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Building with the MSI MAG Forge 112R Mid-Tower Case (2024)

My building experience with the MSI MAG Forge 112R: good design, cooling, easy building, and good value.
Sid Metcalfe

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October 17, 2023


My recent pc build was with the MSI MAG Forge 112R case. Below I elaborate on its design , cooling performance, ease of building, and overall value for money.


Property Value Property Value
Brand MSI Case Type Mid Tower
Recommended Uses For Product Gaming Color Black
Material Tempered Glass Cooling Method Water, Air
Light Color RGB Item Weight 1 Kilograms
Hard Disk Form Factor 3.5 Inches Fan Count 4


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Design and Aesthetics of the MAG Forge 112R

Msi mag forge 112r mid tower case 1

When it comes to the design and aesthetics of the MSI MAG Forge 112R, I have to give credit where it’s due; it’s quite the looker for a mid-tower case geared towards gamers. The case sports a modern symmetrical design with a mesh front panel that not only adds to the visual appeal but also contributes to its airflow efficiency.

Here’s a quick rundown of what stood out to me in terms of design:

  • Tempered Glass Side Panel: The 4mm thick panel is tool-less making it a breeze to remove. Plus, it’s great for showcasing the internal components, especially if you’ve got a neat ARGB setup.

  • ARGB Fans: It comes with four aRGB fans that add a customizable aesthetic that can be synced with MSI’s Mystic Light software. It’s a nice touch for those who like to personalize their battle stations.

  • Mesh Front: I appreciate the full mesh front for both the looks and the increased air intake it offers.

While I’m singing praises about the design, let’s not gloss over the areas that could see improvement. The construction feels sturdy, but the PCIe slot covers are somewhat flimsy compared to the rest of the chassis. It would have been nice to see a more robust solution here.

Furthermore, the case does not include vertical GPU mount support which is becoming more common in cases aimed at gamers and enthusiasts. Those looking to display their GPU in all its glory might find this to be a shortcoming.

Despite those cons, the overall aesthetic doesn’t fall short. The light gray tone glass adds a sleek touch, and the RGB lighting system can make the case look different every time you glance at it. The magnetic filter on the top is not only a practical element for dust filtration but also rounds off the case’s polished look.

The mesh front panel design may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it strikes a nice balance between form and function. It allows the pre-installed fans to shine through with their RGB lights while ensuring there’s enough airflow to keep high-performance components cool.

In terms of aesthetics, MSI hasn’t cut corners with the MAG Forge 112R. It’s a solid package that feels designed with care, not just for performance, but for users who value the visual aspect of their gaming setup. But as with most things in life—and especially in tech—there’s room for improvement in future iterations, particularly when it comes to material used for PCIe covers and incorporating vertical GPU mounts for those who prefer that setup.

Functional Features and Cooling Performance

Msi mag forge 112r mid tower case 2

When I first got my hands on the MSI MAG Forge 112R, I was cautiously optimistic. I mean, it’s not every day you find a mid-tower case with a bunch of ARGB fans included, right? Now, after some time using it, I can say it’s mostly been a smooth ride, but of course, there are a few things I’d wave a flag at.

Here’s a quick rundown of my experience:


  • Generous Airflow Setup: The case comes pre-loaded with 4 ARGB fans, promising a cool experience right off the bat.

  • Liquid Cooling Ready: For those leaning towards water, it supports up to a 240mm radiator. Neat for an overclocking setup.

  • Dust Management: I appreciate the magnetic filter on top – it’s a little touch, but it guards against dust and is a breeze to clean.

  • Tool-Less Access: The tempered glass side panel can be easily removed, making tweaks and maintenance less of a headache.

  • Built-In Lighting Control: The Insta-Light Loop button to control the lighting effects is a nice perk. No need to fiddle through software for a quick change.


  • PCIE slot covers feel a bit on the cheaper side, slightly tarnishing the otherwise solid build quality.

  • Cable Management: No grommets in sight, which makes hiding those pesky cables a bit tougher than it should be.

Now, cooling performance is paramount for any gaming rig; I’ve seen enough thermal throttling to last a lifetime. The 112R didn’t disappoint. The airflow is solid out of the box, and if you get the itch to throw on more fans, you can set up 6 in total. As for the cooling, while I haven’t pushed it to the extreme, my temperatures have stayed well in check during gaming marathons.

Sure, it won’t satisfy the strictest enthusiast out there, and I found the fan noise a touch louder than I’d like at peak performance, but for an everyday gamer, it’s a trade-off I can live with.

On the flip side, if you’re planning to use a beefy power supply, be prepared for a slight squeeze, especially with that HDD cage lurking. So, plan your cable routes wisely, or you might end up with a jigsaw puzzle on your hands when trying to close the case.

In the realm of ARGB eye candy, the MSI Mystic Light integration is a plus, though the mismatch between 3-pin and 4-pin connectors on some motherboards could mean extra homework figuring out a solution.

All in all, from a functionality standpoint, the MSI MAG Forge 112R hits more than it misses. It keeps my setup chilled, it’s got a design that’s easy to work with, and when it lights up, it really brings my desk to life. Could it be better? Sure, but for its price bracket and features, it’s a strong contender that has earned its place on my desk.

Ease of Build and Component Fit

Msi mag forge 112r mid tower case 3

When assembling a PC, the ease of the build process and how well components fit in the case are crucial. As someone who’s put together several builds over the years, the MSI MAG Forge 112R has been a mostly pleasing experience, with a couple of hiccups along the way. Let’s break it down:


  • Spacious interior: There’s ample room for high-end graphics cards and cooling solutions, making it a breeze to fit in a beefy GPU or a heftier air cooler without feeling cramped.

  • Pre-installed fans: It comes with four aRGB fans, which is a nice touch as it saves additional expense and hassle.

  • Cable management: There’s sufficient space behind the motherboard tray, which makes it easier to tuck away cables and keep things tidy.


  • Radiator space: Although it supports up to a 240mm radiator, anything larger would be a squeeze.

  • Thumbscrew design: The thumbscrews on the glass side panel are small and can be difficult to handle, especially if you’re frequently opening the case for tweaks or maintenance.

During my build, I appreciated the tool-less glass side panel for quick access, a godsend for someone like me who likes to adjust or upgrade parts without too much fuss. The tempered glass provided a sturdy feel, giving the side panel a quality that reassured me my components were well-protected. However, the PCIE slot covers did feel somewhat flimsy, and the HDD caddy was more of an impediment than an asset, as it was a bit too flexy and interfered with the PSU cables.

Cable management was a bit of a mixed bag. While there were no grommets in the pass-throughs, which made hiding cables a challenge, the placement of cutouts and tie points was thoughtful enough to achieve a clean look with some effort. I was also a little disappointed that the case didn’t include SATA cables or a way to link the PWM fans together, but this wasn’t a deal-breaker.

From an assembly perspective, this is a case that straddles both worlds; it’s straightforward enough for newcomers but might leave enthusiasts longing for a bit more finesse in certain areas. Ultimately, I found building within the MSI MAG Forge 112R to be mostly hassle-free, and it provided an attractive home for my components with its neat, symmetrical design and cool aRGB lighting which brought the setup to life. Despite a few design choices that I found less than stellar, it’s a solid case that didn’t disappoint when it came to fitted turns and component placement.

Value for Money and Overall Verdict

Msi mag forge 112r mid tower case 4

When evaluating the MSI MAG Forge 112R, the bottom line is value for money, and my overall verdict leans towards the positive, with the case delivering a solid experience, especially for budget-conscious gamers. However, it’s essential to note some drawbacks alongside the benefits, keeping the review well-rounded.


  • Affordable price point: Perfect for those on a tight budget.

  • Pre-installed ARGB fans: A set of 4 included, enhancing both aesthetics and cooling.

  • Design: Modern symmetrical look with a mesh front and tempered glass panel adds to its appeal.

  • Airflow: Room for up to 6 fans and a mesh front translates to excellent air circulation.

  • Ease of use: Tool-less glass panel and Insta-Light Loop feature for easy lighting effect changes.

  • Filter: Magnetic filter on top is a small but welcome quality-of-life feature.


  • PCIE slot cover quality: Feels a bit on the cheaper side.

  • Cable management: Lacks grommets, which may complicate clean setups.

  • Fan noise: Some users might find the pre-installed fans loud.

  • RGB Connector Compatibility: The provided 3-pin setup might not be compatible with all motherboards.

The MAG Forge 112R certainly impresses with its array of features at this price point. The generous inclusion of four ARGB fans off the bat is significant, as they are a staple in any gaming setup. Not having to buy additional fans right away is a cost-effective advantage. Moreover, the liquid cooler support and the magnetic dust filter are thoughtful features that show MSI’s attention to detail.

Despite these positives, it’s not all smooth sailing. The quality of the PCIE slot covers and absence of cable managing grommets are sore points. These might not be deal-breakers, but they’re aspects I’d love to see improved in the future. Additionally, while the pre-installed fans are great, the noise level might be an issue for some, so consider this if you prefer a quieter build environment.

Now, about the RGB setup: It’s awesome that the case comes ready for a dazzling light show, but the lack of universal RGB connector support might necessitate some extra work or additional purchases depending on your motherboard’s specifications.

In summary, the MSI MAG Forge 112R is a commendable mid-tower case that offers a lot of bang for your buck. It has some shortcomings, but they don’t overshadow the substantial positives. If you’re diving into building a gaming PC and want a case that won’t break the bank yet offers solid features and room for ample cooling, this case should at the top of your list. It’s sturdy, stylish, and spacious enough for future upgrading, which makes it a smart pick for gamers who want a long-lasting case without splurging.