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My impressions of the MUSETEX ATX Mid-Tower Case with 6 ARGB Fans (2024)

Great case: the MUSETEX ATX Mid-Tower Case: elegant design, effective cooling, spacious.
Joseph Metcalfe

Cartesian Mathematics Foundation


December 21, 2023


I recently got my hands on the MUSETEX ATX Mid-Tower case. Its design, aesthetics and the features it offers, including the six pre-installed fans and the magnetic side panel, are great. There are some drawbacks though, e.g. tight cable management space, which I elaborate on below.


Property Value Property Value
Brand MUSETEX Motherboard Compatability ATX/ Micro-ATX/ Mini-ITX
Case Type Mid Tower Recommended Uses For Product Gaming
Color Black Material Tempered Glass, Plastic, Metal
Cooling Method Water, Air Model Name NN8
Light Color RGB Item Weight 14.64 Pounds


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Musetex atx mid tower case with 6 argb fans 1 Musetex atx mid tower case with 6 argb fans 4 Musetex atx mid tower case with 6 argb fans 7 Musetex atx mid tower case with 6 argb fans 11 Musetex atx mid tower case with 6 argb fans 9


Design and Aesthetics of the MUSETEX Case

Musetex atx mid tower case with 6 argb fans 1

imageThe MUSETEX case caught my attention primarily for its design and aesthetics; right off the bat, it projects an that any PC enthusiast would appreciate. Let’s break it down: “musetex-atx-mid-tower-case-with-6-argb-fans-11”

  • Hinged Magnetic Tempered Glass Side Panel: The premium feels without a doubt. The easy access to internals is a game-changer, whether you’re swapping components or doing a clean-up.

  • Diamond Mesh Front Panel: A touch of elegance combined with high functionality for airflow, which is crucial for performance.

  • RGB Lighting: An iridescent symphony of colors that creates a visual spectacle worth showcasing.

However, it wasn’t all smooth sailing. The tempered glass side, while offering that sleek look, comes with the usual fingerprint magnet issue. Also, the branding could be a bit subtler to enhance the sleekness of the design.

Moving on, the six pre-installed PWM ARGB fans are not only a boon for cooling but add to the overall charm of the case with customizable lighting effects. Although, keep in mind, if you’re not into the RGB scene, the light show might be more of a distraction.

Now, let’s be real for a second. When it comes to the build of the case, it doesn’t feel as hefty as some of the more expensive options out there. It’s got a bit of a lightweight feel to it, which can be a double-edged sword - great for moving around but might not instill confidence in durability.

I feel they could improve by tweaking a few aspects:

  1. Enhancing the room inside for full-sized ATX motherboards to prevent the fit from being so snug.
  2. Perhaps including a hub for the ARGB fans to avoid the hassle of buying add-ons for motherboard compatibility.
  3. Offering some additional depth behind the motherboard tray for cable management, as it can be cramped for thicker cables.

Overall, the MUSETEX case’s aesthetic appeal is undeniable. The design choices reflect a series of trade-offs but land solidly on a look that would make most gamers and PC builders nod with approval. Sure, it has its quirks – what case doesn’t? Yet, when you power up and see the chassis come to life with a myriad of colors diffusing through the tempered glass, it’s hard not to appreciate the show it puts on. All things considered, on the design and aesthetics front, the MUSETEX delivers, bringing a bit of flair to your desk without an exorbitant price tag.

Functionality and Cooling Performance

Musetex atx mid tower case with 6 argb fans 2

The performance of a PC case hinges on its ability to facilitate good airflow and keep all components running cool. The MUSETEX ATX Mid-Tower case packs a punch with its cooling capabilities, though it has a few quirks that one should be aware of.

  • First and foremost, the six included PWM ARGB fans are a godsend for those looking to achieve optimal ventilation without additional purchases. The auto-adjustable speed means the fans can ramp up when your system is under load, which is great for intense gaming sessions.

  • Secondly, the hinged magnetic glass side panel is more than a visual treat; it offers practical benefits by improving access to internal components, making it a breeze for maintenance and upgrades. It’s a feature that can’t be overlooked because anyone who’s fiddled with tiny case screws knows what a hassle they can be.

  • Thirdly, I appreciate the diamond mesh front panel—its design is not just for looks, it actually contributes to the airflow significantly. Push-pull configurations with radiators are quite feasible, adding to the versatility of the case.

That said, the case is not without its drawbacks. While the cable management is quite decent, you might struggle if you’re looking to build a super tidy setup inside the case. It’s spacious, but the room for cable management behind the motherboard tray is tight, especially for thicker cables.

A notable observation is the noise level of the fans. Although they’re pitched as quiet, at higher RPMs the noise is noticeable. Not a deal-breaker, but if you’re expecting whisper-quiet operation, this may not match up. And while the tool-less design is convenient, there’s a tradeoff in sturdiness—the materials don’t feel as durable as some might like, which is worth considering if longevity is a priority.

Functionally, the case is mostly a dream for builders and gamers alike looking for efficient cooling. The ability to control each ARGB fan for a custom light show is a nifty addition for those who value aesthetics along with performance. The RGB lighting syncs with your motherboard, allowing for a cohesive look if you’re already invested in the RGB ecosystem.

All in all, MUSETEX’s case is a solid contender in the PC case arena, particularly for its price point. You’re getting a tremendous value in terms of the cooling and functionality you’d typically have to pay extra for in terms of fans and easy-access panels. For an in-depth look at my building experience with this case, check out Building a pc the MUSETEX K2 ATX PC Case ARGB Fans Black: my experience. Just be cautious with the minor nuances related to fan noise and build materials—though these are not substantial enough to overshadow the benefits in my book.

Installation Space and Hardware Compatibility

Musetex atx mid tower case with 6 argb fans 3

When considering a new PC case, the MUSETEX ATX Mid-Tower had lots of features that caught my eye, particularly for its installation space and hardware compatibility. Here’s a quick rundown:

  • Motherboard Compatibility: It fits ATX, Micro-ATX, and Mini-ITX motherboards, which pretty much covers the majority of builds.

  • Graphics Card Fit: With support for vertical GPU mounting and plenty of clearance, my hefty graphics card was right at home.

  • CPU Cooler Constraints: The case supports coolers up to 160mm in height, but if you’re rocking something like a Noctua nh-u14s, the side door might struggle to close.

  • Room for Drives: You can fit a bunch of SSDs and HDDs, with slots for 5xSSDs and 2xHDDs. Perfect for a storage-heavy setup.

  • Cable Management: There’s enough space to keep things tidy behind the motherboard tray, with tie downs that help a lot.

I ran into a bit of a squeeze trying to fit my full-sized ATX motherboard; it was a tight fit, needing a little finessing to get in. So, if you’re sporting a large ATX board, you might find yourself in a similar spot. Another point to keep in mind is the lack of external venting for the power supply if it draws air from the case’s interior – it’s something to consider when planning your cooling strategy.

On the flip side, being worked up about HDD installation might seem like nitpicking in an age where SSDs reign supreme, but for those still using spinning drives, the installation can be more fiddly than expected. No trays or easy-mount options here, so you’ll have to go old-school with a screwdriver and some patience.

One thing I didn’t expect to love as much as I do is the hinged tempered glass side panel; it’s a game-changer for easy access, and the toolless design feels like a nod to modern sensibilities. While the glass side does its heat dissipation job by opening, it’s not just about function; the aesthetics are frankly, pretty cool.

Regarding the six PWM ARGB fans, they add a blast of color and keep the air flowing well. But don’t forget, your motherboard needs the right 3PIN rgb connectors to make those lights dance. My board needed a little tweak with an adapter to get the fan lights working, but once setup, the results are impressive.

If you’re a fan of clean builds, the cable management features in this case really help in achieving that sleek look. The tie-downs are a small but significant perk. Yet, if you’ve got cables and wires thicker than average, you might struggle a bit to get that back panel on just right.

Overall, navigating the MUSETEX’s pros and cons reminds me of the balancing act we often play between performance, aesthetics, and ease of use in the PC building world. But if you’re armed with a bit of patience and maybe an extra tool or two, this case has the potential to house a striking, cool, and spacious setup that should handle most of what you can throw at it—literally and figuratively.

Value for Money and Customer Service

Musetex atx mid tower case with 6 argb fans 4

When judging the value for money and customer service of the MUSETEX mid-tower case, I weigh several factors crucial for any builder or gamer. The case offers plenty to admire and a few caveats to consider.

First off, the inclusion of six PWM ARGB fans at the case’s price point is a definite win. The customization potential they bring with the 16.8 million color options ensures that your rig will not only run cool but look cool doing it. While not every case offers such a bounty of pre-installed fans, remember that the three-pin ARGB headers will need to be compatible with your motherboard to make the most of these fans.

Secondly, the hinged tempered glass side panel door adds convenience and style. Gone are the days of fumbling with screws every time I want to access the internals. Additionally, this feature brings ease of maintenance and effortless upgrading, which, as someone who tweaks their setup often, is a godsend. However, if you have a beefier cooler like the Noctua nh-u14s, beware of potential space constraints.

Here are my main considerations:


  • 6 pre-installed ARGB fans

  • Stylish and convenient side door

  • Ample space for hardware

  • Customer service seems responsive and accommodating


  • Potential issues with motherboard fit due to case dimensions

  • Cable management could be tighter, especially with thicker cables

  • No ARGB/fan hub included, meaning an additional purchase may be necessary

MUSETEX’s customer service also deserves a nod. After a shipping hiccup left one of my panels damaged, they stepped up quickly and without fuss. This prompt resolution speaks volumes about their commitment to customer satisfaction. However, my experience does not necessarily guarantee the same level of service for all, so it’s always prudent to catalogue and communicate any issues promptly and clearly.

Lastly, there’s a clear emphasis on airflow performance in the design, which should bode well for system temperatures. But the flip side is if your build relies on more traditional storage options, you might find the drive installation a tad more challenging due to the case’s modern layout.

In summary, while not without its quirks, the MUSETEX case’s flashiness does not overshadow its function. For those on a budget who want a build that stands out without breaking the bank, it’s a strong contender. The generous fan setup and the ease of access offered by the side panel stand out amongst the pack—even if the reckonings with motherboard fit and a potential hub purchase could give one pause. A little planning can prevent these minor drawbacks from becoming major issues, sealing the deal on what is overall a sound investment from MUSETEX.