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My impressions of the SilverStone GD09B Faux Aluminum ATX HTPC Case (2024)

The SilverStone GD09B HTPC Case, my thoughts: design, layout, cooling efficiency, and value for home theater setups.
Sid Metcalfe

Cartesian Mathematics Foundation


January 5, 2024


The SilverStone GD09B HTPC case is something I greatly enjoyed building with - particularly to create a great home theater component. More on this below.


Property Value Property Value
Brand SilverStone Technology Motherboard Compatability ATX
Case Type Tower Color black
Material Aluminum Cooling Method Air
Item Weight 9.26 Pounds Product Dimensions 14.09”D x 17.32”W x 6.69”H
Hard Disk Form Factor 3.5 Inches


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Design Review and Aesthetics

Silverstone gd09b aluminum htpc case 1

When looking at the SilverStone GD09B HTPC case, the immediate standout feature is its low-profile design, reminiscent of a sleek AV receiver that would seamlessly blend into a living room set-up. The black brushed aluminum finish is subtle yet modern and does a great job at hiding smudges and fingerprints.

Here’s a quick rundown of the aesthetic aspects that caught my eye:

  • Compact and Sleek Design: Despite its ability to house full-size components, it maintains a svelte profile that fits comfortably in most entertainment centers.

  • Minimalist Front Panel: The simplicity of the front panel allows it to fit aesthetically into various settings, without the distraction of flashy LEDs.

  • High-Quality Materials: The aluminum build gives it a premium feel, though it is thin and demands careful handling to avoid dents or scratches.

  • Filter Placement: The inclusion of quick-access filters speaks to a thoughtful design, although they don’t detract from the case’s external aesthetics.

The GD09B HTPC case champions versatility with its support for various motherboards (SSI-CEB, ATX, Micro-ATX). Its size is also cleverly considered; with a 358mm depth, it’s spacious on the inside but maintains a shape conducive to most TV stand dimensions—this really maximizes living room real estate.

In terms of drawbacks, while the positive air pressure design and cooling methods are noteworthy for their functionality, they do little to enhance the look of the case, which could be a missed opportunity for those who appreciate a visual statement. The case’s minimal front inputs also might not suffice for some users, which is a bit of a letdown considering the otherwise high flexibility.

The drive cages with multi-purpose mounts are a practical feature that eliminates the need for adapters, but I noted the absence of dedicated SSD/HDD quick install spots, a small gripe as it’s become an expected convenience in most modern cases.

From a personal viewpoint, while the GD09B may seem uninspiring for users keen on a more aggressive, gaming-oriented look, there’s no denying its solid build and thought-out design that caters well to the HTPC niche. It does mean that for those using liquid cooling solutions and full-sized ATX motherboards, the internal space could feel cramped.

Overall, I found the SilverStone GD09B to be a strong contender in the HTPC case department. It balances form and function with a minimalist approach and stays true to the company’s ethos of efficiency and compatibility.

Internal Layout and Component Fit

Silverstone gd09b aluminum htpc case 2

Navigating the internal layout and component fit of the SilverStone GD09B HTPC case has been largely a positive experience for me. Initially, I was concerned about fitting all my components into what is advertised as a compact case, but my fears were quickly allayed once I started the build. Here’s a quick rundown of the internal space:

  • ATX Motherboard: It fit perfectly, with no issues around the ports or standoffs.

  • PSU: Room for a full-sized ATX power supply was a huge plus.

  • Storage: The multiple drive cages with multi-purpose mounts were a charm, negating the need for any adapters.

  • Cooling: Even though there’s a positive pressure design, adding extra fans was a breeze, and I appreciate the quick access filters that came with it.

But, in the interest of full transparency, there were a couple of snags along the way. For one, if you’re planning on hosting a full-sized ATX and a beefy graphics card, expect things to get a bit snug. I managed to get everything in there, but it required some planning and delicate cable management.

Storage options are versatile, but again this depends on the size of your other components. If you’re using a large graphics card or CPU radiator, space can become a premium quickly. I thought ahead and went with a modular power supply to save on cable clutter, and I highly recommend this approach to potential builders.

Installing an SSD/HDD required a bit more creativity than usual. The spots are there, but I found myself strategically placing my storage drives in accordance to the remaining free space after the motherboard and PSU were comfortably housed. Speaking of which, SSDs and M.2 drives are your best friend here, as they take up less room and can be affixed with less hassle.

What’s also worth mentioning—and I feel this might be a make-or-break for some—is that while it’s designed to accommodate different motherboard sizes, there’s an evident preference in space allocation for Micro-ATX or Mini-ITX builds. If you’re running a liquid cooling setup with a full ATX board, you’ll have to get creative, perhaps even mounting part of the system externally.

My personal take is that SilverStone’s GD09B does a stellar job marrying form and function within its sleek layout. There’s spaciousness where it counts, without compromising on the case’s overall compact footprint. Although it has its limitations, particularly for those who want to push the envelope with high-end components, for most HTPC builders, it’ll hit that sweet spot of size and versatility.

Cooling and Noise Management

Silverstone gd09b aluminum htpc case 3

When it comes to cooling and noise management in the SilverStone GD09B HTPC case, I’ve found that there are both highs and lows to consider. Here’s my experience summarized:


  • Positive air pressure design reduces dust buildup and helps with cooling.

  • Comes with a quiet pre-installed 120mm fan.

  • Offers additional fan mounts for improved airflow if needed.

  • Quick access filters make maintenance a breeze.


  • Lack of cable management can impede airflow.

  • Limited space for large CPU coolers, especially when an optical drive is installed.

  • Additional fans beyond the one included need to be purchased separately.

I’m always mindful of the balance between thermal performance and acoustic comfort, especially for a living room PC. The positive air pressure design is a highlight for me because it not only helps keep components cool but also minimizes the amount of dust sneaking in. However, the cooling efficiency can be compromised if the interior gets too cramped with cables, as there’s not much room dedicated to cable management. This can lead to suboptimal airflow, affecting both temperatures and system noise.

The case comes with one 120mm fan, and I must say it’s remarkably quiet. If you’re building a media center that will be running through the night or during movie marathons, the low noise emission is a huge plus. For those wanting to add more cooling, there are extra fan slots, but you’ll need to fetch those fans yourself since only one is included.

Something you might need to work around is the CPU cooler height limitation. If you’re planning on throwing in an optical drive, which I did, the clearance shrinks even more. A low-profile cooler is the way to go in that space. My personal compromise here was rethinking my cooling approach and avoiding bulky air coolers or liquid cooling setups that would otherwise not fit.

The removable filters have certainly made maintenance less of a hassle. It’s always satisfying to see filters doing their job, collecting dust that could otherwise lodge itself in the nooks of your PC.

As for the lone pre-installed fan, while it’s a pro that it’s so silent, I did find it somewhat penny-pinching that I had to purchase additional fans to fill all those empty fan mounts. This is virtually a must if you’re packing the case with modern, hot components.

In essence, thermal and noise performance in the SilverStone GD09B, while generally solid, is very much DIY-centric. You’ll need a thoughtful component choice and possibly a few extra purchases to ensure that cooling isn’t compromised and that whirring fans don’t disturb your peace.

Value and Overall Impressions

Silverstone gd09b aluminum htpc case 4

In weighing the merits and potential pitfalls of the SilverStone GD09B HTPC case, I’ve found the case generally landing on the positive side of the spectrum. Its ability to house a full ATX setup within a compact form is an appreciable feat of engineering which definitely caught my attention. However, while it champions compatibility and space efficiency, it’s not without its shortcomings.

The positives of the GD09B are not to be understated:

  • Room for a full-size ATX: Finding a case that fits a full ATX motherboard without sprawling across your entertainment center is a win.

  • Sleek design: It blends in nicely with other media components, exuding an understated elegance.

  • Dust filters: The inclusion of quick access filters is a thoughtful touch for keeping the system clean.

  • Build quality: Despite some detractors, SilverStone’s reputation for solid build quality shines through here.

Yet, these perks come with caveats that necessitate a careful consideration:

  • Cable management can be a bit of a tightrope walk due to the compact nature of the case.

  • If you’re a fan of liquid cooling, the GD09B might not be your best bet, given its space constraints.

  • The case skimps on included fans—just one 120mm—which, considering the price point, feels a tad skimpy.

  • The case material, while lightweight, is prone to smudges, and you’ll want to handle it with care to avoid any unsightly blemishes.

In terms of value, it’s important to weigh these drawbacks against your individual needs. If you are after a case that won’t dominate your living space and you are okay with being mindful about component sizes and cable management, then the GD09B presents a compelling option.

Its compact form factor does indeed call for a modular power supply to avoid a cramped internal landscape and ensure good airflow, a crucial factor in a closed entertainment cabinet. Storage-wise, it’s a bit of a mixed bag, and depending on your build, you may need to get creative with HDD and SSD placement.

Overall, my impression of the SilverStone GD09B HTPC case is favorable, leaning towards a positive recommendation for those who prioritize space-saving without sacrificing the ability to use full-size components. However, for enthusiasts looking for ample space for cooling solutions and perhaps a less delicate exterior, there might be better-suited options on the market. It certainly fills a niche, and for the right build, it could be the ideal centerpiece of one’s home theater setup.