to perfect the out-of-the-box experience.

The toolless access to panels played a big part in how user-friendly I found the whole assembly process. It’s a small detail that showcases PCCOOLER’s attention to the builder’s experience. No fiddling with stubborn screws means quick adjustments and less downtime if upgrades or maintenance are needed.

To wrap up, this case is a multifaceted offering that provides a sound foundation for building a powerful PC. It scores big on accommodating different components and giving builders room to maneuver. Despite some hiccups with wire management and possibly needing additional cooling for high-performance setups, the internal space and compatibility are commendable features of the PCCOOLER C3T500 case.

Cooling Efficiency and Options

Pccooler c3t500 argb mid tower white 3

When it comes to building a PC where cooling is a top priority, there’s a lot to consider. With the PCCOOLER C3T500 ARGB case, the options and efficiency are front and center for me. Here’s the rundown of my experience with its cooling features:

  • Pre-installed fans: Six ARGB fans right out of the box is a solid start.

  • Radiator support: Ample room for a 360mm radiator, which means water cooling is definitely on the table.

  • Airflow design: The case offers good potential airflow, enhanced by the obstruction-free design.

  • Cooler height: There’s up to 175mm clearance for CPU coolers, giving me the flexibility to choose a substantial air cooler.

The case comes with a generous number of fans, and their quality is surprisingly good for a pre-packaged deal. The argb feature on these fans is a nice touch, giving the case a vibrant, customizable look. I appreciate the inclusion of multiple air cooling options, with room to add more fans if required. This flexibility is crucial, as it allows for fine-tuning the cooling depending on the build.

On the flip side, while the pre-installed fans are a boon, they may not be enough for high-performing components prone to generating a lot of heat. I run a high-end GPU that could benefit from additional cooling, so I’ve got my eye on adding more fans down the line.

Also, while PCCOOLER smartly designed the case to avoid clutter, this same design choice means that there’s no escaping the fact that this case is wider due to the side-mounted power supply. It’s something to get used to, but it’s a minor trade-off for the enhanced internal visibility and reduced mainboard obstructions.

For cleaner setups, the magnetic dust covers are a lifesaver. Easy to remove and clean, they’re instrumental in keeping the system running smoothly without the hassle of dust build-up. Another aspect I’ve found helpful is the simple latching system for the side panels; they’re secure yet easy to handle, making maintenance and upgrades less of a chore.

In some respects, the case could do better. The fan hub seemed a bit outdated technologically, and when I tried connecting the fans directly to the motherboard, I hit a snag — nothing happened. It was a mess of wires until I figured out the hub was the culprit. Cable management is doable, but it’s not the smoothest experience. And while the case can hold both an SSD and HDD comfortably, trying to fit anything more could raise concerns about heat management and space.

Bottom line? The cooling efficiency and options make the C3T500 stand out to me, despite a few hiccups. It’s not perfect, but for the balance of features and flexibility it offers, it definitely keeps its cool in more ways than one.

Overall Value and After-Sales Support

Pccooler c3t500 argb mid tower white 4

When deciding on a PC case, the PCCOOLER C3T500 ARGB Mid Tower Case initially presents itself as a strong contender. Here’s a quick rundown of my thoughts:


  • Eye-catching design with tempered glass panels

  • Generous space for high-end components

  • Toolless design for easy installation

  • Effective cooling with space for multiple fan configurations

  • Appealing two-year warranty and after-sales support


  • Premium price point for a lesser-known brand

  • Potential issues with fan hub functionality

  • Cable management could be challenging for some setups

From a personal standpoint, after-sales support is incredibly valuable, especially when investing in a case that ultimately houses all the crucial and costly components of a gaming or work PC. PCCOOLER’s promise of a two-year warranty is reassuring, signifying they’re backing the longevity and quality of their product. While I haven’t crossed paths with their customer service team yet, it’s comforting to know that there’s a resource available should any issues arise.

In terms of value, for a case costing around $130, you’re not just paying for the housing. The inclusion of six ARGB fans is a significant perk, potentially saving the additional hassle and cost of finding and fitting aftermarket cooling solutions. For anyone who thrives on customization, this is a decided advantage. Yet, I harbor some reservations about the pre-installed fan controller; it did appear slightly outdated and could pose installation obstacles if you opt to connect directly to your motherboard.

Another slight hesitation comes with the brand reputation itself. PCCOOLER isn’t as widely recognized as other heavyweight contenders in the PC case market. It’s important to factor in potential challenges if you’re someone who prioritizes brand reliability and the ease of reaching out for support. Nevertheless, if you’re comfortable with a bit of risk, the C3T500 could prove to be a hidden gem and a worthwhile investment.

I must say, as someone who dreads the laborious battle with screws during builds and upgrades, the snap-on quick-release design for the side panels is a genuine godsend. It leans into user-friendly design, making the process less intimidating, especially for PC-building novices.

While every PC case has its setbacks, the C3T500 offers more than just shelter for your components. It’s a statement piece that accentuates your PC build with aesthetically pleasing visuals and ample space, while also delivering versatility and functionality with its cooling options. The final verdict? This case holds its own in the pantheon of mid-tower cases, offering features that both newbies and seasoned builders can appreciate, as long as you’re mindful of its minor drawbacks.